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Baby Named After Helpful Police Officers

Not long ago I found a short article about a New Hampshire baby, born in 1955, who was named after four police officers. It consisted of just three sentences, so I’ll give you the entire thing:

When George Leo Albert Thomas Yvon Adams gets big enough to play cops and robbers, there’s no doubt about which side he’ll be on. The baby was named after four policemen who assisted at his unexpected birth. The fifth name comes from a grandfather.

Let’s play time-travel make believe. Pretend you’re this baby’s mother, back in 1955, and that you’re going to name your son after Albert, George, Leo, Thomas and Grandpa Yvon. What order do you put the names in? Or, if you can’t decide on the precise order, which of the five do you choose as a first name?

Source: “Policemen’s Namesake.” St. Petersburg Times 25 Aug. 1955: 11.