I-Names for Babies

I-names for babies, baby name first letter I, baby names starting with I

Looking for baby names that start with I? Here are the most common I-names for babies in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Ia Iaan Iago Iah Iahn Iain Iaisha Ialene Ialiyah Iam Ian Iana Ianah Iancarlo Ianmichael Iann Ianna Iannah Iantha Ianthe Ianthia Iara Iasha Iashia Iasia Iasiah Iason Iassac Iayana Iban Ibbie Ibe Ibet Ibeth Ibette Ibin Ibis Ibn Ibon Ibraaheem Ibraham Ibraheem Ibraheim Ibrahem Ibrahim Ibrahima Ibtisam Ibukunoluwa Ica Icee Iceis Icel Icela Iceland Icelean Icelene Icely Icelyn Icelynn Iceola Ices Icesis Icess Icey Ichael Ichard Ichelle Ichigo Ichiro Icholas Icia Icie Icis Iciss Icker Icle Icole Icsel Icsis Icy Icysis Icyss Ida Idabel Idabell Idabelle Idah Idahlia Idalee Idalene Idali Idalia Idalina Idalis Idaliz Idalmis Idalou Idaly Idalys Idalyz Idamae Idamay Idan Idanell Idania Idara Idas Idasia Idaya Iddo Ideal Idean Idel Idele Idelfonso Idelia Idelisa Idell Idella Idellar Idelle Idellia Iden Idena Idesha Idessa Idette Idhant Idi Idia Idil Idiris Idman Ido Idola Idolina Idoma Idona Idonia Idonna Idora Idrees Idrena Idris Idriss Idrissa Iduma Idus Idy Iean Ieasha Ieashia Ieda Ieesha Ieisha Ieishia Ien Iesa Iesha Ieshea Ieshia Iestyn Ieuan Ieva Ieysha Ife Ifeanyi Ifeanyichukwu Ifeoluwa Ifeoma Ifetayo Ifeyinwa Iffany Iffat Ifra Ifrah Ifrain Ifunanya Ignac Ignace Ignacia Ignacio Ignacita Ignasio Ignatia Ignatius Ignatuis Ignatz Ignazio Igor Ihab Ihan Ihla Ihor Ihsaan Ihsan Ihuoma Ii Iian Iiana Iiesha Iisha Iishia Ija Ijah Ijahnae Ijana Ijanae Ijanay Ijaz Ijeoma Ijnanya Ikaika Ike Ikea Ikeam Ikechi Ikechukwu Ikeda Ikee Ikeem Ikeia Ikeisha Ikem Ikenna Iker Ikera Ikeria Ikesha Ikeshia Ikey Ikeya Ikeyia Ikhlas Ikia Ikie Ikira Ikisha Ikponmwosa Ikraan Ikram Ikran Iksha Iktan Ikuko Ila Ilah Ilai Ilaina Ilaisaane

Ilamae Ilan Ilana Ilanah Ilani Ilanie Ilanna Ilany Ilar Ilaria Ilario Ilay Ilaya Ilayda Ilayna Ilce Ilcia Ilda Ildefonso Ildiko Ilea Ileah Ilean Ileana Ileane Ileanna Ilee Ileen Ileena Ileene Ileia Ileigh Ilena Ilene Ilenia Ilenna Ilenne Iler Ilesha Ilet Ileta Iletta Ilette Iley Ileyah Ilga Ilhaan Ilham Ilhan Ilhana Ilia Iliah Ilian Iliana Ilianah Iliani Ilianis Ilianna Ilianne Ilianny Iliany Ilias Ilicia Ilija Ilijah Ilima Ilina Ilinca Iline Ilir Ilirida Ilisa Ilise Ilish Ilisha Ilissa Ilithia Ilithyia Ilitia Iliya Iliyaas Iliyah Iliyan Iliyana Iliza Ilka Illa Illah Illana Illeana Illeanna Illene Illia Illiam Illiana Illianna Illias Illidan Illijah Illinois Illissa Illiyana Illona Illya Illyana Illyanna Illyria Illyssa Ilma Ilmi Ilo Ilomae Ilomay Ilona Ilora Ilori Ilsa Ilse Ilsi Ilsy Ilva Ilwad Ily Ilya Ilyaas Ilyan Ilyana Ilyanna Ilyas Ilyass Ilyjah Ilyn Ilyne Ilynn Ilysa Ilyse Ilyssa Ilze Ima Imaad Imaan Imaani Imad Imagean Imagen Imagene Imagin Imagine Imahni Imajae Imajean Imajen Imal Imala Imalai Imalay Imam Imamu Iman Imana Imane Imanee Imani Imanie Imanii Imanni Imanol Imanuel Imany Imar Imara Imari Imaria Imarion Imauri Imaya Imberly Imee Imelda Imena Imer Imere Imesha Imhotep Imia Imir Imira Imiya Imiyah Immacolata Immaculata Immaculate Immani Immanol Immanuel Immer Immogene Imo Imogean Imogen Imogene Imogin Imogine Imojean Imojene Imon Imoni Imonie Imothy Imperia Impi Imraan Imran Imre Imri Imtiaz Imunique Imya Imyah In Ina Inaara Inaaya Inabelle Inacio Inah Inaki Inaky Inamae Inanna Inara Inarah Inari Inas Inasia Inass Inaya Inayah Inbal Inbar Inci Inda Indalecio Indasha Indasia Indea Indee Independence Inderjit Inderpreet

