F-Names for Babies

F-names for babies, baby name first letter F, baby names starting with F

Looking for baby names that start with F? Here are the most common F-names for babies in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Faaizah Faaris Faatima Faatimah Fabain Faber Fabia Fabian Fabiana Fabianna Fabiano Fabien Fabiene Fabienne Fabiha Fabin Fabio Fabiola Fabion Fabius Fable Fabrice Fabricio Fabrienne Fabrisio Fabrizio Fabrizzio Fabyan Fachon Facundo Fada Fadeelah Fadel Fadi Fadia Fadil Fadima Fadra Faduma Fadumo Fadwa Fady Fae Faedra Faelyn Faelynn Faeryn Fahad Fahd Fahed Faheem Faheemah Fahim Fahima Fahm Fahmi Fahmida Fahren Fahtima Faiga Faige Faigy Fain Faina Fair Faira Fairbanks Fairen Fairie Fairley Fairy Fairyn Faisa Faisal Faison Faith Faithann Faithanne Faithe Faithful Faithlyn Faithlynn Faithmarie Faiyaz Faiz Faiza Faizaan Faizah Faizal Faizan Faizon Fajar Fajr Falak Falan Falana Falanda Falando Falba Falco Falcon Falecia Faleisha Falen Falena Falencia Falesha Faleshia Falicia Falicity Falin Falina Faline Falisa Falisha Falishia Fallan Fallen Fallie Fallin Fallon Fallou Fallyn Fallynn Falon Falona Falonda Falone Falyn Falynn Falysha Fama Fame Famie Famous Fan Fana Fanchon Fanci Fancie Fancy Faneisha Fanessa Fani Fania Fanie Fanisha Fanita Fanna Fannette Fannie Fanniemae Fanny Fannye Fanon Fanta Fantaisa Fantasha Fantashia Fantasia Fantasy Fantaysia Fantazia Fanuel Fany Fanya Faolan Fara Faraaz Farad Farah Farai Faraj Faraji Faran Faraz Farbod Fard Fardeen Fardi Fardin Fardosa Fardowsa Fardy Fareed Fareeda Fareedah Fareeha Faren Fares Farha Farhaan Farhad Farhan Farhana Farheen Farhiya Farhiyo Faria Fariah Fariba Farica Farice Farid Farida Faridah Fariha Farihah Farin Farina Faris Farisa Fariza Farjana Farley Farm Farmer Farnaz Farnum Farol Faron Farooq Farouk Farouq Farra Farrad Farrah Farrakhan Farran Farrar Farrel Farrell Farren Farrie Farrin Farris Farron Farrow Farrukh Farryn Farshad Farshid Fartun Faruk Faruq Farwa Faryal Faryl Faryn Farynn

Farzad Farzan Farzana Farzin Fasha Fashionette Fatai Fate Fateema Fateemah Fateen Fateh Fateha Fatema Fatemah Fatemeh Faten Fathi Fathia Fathima Fathma Fatia Fatih Fatiha Fatim Fatima Fatimah Fatimat Fatimata Fatimatou Fatimazahra Fatime Fatin Fatina Fatisha Fatma Fatmah Fatmata Fatme Fatmeh Fatmir Fatmire Fatou Fatouma Fatoumata Fatoumatta Fattima Fatu Fatuma Fatumata Fatumo Fatyma Faun Fauna Faune Fauniel Faust Fausta Faustin Faustina Faustine Faustino Fausto Fauzia Faven Favian Faviana Favio Faviola Favion Favor Favour Fawad Fawaz Fawkes Fawn Fawna Fawnda Fawne Fawnia Fawnna Fawwaz Fawzi Fawzia Fay Faya Fayann Fayaz Faybian Faydean Faydell Faydene Faydra Faye Fayelynn Fayerene Fayeth Fayetta Fayette Fayez Fayga Fayla Faylee Fayleen Faylene Faylinn Faylyn Faylynn Fayma Fayne Faynell Fayola Fayrene Faysal Fayt Fayte Fayth Faythe Fayza Fazal Fazon Fe Feather Febbie Febe Feben Febie Febra Fed Feda Fedaa Feddie Fedel Fedele Fedelia Fedelina Federica Federick Federico Fedor Fedora Fedra Fedrick Feffrey Feiga Feige Feigy Fela Felando Felcia Felder Felechia Felecia Felecie Felecity Feleica Feleicia Feleisha Felena Felesha Feleshia Felesia Feliberto Felica Felice Felicea Felicha Felichia Felicia Feliciana Feliciano Felicidad Felicie Felicita Felicitas Felicite Feliciti Felicity Feliks Felimon Felina Felinda Felipa Felipe Felipedejesus Felipita Felis Felisa Feliscia Felise Felisha Felishia Felisia Felisiano Felisita Felisitas Felisity Felissa Felissia Felita Felix Feliz Feliza Felizardo Felizia Fellicia Fellipe Felma Feloniz Felton Feltus Felty Felycia Felyx Female Femi Femke Fender Fendi Feng Fenisha Fenix Fenley Fenn Fenna Fennell Fenner Fennie Fenris Fenton Fentress Fenway Fenwick Feodor Feodora Feona Ferando Feras Ferd Ferdie Ferdinan Ferdinand Ferdinando Ferdy Ferdynand Ferenc Fergie Fergus Ferguson Ferid

