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Popularity of the Baby Name Zero

Number of Babies Named Zero

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

Posts that Mention the Name Zero

What’s in a Name? (poem)

By the Ogden Nash-like poet Richard Armour:

What shall we name the baby?
What name if a boy, if a girl?
If a girl, maybe Molly or Merla,
If a boy, maybe Erik or Earl.

Name if after a wealthy uncle,
And hope for a change in his will.
Will, in fact, might promote the suggestion,
Or Wilma might fill the bill.

Better still, call it Eks or Zero,
A just-for-the-present name.
Let it later choose what it wishes,
And thus you’ll escape the blame.

Other name-related poems I’ve posted: The Substitute, How They Named the Baby.

Source: “What’s in a Name?” Lakeland Ledger 29 Apr. 1979, Family Weekly section: 27.

Baby (Maybe) Named Zero

In December, 1951, Mrs. Bernice Nixon of Chicago found an abandoned baby boy on her doorstep, in the snow. She and her family dubbed the abandoned baby Zero, “after the prevailing temperature.”

The baby was soon taken to an orphanage and presumably renamed, though you never know — people have indeed gone through life with the name Zero. The SSDI lists nearly 50 Zeros (over 20 of which were born in either North or South Carolina, strangely).

Source: “Door-Step Baby Is named “Zero.”” Spokane Daily Chronicle 22 Dec. 1951: 11.

Top Baby Names in Alberta, Canada for 2007

There were a record number of births in Alberta in 2007 — 48,589 babies were born in the province last year (24,748 boys, 23,841 girls).

These were the top baby names for 2007:

For Girls For Boys
1. Ava
2. Emma
3. Emily
4. Olivia
5. Sarah
6. Hannah
7. Madison
8. Abigail
9. Sophia
10. Hailey
1. Ethan
2. Jacob
3. Logan
4. Noah
5. Joshua
6. Owen
7. Alexander
8. Liam
9. Matthew
10. Nathan

6,440 girl names and 5,134 boy names were bestowed in Alberta last year. Here are a few examples of some of the more unusual ones:

Girl Names Boy Names
Arooj, Aruba, Aunesty, Balroop, Birsvtar, Butterfly, Chaos, Charlemagne, Coltanna, DaKayDa, Dinela-Al-aaridhy, Eckoe, Ellexis, Ervasu, Emma-Star-Ulaniq, Fhea, Frishta, God’s, Gulnoro, Halo, Hargunn, Hoodo, Ippitha, Isabeau, Jedhi, Jessence, Jurnee, Kalifornia, Kappy, Kawther, Legacy, Lexxannah, Lutfia, Manning, Million, Mlak, Morningstar, Nigma, Nonsikelglo, Nyater, October-Rose, Oluwapamilerinayo, Poet, Primnutcha, Proudfeather, Raynebow-Roze, RocRock, Roohee, Saturday, Scotia, Shgan, Thistle, Tsz, Tutu, Upulitha, Vhinarenz, Vong, Wes-Leigh, Whisper, Xyrhl, Yuk, Zamber, Zamzam Abdulmoaeez, Ambiious, Atlas, Bienvenito, Blue-Quill, Bluesky, Chancellor, Courage, Cowboy, Decland, Ding, Elilei, Ewuak, Felony, Frandon, Furious, Gatmandong, Gatwich, Gix, Goon, Hush, Husky, Inderveer, Izic, Jackpine, Johnavon, Jwad, Keeper, Koosha, Kyyus, Little, Lovemore, Loyal, Manchester, Mawt, Midnite, Milwaukee, Nahom-Tesfagabr, Nilton, Ntita, Obsidian-Angel, Ozarius, Papa-Kwamina, Preetinder, Pthaylo, Rainbow, Ripkin, Ryott, Slim, Smeet, SyliceVirgil, Thandolwenkosi, TiRay, Utah, Ved, Vutha, Watthajak, Wrigley, Xnox, Yat, Zaylex, Zedric, Zero

Source: Service Alberta

P.S. Thanks, Sandra!

P.P.S. Here are the lists for 2006.