B-Names for Baby Boys

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Looking for B-names for baby boys? Here are the most common B-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Baasil Baba Babacar Babajide Babak Babatunde Babe Baber Babette Baboucarr Baby Babyboy Babygirl Bacari Bacarri Bach Bachir Bacil Bacilio Badal Baden Bader Badhir Badr Baeden Baelin Baer Baggio Baha Bahaa Bahe Bai Baiden Bailee Bailen Bailey Bailor Baily Bailyn Bain Baine Baird Bairo Bairon Baize Bakar Bakari Bakary Baker Bakir Bakr Balaji Balal Balam Baldassare Baldemar Baldo Baldomero Baldwin Balen Balentin Baley Balfour Balian Balil Balin Balint Balke Ballard Balmore Balraj Baltasar Baltazar Balthazar Bam Bamidele Banan Bandon Bandy Bane Bang Banjamin Banks Bankston Banner Banning Bannon Banyan Banyon Bao Baptiste Bar Bara Baraa Barack Barak Baraka Baran Barbara Barbaro Barber Barclay Bard Bardia Bardo Barek Baren Barett Baretta Bari Barin Baris Barker Barkim Barkley Barksdale Barlow Barnabas Barnaby Barnard Barndon Barnell Barnes Barnet Barnett Barney Barnie Barnwell Barny Baron Barr Barre Barren Barret Barrett Barrette Barri Barrick Barrie Barrington Barrion Barris Barron Barry Bart Bartek Bartel Barth Bartholome Bartholomew Bartlett Bartley Bartlomiej Bartly Barto Bartolo Bartolome Bartolomeo Barton Bartosz Bartow Bartt Barty Baruc Baruch Baruti Bary Baryn Bascom Bascomb Bascum Basel Basem Bashan Bashar Bashawn Basheer Bashir Bashiri Basil Basile Basilio Basilios Basim Basir Basit Bass Bassam Bassel Bassem Bassey Bassil Bassirou Bastian Bastien Bastion Bates Battal Battista Battle Batu Batuhan Baudel Baudelio Baudilio Bauer Bautista Bavly Bawi Baxley Baxter Baxton Bay Bayan Bayani Bayard Bayardo Bayden Bayete Baylan Bayle Baylee Baylen Bayler Bayless Bayley Baylian Baylie Baylin Baylon Baylor Bayly Baynard Bayne Bayro Bayron Bayshawn Bayze Baze Bazel Bazil Bb Be Beach Beacher Beal Beale Beaman Beamon Bean

Beandon Bear Bearett Bearl Beasley Beatrice Beatriz Beattie Beatty Beau Beauden Beauen Beauford Beaufort Beaumont Beauregard Beaux Beaver Beck Beckam Beckem Becker Becket Beckett Beckham Beckhem Beckum Becky Bedford Bee Beebe Beecher Behnam Behr Behrang Bejamin Bejan Bek Beka Bekam Bekham Bekim Bela Belal Belarmino Belden Beldon Belen Belford Belinda Belisario Bell Bella Belmin Belmont Belton Belvin Bemjamin Bemnet Ben Benaiah Benajamin Benajmin Benancio Benard Benardo Benas Bence Benecio Benedek Benedetto Benedict Benedicto Benedikt Benen Benet Benett Benford Bengamin Bengi Bengie Bengiman Bengt Bengy Benhamin Benhard Benhart Benhur Beni Beniah Beniamin Benicio Benie Benigno Benino Benitez Benito Benjahmin Benjain Benjaman Benjamen Benjamim Benjamin Benjamine Benjaminjoseph Benjamon Benjamyn Benje Benjeman Benjemin Benjerman Benjermen Benjermin Benji Benjiam Benjie Benjiman Benjimen Benjimin Benjmain Benjman Benjy Benn Bennard Benner Bennet Bennett Bennette Benney Bennie Bennjamin Benno Benny Beno Benoit Bensen Benson Bensyn Bentely Benten Bentlee Bentlei Bentleigh Bentley Bentli Bentlie Bently Benton Bentura Bentyn Bentzion Benuel Beny Benyam Benyamin Benz Benzel Benzion Beowulf Ber Bera Berat Berchman Berdell Berek Bereket Berel Beren Berend Berenger Berenice Beresford Berg Berge Bergen Berger Beril Berish Berj Berk Berkay Berke Berkeley Berkley Berl Berle Berley Berlie Berlin Berlon Berlyn Berman Bern Bernabe Bernadette Bernadino Bernado Bernal Bernaldo Bernando Bernard Bernardino Bernardo Bernarr Bernave Bernd Berne Bernel Bernell Bernerd Bernest Bernet Bernett Berney Bernhard Bernhardt Bernhart Bernice Bernie Bernis Bernon Bernt Berny Berrett Berry Berryman Bersain Bert Bertel Bertell Berten Bertha Berthal Berthel Berthol Berthold Bertice Bertie Bertil Bertin Bertis Berto Berton Bertram Bertran Bertrand Bertrum Bertus Bervin Berwick