Ferin Ferlando Ferlin Ferma Ferman Fermen Fermin Fermina Fermon Fern Ferna Fernado Fernan Fernand Fernanda Fernande Fernandeo Fernandez Fernando Ferne Fernell Fernetta Ferney Fernie Fernley Ferol Feroz Ferra Ferrah Ferran Ferrante Ferrari Ferras Ferrel Ferrell Ferren Ferrie Ferril Ferrill Ferrin Ferris Ferrol Ferron Ferry Feryal Feryl Fess Fester Festus Fetina Feven Fey Feyisayo Feysal Feyza Fher Fhernando Fia Fiala Fiama Fiamma Fiana Fianna Fibbie Fidel Fidela Fidelia Fidelina Fidelio Fidelis Fidella Fidelmar Fidencia Fidencio Fidensio Field Fielden Fielder Fielding Fieldon Fields Fiera Fierra Fiesta Fiffany Fifi Fiifi Fikisha Filadelfio Filamena Filbert Filberto Filemon Filex Filiberto Filicia Filicity Filimon Filip Filipe Filippa Filippo Filisha Filiz Fillip Fillmore Filmon Filmore Filomena Filomeno Filomina Filsan Filza Fin Fina Finas Finau Finbar Finbarr Finch Findlay Findley Fineas Fines Finessa Finesse Finest Finian Finis Finlay Finlee Finleigh Finley Finn Finna Finnan Finnbar Finnean Finneas Finnegan Finneus Finnian Finnie Finnigan Finnis Finnlay Finnleigh Finnley Finnly Finola Fintan Finton Finus Fion Fiona Fionn Fionna Fionnuala Fiora Fiore Fiorela Fiorella Fiori Firas Firdaus Firdaws Firman Firmin Firyal Fischer Fishel Fisher Fisnik Fitima Fitz Fitzgerald Fitzhugh Fitzpatrick Fitzroy Fiyinfoluwa Fiza Fizza Fjolla Flabio Flake Flame Flamur Flannery Flara Flarence Flarrie Flaura Flava Flavel Flavia Flavian Flavil Flavio Flavious Flavis Flavius Flay Flechia Flecia Fleda Fleet Fleeta Fleetwood Flem Fleming Flemmie Flemming Flemon Flerida Flesha Fleshia Fleta Fletcher Fleur Fleurette Flicia Flint Flip Flo Floda Flodie Floe Floella Floetta Floice Floid Floie Flois Flona Flonnie Flor Flora Florabel Florabell Florabelle Floraida Floraine Floral Floralee Floramae Floran Florance Florann Floranne Florastine

