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Baby Named Zeljko after Bosnian President

In early 2007, Bosnian president Zeljko Komsic was driving on a busy highway when he noticed a car trying to push its way through traffic. The driver of the other car was Suad Ibrahimovic. His wife, Jasminka, was in labor. Suad was trying to speed her to a hospital 30 miles away. Upon learning these facts, Komsic instructed the police in his motorcade to clear traffic and escort Suad’s car to the hospital.

With Komsic’s help, the Ibrahimovics made it to the hospital in time for the birth of their son. The couple had been planning to name their baby Mustafa, but ended up naming him Zeljko instead.

The name Zeljko is based on the Croatian word zeljeti, meaning “wish” or “desire.”

Source: Bosnian president rides to rescue