Berwin Berwyn Beryl Beryle Besart Besim Besnik Bess Bessie Beth Bethany Bethel Betim Beto Betsy Bette Bettie Betty Bettye Betzalel Beuford Beulah Bev Bevan Bevely Beverley Beverly Bevin Bevon Beyan Bezaleel Bezalel Bharat Bharath Bhargav Bhargava Bhavesh Bhavik Bhavin Bhavya Bhuvan Biaggio Biagio Bianca Bianco Bibb Bibiano Bicente Bictor Bidal Bidwell Bienvenido Biff Bige Bijan Bijon Biju Biko Bikram Bilaal Bilal Bilbo Bilguun Bill Billal Bille Billee Billey Billi Billie Billison Billy Billye Billyjack Billyjo Billyjoe Billyray Bily Bimal Bimbo Bin Binford Bing Bingham Binh Binnie Binu Binyamin Binyomin Bion Biran Birch Birchard Birche Birchel Bird Birdell Birdie Biren Birger Birk Birl Birney Biron Birt Biruk Bisente Bishara Bisher Bishop Bishoy Bismarck Bismark Bison Bivian Bix Bj Bjarne Bjay Bjorn Blace Blackie Blade Bladen Bladimir Bladyn Blaid Blaide Blaiden Blaik Blaike Blain Blaine Blair Blaire Blaise Blaiz Blaize Blake Blakelee Blakeley Blakely Blaken Blakley Blan Blanca Blanch Blanchard Blanche Bland Blandon Blane Blaney Blanton Blas Blase Blass Blayd Blayde Blayden Blaydin Blaydon Blayk Blayke Blayn Blayne Blayse Blayten Blayton Blayz Blayze Blaze Blazen Blazer Blease Blerim Bless Blessed Blessing Blesson Bleu Bliss Blondell Blong Blouncie Blu Blue Bluford Bly Blynn Blythe Bo Boady Boaz Bob Boback Bobak Boban Bobb Bobbi Bobbie Bobby Bobbye Bobbyjoe Bobbylee Bobie Bobo Boby Bocar Bocephus Bodan Bode Bodean Bodee Boden Bodey Bodhi Bodhin Bodi Bodie Bodin Bodyn Boe Boede Boedy Boen Bogar Bogart Bogdan Bohan Bohdan Bohden Bohdi Bohumil Boice Boise Boisey Boisy Bojan Bol Bolden Boleslaus Boleslaw Bolish Bolivar Bolling Bolton Boluwatife Bomani Bomer

