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Man Tries to Register Surnameless Baby in China

In 2009, a man in Shandong, China, tried to name his baby girl “Bei Yan Yun Yi.”

But the name — an extra-long first name with no surname — was considered too unusual, so it was rejected by officials.

The father filed a lawsuit in December of 2009. Last April, he finally got his day in court.

[He] said his daughter’s name was poetic: Bei (meaning north) was chosen because Shandong is in the north of China; Yan (wild goose) and Yun (cloud) are words frequently used in poetry; and Yi was a character from China’s first collection of poetry, the Shijing.

My source article said that a judgement on the case would be “passed in a few days,” but it’s been more than eight months and I haven’t seen any updates, so I’m not sure what the outcome was.

The article did mention the outcome of an earlier name-related court case, though:

A similar case occurred in 2009 after parents in east China’s Jiangxi Province named their son Zhao C, with the English letter “C” as his given name. A court ruled they must change his name.

Source: The right to choose baby names