Baby Names Starting with B

Baby names starting with B

Below are the most popular B-names for babies in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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Baani Baasil Baba Babacar Babajide Babak Babara Babatunde Babbett Babbette Babbi Babbie Babby Babe Baber Babetta Babette Babie Babita Baboucarr Babs Baby Babyboy Babygirl Bacari Bacarri Bach Bachir Bacil Bacilia Bacilio Badal Baden Bader Badhir Badia Badr Baeden Baelee Baeleigh Baeley Baeli Baelie Baelin Baelyn Baelynn Baer Baggio Bah Baha Bahaa Bahar Bahareh Bahati Bahe Baheejah Baheerah Bahia Bahiya Bahiyah Bahiyyah Bahja Bai Baiba Baiden Baila Baile Bailea Bailee Bailei Baileigh Bailen Bailey Baileyann Baili Bailie Bailiegh Baille Baillee Bailley Baillie Bailly Bailor Baily Bailye Bailyn Bailynn Bain Baine Baird Bairo Bairon Baisha Baiya Baize Bakar Bakari Bakary Baker Bakir Bakr Balaji Balal Balam Balbina Baldassare Baldemar Baldo Baldomero Baldwin Balee Baleigh Balen Balentin Baleria Balery Baley Balfour Bali Balian Balie Baliegh Balil Balin Balinda Balint Balke Ballard Ballarie Balmore Balon Balraj Baltasar Baltazar Balthazar Balvina Balynda Bam Bama Bambi Bambie Bambina Bamby Bamidele Bamma Bana Banan Bandi Bandon Bandy Bane Baneen Banelly Banesa Banessa Baneza Bang Bani Bania Banisha Banita Banjamin Banks Bankston Banna Banner Bannie Banning Bannon Bansari Bansi Bansri Banyan Banyon Bao Baotran Baptiste Bar Bara Baraa Baraah Barabara Barabra Barack Barak Baraka Barakah Barakat Baran Baranda Barara Barb Barba Barbaa Barbar Barbara Barbaraa Barbaraann Barbaraanne Barbarajean Barbarajo Barbaralee Barbarann Barbaranne Barbarba Barbare Barbarella Barbarette Barbarita Barbaro Barbe Barbee Barber Barbera Barbett Barbetta Barbette Barbi Barbie Barbora Barbra Barbro Barby Barclay Bard Bardara Bardia Bardo Barek Baren Barett Baretta Bari Bariah Barika Barin Baris Barisha Barker Barkim Barkley Barksdale Barlow Barnabas Barnaby Barnard Barndon Barnell Barnes Barnet