Bon Bona Bonanza Bonard Bond Bonell Boney Bong Bonham Boniface Bonifacio Bonita Bonner Bonney Bonnie Bonny Booker Bookert Boomer Boon Boone Booth Boots Bora Borach Borden Boris Born Borna Boruch Borys Bosco Bose Bosie Boss Bossie Bosten Bostin Boston Bostyn Boswell Boubacar Boulder Boun Bouvier Bow Bowan Bowden Bowdie Bowdrie Bowdy Bowe Bowen Bower Bowie Bowin Bowman Bowyn Boy Boyce Boyd Boyde Boyden Boyed Boykin Boynton Boysie Boz Brace Bracen Bracey Brach Brack Bracken Brackston Bracy Bracyn Brad Bradan Bradbury Bradd Bradden Braddock Braddox Bradee Bradely Braden Braderick Bradey Bradfield Bradford Bradie Bradin Bradlee Bradleigh Bradley Bradlie Bradly Bradlyn Bradney Bradnon Bradon Bradrick Bradshaw Brady Bradyen Bradyn Bradynn Brae Braedan Braeden Braedin Braedon Braedy Braedyn Braegan Braelan Braelen Braelin Braelon Braelyn Braelynn Braeson Braeton Brage Braham Braheem Brahian Brahim Brahin Brahm Braian Braidan Braiden Braidon Braidy Braidyn Braijon Brailen Brailey Brailin Brailon Brailyn Brailynn Brain Brainard Braison Brajon Bralan Bralen Braley Bralin Brallan Bralon Bralyn Bralynn Bram Bran Branan Brance Branch Branco Brancon Brand Brandal Brandale Brandall Brandan Brandarius Branddon Brandel Brandell Branden Brandenn Brander Brandi Brandie Brandin Brandis Brandley Brandn Brando Brandol Brandom Brandon Brandonjames Brandonkyle Brandonlee Brandonmichael Brandonn Brandonray Brandson Brandt Brandtley Brandtly Brandton Brandun Brandy Brandyn Branen Branford Branigan Branko Branly Brann Brannan Branndon Brannen Brannick Brannigan Brannock Brannon Branon Branoon Bransen Bransford Branson Branston Bransyn Brant Branten Brantlee Brantley Brantly Branton Brantson Brasen Brashad Brashaun Brashawn Brason Braulio Braun Brave Braven Bravery Bravin Bravlio Bravon Brawley Brax Braxden Braxdon Braxdyn Braxen Braxon Braxson Braxston Braxtan Braxten

Braxtin Braxton Braxtyn Braxxton Bray Brayam Brayan Brayant Braycen Braydan Brayde Braydee Brayden Braydenn Braydin Braydn Braydon Braydyn Brayen Brayhan Braylan Brayland Braylee Braylen Braylend Braylenn Braylin Brayln Braylon Braylyn Braylynn Brayn Braynt Brayon Braysen Brayshaun Brayson Brayten Brayton Brayven Brazen Brazil Brazos Breaden Breaker Brean Breandan Breanna Breaun Brec Breccan Breck Breckan Brecken Brecker Breckin Breckon Breckyn Brecon Bredan Bredyn Bree Breece Brees Breeze Breh Brehon Breidyn Breighden Breighton Breion Brejon Brek Breken Brekin Brekken Brekkin Brekyn Brelan Breland Brelen Brelin Brelon Brelyn Brelynn Bren Brenan Brenard Brence Brenda Brendan Brendell Brenden Brendin Brendon Brendt Brendyn Brenen Brener Brenham Brenin Brenley Brenn Brennan Brenndan Brennden Brenndon Brennen Brenner Brennick Brennin Brennon Brennyn Breno Brenon Brensen Brenson Brent Brentan Brenten Brentin Brentlee Brentley Brently Brenton Brentson Brentt Brentten Brentton Brentwood Brentyn Brenyn Breon Breontae Breonte Breshaun Breshawn Breslin Bret Brete Bretley Breton Brett Brette Bretten Bretton Brevan Brevard Breven Brevin Brevon Brevyn Brewer Brewster Brex Brexton Brey Breyan Breydan Breyden Breydin Breydon Breyen Breyer Breylan Breylen Breylin Breylon Breyon Breyson Breyton Brhett Bria Briam Brian Briana Briananthony Brianda Briane Briann Brianna Brianne Briant Briante Briar Briayan Bric Brice Bricen Briceson Briceton Brick Bricker Bricyn Bridan Briden Bridge Bridger Bridges Bridget Bridgette Bridon Brien Brienne Brier Brig Brigden Brigdon Brigg Briggs Brigham Bright Brighten Brighton Brigido Brijesh Brijido Brik Brilan Brilee Brilen Briley Brilliant Brilyn Brin Brina Brinden Brindin Brindon Brink Brinkley Brinley Brinn Brinson Brint Brinton Brion Brione Brionne Brisco Briscoe Brisen Brishaun Brishawn Brishen Brison Brister Bristol Briston Brisyn