Flord Flordemaria Flordia Flore Florean Florece Florecita Floreda Floree Floreen Floreine Florella Floren Florena Florence Florencia Florencio Florenda Florene Florent Florentina Florentine Florentino Florenz Florenzo Flores Floresita Florestela Florestine Floreta Floretha Floretta Florette Flori Floria Florian Floriana Floribel Floriberto Florice Florida Floridalma Floride Florie Florien Floriene Florin Florina Florince Florinda Florindo Florine Florio Floris Florisa Florisel Florita Flormaria Flornce Florrie Florrine Flory Floryan Flosie Floss Flossie Flossy Flournoy Flower Floy Floya Floyce Floyd Floyda Floyde Floydell Floydene Floydia Floye Floyed Flozell Flynn Flynt Foch Foday Fode Foister Fola Folami Folasade Folashade Foley Folia Folke Foluke Fon Fonda Fong Fonisha Fonnie Fonta Fontaine Fontana Fontane Fontella Fontelle Fontilla Fonzie Fonzo Forace Foram Forbes Forbus Ford Forde Fordie Fordyce Forest Forester Forestine Forestt Forever Forman Formeka Forney Forrest Forrester Forrestine Forrestt Forris Forster Fort Fortino Fortuna Fortunata Fortunate Fortunato Fortune Forum Fosteen Foster Fostina Fostine Fotini Fotios Fotis Foua Fouad Fount Fountain Fowler Fox Foxx Foxy Foy Foye Foyster Fozie Fraak Fraces Fracine Fracisco Fradel Frady Frager Fraida Fraidy Frak Frampton Fran Franc Franca Franccesca France Francee Franceen Francel Francelia Francelina Francell Francella Francelle Francellia Francely Francena Francene Francenia Frances Francesa Francesc Francesca Francesco Francese Franceska Francess Francessca Francetta Francey Franchell Franchelle Franchesca Franchesco Francheska Franchessca Franchesska Franchester Franchetta Franchette Franchezca Franchon Franchot Franci Francia Francico Francie Franciene Francies Francile Francille Francina Francine Francis Francisc Francisca Francisco Franciscojavier Franciscojr Franciscus Francise Franciska Franciso Francisquita Franciszek Franciszka Francita Franck Franclin Franco Francois Francoise Francsico Francy Francyne Francys Franda Frandy Franes Franey Frani Frania

Franics Franis Franisco Frank Franka Franke Frankee Frankel Frankey Franki Frankie Frankin Franklen Franklin Frankline Frankly Franklyn Franko Franky Frankye Frann Franne Frannie Franny Frans Franshesca Fransheska Fransica Fransico Fransisca Fransisco Frantasia Frantisek Frantz Frantzy Franz Franzetta Franziska Fraser Frasier Fray Fraya Frayda Frazer Frazier Fread Freada Fred Freda Fredarius Fredasia Fredda Fredderick Freddi Freddia Freddick Freddie Freddrick Freddy Freddye Fredeline Frederi Frederic Frederica Frederich Frederick Fredericka Frederico Frederik Frederika Frederique Fredi Fredia Fredick Fredie Fredina Fredine Fredirick Fredis Fredith Fredlyn Fredna Fredo Fredonia Fredreck Fredreick Fredreka Fredric Fredrica Fredrich Fredrick Fredricka Fredricks Fredrico Fredrik Fredrika Fredy Fredys Free Freeda Freedia Freedom Freeland Freelin Freelon Freeman Freemon Freemont Freesia Freida Freidy Freja Freland Freman Fremon Fremont French Frenchie Frenda Frenesi Freta Freya Freyda Freyja Frezell Frica Frida Friday Friddie Frieda Friedrich Friel Friend Frika Frimet Frimy Frink Frisco Frita Fritha Fritz Fritzgerald Fritzi Fritzie Fritzy Frizell Froilan Frona Froney Fronia Fronie Fronnie Frontis Frost Frosty Froylan Frozine Fruma Frumencio Frumie Frutoso Fryda Fu Fuad Fue Fujie Fujiko Fujio Fujiye Fukuichi Fulgencio Fuller Fulton Fulvio Fumi Fumie Fumiko Fumio Fumiye Fumiyo Funda Funmilayo Funston Fuquan Furaha Furious Furkan Furlon Furman Furnell Furney Furqan Fury Fusae Fusako Fusaye Fushia Future Fynlee Fynley Fynn Fyodor Fyrn