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NOTY 2009 – Who’s in your Final Four?

I love NOTY. Every March, the guys over at the Name of the Year blog put together a ballot (à la March Madness brackets) featuring crazy-but-real names. After several rounds of voting, a Name of the Year is chosen.

Brilliant, really.

Past winners have included Nimrod Weiselfish, Princess Nocandy and Spaceman Africa.

Here’s a link to the official 2009 Name of the Year Ballot. I’ve picked out my final four, and I just got my husband to pick out his:

Region Her picks His picks
Crystal Metheny
Velvet Milkman
Nutritious Love
Telephone Mtoko
Chastity Clapp
Uranus Golden
Nutritious Love
Moonlit Wang

Ultimately, I think Nutritious Love will take the title. Husband seems to agree. (He’s too busy giggling at the names to give me a straight answer.)

What are your picks for the final four? Which name will win the entire competition?

The Baby Name Velvet

In the early 1900s, not many baby girls were named Velvet.

The 1935 publication of Enid Bagnold’s book National Velvet — which featured a 14-year-old main character named Velvet Brown — didn’t change the situation appreciably.

But when the 1944 movie adaptation starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney was released, the baby name Velvet became more popular.

  • 1944: fewer than 5 baby girls named Velvet
  • 1945: 37 baby girls named Velvet
  • 1946: 32 baby girls named Velvet
  • 1947: 16 baby girls named Velvet
  • 1948: 18 baby girls named Velvet

The thing that really gave the name Velvet a boost? The television adaptation, which aired on NBC from 1960 to 1962.

  • 1960: 74 baby girls named Velvet
  • 1961: 331 baby girls named Velvet (ranked 542nd)
  • 1962: 261 baby girls named Velvet (ranked 626th)
  • 1963: 143 baby girls named Velvet (ranked 883rd)
  • 1964: 117 baby girls named Velvet (ranked 988th)
  • 1965: 85 baby girls named Velvet

Those four years (1961-1964) are the only years Velvet ranked among the 1,000 most popular baby girl names in the U.S.

Nowadays, the popularity of Velvet is close to what it was 100 years ago.

  • 2008: 17 baby girls named Velvet
  • 2009: 9 baby girls named Velvet
  • 2010: 5 baby girls named Velvet
  • 2011: 9 baby girls named Velvet