Brit Britain Britan Britian British Britney Briton Britt Brittain Brittan Brittani Brittany Britten Brittian Brittin Brittney Brittni Britton Brix Brixon Brixton Briyan Briyon Brnadon Brndon Broadus Broady Broc Broch Brock Brockman Brockston Brockton Brocton Brodan Brodderick Broddrick Brode Brodee Broden Broder Broderic Broderick Broderik Brodey Brodi Brodie Brodin Brodney Brodric Brodrick Brodus Brody Brodyn Broedy Brogan Brogen Broghan Brogyn Brohdy Brok Brolin Broly Brom Bromley Bron Bronc Bronce Bronco Brondon Bronis Bronislaus Bronislaw Bronko Bronner Bronnie Bronsen Bronson Bronston Bronsyn Bronte Bronx Bronxton Bronze Brook Brooke Brooker Brookes Brookie Brooklin Brooklyn Brooklynn Brooks Brookston Broox Bror Brosnan Brother Broughton Broward Browder Browdy Brown Brownell Brownie Browning Brownlow Brox Broxton Bruce Brucelee Bruin Bruk Bruke Brunell Bruner Bruno Brunson Bruster Brutus Bry Brya Bryam Bryan Bryand Bryann Bryant Bryar Bryce Brycen Brycenn Bryceon Bryceson Bryceton Brycin Brycson Brycyn Brydan Bryden Brydin Brydon Brye Bryen Bryent Bryer Bryheem Bryian Bryice Bryin Bryker Brylan Bryland Brylee Brylen Bryler Bryley Brylie Brylin Brylon Brylyn Bryn Bryndan Brynden Bryndon Bryne Brynlee Brynn Brynnen Brynner Brynt Brynton Bryon Bryor Brysan Bryse Brysen Bryshaun Bryshawn Bryshon Brysin Bryson Brysonn Brysten Brystin Brystol Bryston Brysun Brysyn Brytan Bryten Brytin Bryton Bub Bubba Bubber Bubby Buchanan Buck Buckey Buckie Buckley Buckner Bucky Bud Budd Buddie Buddy Bueford Buel Buell Buenaventura Bufard Buff Bufford Buffy Buford Bugra Bukhari Bulmaro Bun Bundy Bunion Bunk Bunnie Bunny Bunyan Bunyon Burach Burak Bural Burbon Burce Burch Burchard Burchel Burchell Burdell Burdett Burdette Burech Burel Burell Buren Burford Burgess Burgin Burhan Burhanuddin Burie Burim

Burk Burke Burkley Burl Burle Burleigh Burlen Burley Burlie Burlin Burlon Burlyn Burman Burnace Burnam Burnard Burnell Burnes Burness Burnest Burnet Burnett Burnette Burney Burnham Burnice Burnie Burnis Burnley Burns Buron Burr Burrel Burrell Burrill Burris Burrus Burt Burtis Burton Burvin Burwell Buryl Bush Buss Buster Butch Butler Buz Buzz Buzzy Bwana Byan Byard Byford Byntlee Bynum Byran Byrant Byrce Byrd Byren Byrl Byrle Byrne Byron Byrum Byson