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Do You Have a Restaurant Name?

After reading about Vigen Nazarian the other day, I was inspired to look up Armenian names. One of the names I found was Nareg Seferian, which belongs to a fellow who has decided to go by “Joe” in restaurants:

I was at a coffee shop with an Armenian friend of mine, and the person who took our order asked for a name to go along with it. I immediately said to myself, “No way am I about to spend half an hour going through ‘Nareg’ with this white American,” and then I looked at my friend. His name is “Shant.” I sighed and said, “Joe.” It was a coffee place, after all, and so “Joe” came naturally. Ever since, Joe has been my “restaurant name” in the States. A friend with a name even harder to pronounce for the average English-speaker had a similar story, but his included the restaurant at the time showing the film “I am Sam,” and so he went with “Sam.”

Do any of you use a restaurant name? If so, why?

(I don’t, but my husband does. His name is hard to pronounce, so he usually just uses “Nancy” in restaurants.)

Source: What’s in an Armenian Name?

Man Turns Name Frustration into Audible Name Tags

Vigen Nazarian, originally from Iran, now lives in Canada — where his name is frequently mispronounced.

This inspired him to develop technology to help people learn to say difficult-to-pronounce names.

The company he founded is ANTVibes. An ANT, or “audible name tag,” is a recording of you saying your own name. You can then embed that file into emails, websites, electronic resumes, social media profiles, digital documents, and so forth.

Source: Antvibes takes guesswork out of name pronunciation