Indeya Indhira Indi India Indiah Indian Indiana Indianna Indica Indie Indigo Indika Indio Indira Indiya Indiyah Indonesia Indra Indrani Indria Indsay Indu Indy Indya Indyah Indyia Ineda Ineisha Ineka Ineke Inelda Inell Inella Inelle Ines Inesa Inese Inesh Inesha Ineshia Iness Inessa Ineta Inetha Inett Inetta Inette Ineva Iney Inez Ineze Infant Infantboy Infantfemale Infantgirl Infantof Infboy Infinite Infiniti Infinity Inga Ingar Inge Ingeborg Ingemar Inger Ingmar Ingo Ingolf Ingra Ingram Ingred Ingri Ingrid Ingrida Ingris Ingrit Ingry Ingvald Inia Inice Inigo Inika Iniki Inikki Iniko Inioluwa Inis Inisha Inita Iniya Iniyah Iniyan Inman Inmar Inmer Inna Innaya Innessa Innie Innis Innocence Innocent Inocencia Inocencio Inocente Inoke Inola Inona Inri Insha Insiya Insiyah Inta Inti Intisar Inus Inya Inza Io Ioan Ioana Ioane Ioanna Ioannis Iokepa Iola Iolana Iolanda Iolani Iole Iolene Iolia Ioma Ion Iona Ione Ionia Ionna Iori Iory Iosefa Iosif Iosua Iota Iovanna Iowa Ipek Ipolito Iqbal Iqra Iquan Ira Iracema Irah Iraida Iraima Irais Iraiz Iraj Iralene Iralyn Iram Iran Irandy Irania Irany Iras Irasema Iratze Irayda Irazema Irbin Irby Ire Ireal Irean Ireana Ireanna Ireatha Iredell Iree Ireen Ireene Ireion Ireka Irelan Ireland Irelyn Irelynd Irelynn Irelynne Irem Iren Irena Irene Ireneo Ireon Ireona Ireonna Ireri Iresha Ireta Iretha Iretta Irey Ireyanna Irfaan Irfan Iria Irian Iriana Irianna Iric Iridessa Iridian Iridiana Irie Irieana Iriel Irielle Irihanna Irin Irina Irine Irineo Irini Iris Irisa Irish Irisha Irissa Iristine Irit Irita Iriyana Iriz Irja Irl Irland Irlanda Irlene Irline Irma Irmagene Irmak Irmalee Irmalinda Irmani Irmgard

Irmina Irna Iroh Iroha Iron Irona Ironesha Irsa Irshad Irulan Irv Irva Irvan Irven Irvin Irvina Irvine Irving Irvyn Irwin Irwing Iry Iryana Iryanna Irys Iryss Isa Isaabella Isaac Isaack Isaah Isaak Isaam Isaaq Isabeau Isabel Isabela Isabelah Isabele Isabeli Isabelita Isabell Isabella Isabellagrace Isabellah Isabellamarie Isabellarose Isabelle Isabellemarie Isabellia Isabelly Isabelo Isabeth Isable Isac Isacc Isack Isador Isadora Isadore Isael Isah Isaha Isahbella Isahi Isahia Isahiah Isahias Isai Isaia Isaiah Isaiaha Isaiahmichael Isaiahs Isaian Isaias Isaic Isaid Isaih Isaiha Isaihas Isain Isair Isaira Isairis Isais Isaish Isaiyah Isajah Isak Isal Isalei Isaly Isam Isamar Isamara Isamari Isamarie Isamary Isamel Isami Isamu Isan Isana Isander Isandro Isao Isaque Isara Isarael Isarel Isarely Isata Isatou Isatu Isau Isaul Isaura Isauro Isavel Isavela Isavella Isay Isaya Isayah Isayana Isayiah Isbel Isbell Isbella Iseah Isebell Isebella Isel Isela Iselda Iselin Isella Iselle Isen Isenia Iseral Ises Ish Isha Ishaal Ishaan Ishaanvi Ishaaq Ishah Ishak Isham Ishamel Ishan Ishana Ishanae Ishani Ishant Ishanth Ishanti Ishanvi Ishaq Ishara Ishaun Ishawn Ishayu Ishbel Ishea Ishi Ishia Ishiah Ishika Ishita Ishitha Ishmael Ishmail Ishmam Ishman Ishmeal Ishmeet Ishmel Ishmil Ishna Ishraq Ishrat Ishwaq Ishwari Ishya Isia Isiaah Isiac Isiah Isiaha Isiaih Isias Isiash Isibeal Isibella Isidor Isidora Isidore Isidoro Isidra Isidro Isileli Isioma Isis Isiss Iskandar Iskander Isla Islah Islam Island Islay Islee Isley Isma Ismaaeel Ismaeel Ismael Ismaela Ismah Ismahan Ismail Ismaila Ismar Ismari Ismary Ismat Ismay Ismeal Ismel Ismelda Ismene Ismenia Ismerai Ismeralda Ismet Isobel Isobell Isobella Isobelle Isoke Isoken Isola Isolde Isolene Isolina Isom

