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It’s Not Zowie Bowie, It’s Duncan Jones

Those of us who follow celebrity baby names know all the oldies: Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet, Diva…Fifi, Peaches, Little Pixie…River, Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, Summer…and, of course, Zowie.

But, as it turns out, David Bowie’s son Zowie is not really named Zowie. His legal name is Duncan Zowie Hayward Jones. He went by Zowie as a child, Joe/Joey as a teen, and has been called Duncan ever since.

According to USA Today’s There is rhyme–and reason–to Duncan Jones’ name, Duncan’s mother invented “Zowie” by altering the spelling of ZoĆ« to make it seem more masculine.

How does Duncan sum up the media’s obsession with his name?

They latched on to Zowie and the fact it rhymed with Bowie. Easy laughs.

Poor kid. He seems to have adjusted well, though. He’s now a movie director, and his debut film, Moon, is currently out in theaters.

Newborns with Unique Names – Atreyu, Elegance, Matixx, Zowie

Here are some baby names that caught my eye as I scanned through birth announcements yesterday…

Male Female
Amalgam Justice
Arrow James
Atreyu Allen
Breckenridge Isaac
Catcher Phoenix Brandon
Chancellor Neal
Culture Freedom
Danger Taylor
Diesel Ray
Edblom River Alan
Koolax Rockey
Matixx Brian
Memphis Hawk
Monoxide Devan
Omni Tongsai
Sitka Shae
Stev-O Elihel
Torrent Bradshaw
Tscharner Samuel
Azaleigha Iris
Elegance Gail Landis
Heavenly Linda
Infinity Nuala
Katterli Helena
Magnolia Rain
Meridian Kate
Mystry Kimberly
October Faith
Persephone May
Rhyple Adrianne Terrance
Sapphire Anne Marie
Scylla Mychelle
Serenity Love
Tuesday Rain
WillowMae Adalaide
Xyline Inez
Yoltzin Beatriz
Zsaleh Blu

I was also surprised by the number of Paisleys I saw. Paisley ranked nationally for the first time last year (at 835th place), so if what I noticed is indicative of a larger trend, Paisley will definitely be appearing on the 2007 list as well.