Boy Names that Start with the Letter B

Boy names starting with B

Below are the most popular B-names for boys in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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Baasil Baba Babacar Babajide Babak Babatunde Babe Baber Babette Baboucarr Baby Babyboy Babygirl Bacari Bacarri Bach Bachir Bacil Bacilio Badal Baden Bader Badhir Badr Baeden Baelin Baer Baggio Baha Bahaa Bahe Bai Baiden Bailee Bailen Bailey Bailor Baily Bailyn Bain Baine Baird Bairo Bairon Baize Bakar Bakari Bakary Baker Bakir Bakr Balaji Balal Balam Baldassare Baldemar Baldo Baldomero Baldwin Balen Balentin Baley Balfour Balian Balil Balin Balint Balke Ballard Balmore Balraj Baltasar Baltazar Balthazar Bam Bamidele Banan Bandon Bandy Bane Bang Banjamin Banks Bankston Banner Banning Bannon Banyan Banyon Bao Baptiste Bar Bara Baraa Barack Barak Baraka Baran Barbara Barbaro Barber Barclay Bard Bardia Bardo Barek Baren Barett Baretta Bari Barin Baris Barker Barkim Barkley Barksdale Barlow Barnabas Barnaby Barnard Barndon Barnell Barnes Barnet Barnett Barney Barnie Barnwell Barny Baron Barr Barre Barren Barret Barrett Barrette Barri Barrick Barrie Barrington Barrion Barris Barron Barry Bart Bartek Bartel Barth Bartholome Bartholomew Bartlett Bartley Bartlomiej Bartly Barto Bartolo Bartolome Bartolomeo Barton Bartosz Bartow Bartt Barty Baruc Baruch Baruti Bary Baryn Bascom Bascomb Bascum Basel Basem Bashan Bashar Bashawn Basheer Bashir Bashiri Basil Basile Basilio Basilios Basim Basir Basit Bass Bassam Bassel Bassem Bassey Bassil Bassirou Bastian Bastien Bastion Bates Battal Battista Battle Batu Batuhan Baudel Baudelio Baudilio Bauer Bautista Bavly Bawi Baxley Baxter Baxton Bay Bayan Bayani Bayard Bayardo Bayden Bayete Baylan Bayle Baylee Baylen Bayler Bayless Bayley Baylian Baylie Baylin Baylon Baylor Bayly Baynard Bayne Bayro Bayron Bayshawn Bayze Baze Bazel Bazil Bb Be Beach Beacher Beal Beale Beaman Beamon Bean