Ison Isra Israa Israel Israella Israelle Israh Israyel Isreal Isriel Isrrael Issa Issaac Issabel Issabela Issabell Issabella Issabelle Issac Issacc Issachar Issack Issael Issah Issai Issaiah Issaias Issaic Issaih Issak Issam Issamar Issay Isse Issel Issela Issey Issiac Issiah Issiaka Issic Issie Issis Issys Istvan Isys Isyss Iszabella Iszac Iszak Ita Itai Italee Itali Italia Italie Italo Italy Italya Itamar Itasca Itasha Itaska Itati Itaty Itay Itayetzi Itcel Itha Ithan Ithel Ithiel Ithzel Itia Itiana Itianna Itiel Itisha Itohan Itsamari Itsel Itsue Itsuki Itsuko Itsuo Itta Ittai Itxel Itza Itzabella Itzabelle Itzae Itzael Itzamar Itzamara Itzanami Itzany Itzary Itzayana Itzayanna Itzcoatl Itzel Itzela Itzell Itzelle Itzelt Itzely Itzhak Itzhel Itzia Itziar Itzury Itzy Iula Iuma Iva Ivaan Ivadean Ivadel Ivadell Ivadelle Ivagene Ivah Ival Ivalee Ivalene Ivaline Ivalou Ivan Ivana Ivanah Ivandejesus Ivane Ivanell Ivanelle Ivanhoe Ivania Ivanka Ivann Ivanna Ivannah Ivannia Ivano Ivany Ivanya Ivar Ivars Ivaya Ive Ivee Ivel Ivelin Ivelis Ivelise Ivelisse Iveliz Ivell Ivelyn Iven Ivena Iver Ivera Iverna Iverson Ivery Ives Ivet Iveth Ivett Ivetta Ivette Ivey Ivi Ivia Ivian Iviana Ivianna Iviannah Ivica Ivie Ivin Ivion Ivionna Ivis Ivison Ivo Ivol Ivola Ivon Ivona Ivone Ivonn Ivonna Ivonne Ivor Ivoree Ivori Ivorie Ivory Ivoryana Ivra Ivree Ivry Ivy Ivyana Ivyanna Ivyanne Ivye Ivyl Ivylynn Ivyn Ivyon Ivyona Ivyonna Ivyunna Iwalani Iwan Iwana Iwao Iwona Ixareli Ixayana Ixcel Ixchel Ixchell Ixel Ixsel Ixtzel Ixzel Iya Iyad Iyah Iyahna Iyan Iyana Iyanah Iyani Iyania Iyanla Iyanna Iyannah Iyanni Iyanuoluwa Iyari Iyasia Iyauna Iyaunna Iycess Iyeisha Iyesha

Iyeshia Iyhana Iyiana Iyisha Iyla Iylah Iylan Iylee Iyon Iyona Iyonah Iyone Iyoni Iyonia Iyonna Iyonnah Iysha Iyshia Iysis Iysiss Iyssis Iyuna Iyunna Iza Izaac Izaack Izaah Izaak Izaan Izabel Izabela Izabelah Izabele Izabell Izabella Izabellah Izabelle Izac Izacc Izach Izack Izadora Izaeah Izaeh Izael Izaha Izahbella Izahia Izai Izaia Izaiah Izaias Izaih Izaiha Izair Izais Izaiya Izaiyah Izak Izamar Izamara Izamary Izan Izara Izaria Izariah Izavella Izavier Izavion Izaya Izayah Izayha Izayiah Izayuh Izea Izeah Izeal Izear Izebella Izeck Izeiah Izek Izekiel Izel Izela Izell Izella Izellah Izelle Izen Izena Izetta Izeyah Izhane Izhar Iziah Iziaha Izibella Izic Izick Izik Izma Izmael Izobel Izola Izona Izora Izrael Izreal Izriel Izsabella Izsak Izuchukwu Izumi Izyah Izyan Izybella Izyk Izza Izzabel Izzabela Izzabell Izzabella Izzabellah Izzabelle Izzac Izzah Izzaiah Izzak Izzat Izzi Izziah Izzibella Izzie Izzy