Baby Names Starting with L

Baby names starting with L

Below are the most popular L-names for babies in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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La Laaibah Laakea Laangela Laanthony Laasia Laasya Laban Labarbara Labaron Labarron Labella Labelle Laberta Labib Labiba Labon Laborn Labradford Labrandon Labraya Labrea Labree Labreeska Labrenda Labresha Labreshia Labreya Labreyah Labria Labrian Labrina Labrisha Labritney Labrittany Labrittney Labron Labryan Labryant Labyron Lacalvin Lacandice Lacandis Lacara Lacarla Lacarlos Lacasha Lacasta Lacci Lace Lacedric Lacee Lacei Lacen Lacey Lachae Lachaka Lachan Lachana Lachanda Lachandra Lachanta Lachante Lachara Lacharles Lachasity Lachaun Lachaundra Lachay Lache Lachel Lachele Lachell Lachelle Lacher Lacheryl Lachic Lachina Lachisa Lachisha Lachlan Lachlyn Lachon Lachonda Lachone Lachonne Lachrisa Lachrisha Lachrista Lachristy Lachundra Lachyna Laci Lacia Laciana Laciann Lacie Lacinda Lacole Laconda Lacondra Laconia Laconya Lacora Lacorey Lacoria Lacorsha Lacory Lacorya Lacosta Lacourtney Lacoya Lacreasha Lacrecia Lacree Lacreesha Lacreisha Lacresa Lacresha Lacreshia Lacresia Lacreta Lacretia Lacricia Lacrisha Lacrissa Lacrista Lacrystal Lacurtis Lacy Lacye Lacynda Lacynthia Lad Lada Ladacia Ladaesha Ladaija Ladaijah Ladainian Ladaisha Ladaisia Ladaja Ladajah Ladajia Ladale Ladamian Ladamien Ladamion Ladan Ladana Ladanian Ladaniel Ladanien Ladanna Ladante Ladara Ladaria Ladarian Ladarien Ladarion Ladarious Ladaris Ladarius Ladarrell Ladarren Ladarrian Ladarrien Ladarrin Ladarrion Ladarrious Ladarris Ladarrius Ladarryl Ladaruis Ladaryl Ladasha Ladashia Ladasia Ladaveon Ladavia Ladavian Ladavid Ladavion Ladawn Ladawna Ladaya Ladayja Ladaynian Ladaysha Ladaysia Ladazia Ladd Laddie Laddy Ladean Ladeana Ladeane Ladeanna Ladedra Ladeidra Ladeidre Ladeja Ladejah Ladell Ladelle Ladema Laden Ladena Ladene Ladenna Laderek Ladereon Laderian Laderick Laderion Laderious Laderius Laderrian Laderrica Laderrick Laderricka Laderrion Laderrius Ladesha Ladessa Ladestiny Ladetra Ladia Ladiamond Ladie Ladijah Ladimer Ladina Ladine Ladislado Ladislao Ladislaus Ladislav Ladislava Ladon Ladona Ladonda Ladonia Ladonja Ladonn Ladonna Ladonne Ladonnia Ladonta