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Xelha, Xcaret – Baby Names from Mexican Theme Parks

Xel-ha SnorkelingNot long ago, I was forced to sit through a rather long YouTube ad for Xel-Há, a Mexican theme park.

That reminded me of two things. First, that I’d seen the name Xelha on the SSA’s baby name list before. And, second, that I’d also spotted the name Xcaret — the name of another Riviera Maya theme park — on the list.

So, Xel-Há and Xcaret are not only popular vacation destinations in Mexico (both named for Mayan archaeological sites), but they’re also baby names here in the US.


Xel-Há is pronounced shell-ha. It’s a Mayan place name made up of the elements xel, meaning “spring,” and , meaning “water.”

At least 14 US babies have been named Xelha so far:

  • 2008: 6 baby girls named Xelha
  • 2007: 8 baby girls named Xelha


Xcaret is pronounced eesh-ka-ret. It’s a Mayan word that means “little bay” or “little inlet.”

At least 79 US babies have been named Xcaret so far:

  • 2012: 9 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2011: 7 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2010: 8 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2009: 6 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2008: 5 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2007: 11 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2006: 6 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2004: 6 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2002: 5 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2001: 7 baby girls named Xcaret
  • 2000: 9 baby girls named Xcaret

What do you think of these names? How did you pronounce them when you first saw them?

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