F-Names for Baby Boys

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Looking for F-names for baby boys? Here are the most common F-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Faaris Fabain Faber Fabian Fabiano Fabien Fabin Fabio Fabiola Fabion Fabius Fabrice Fabricio Fabrisio Fabrizio Fabrizzio Fabyan Facundo Fadel Fadi Fadil Fady Fahad Fahd Fahed Faheem Fahim Fahmi Fain Fair Fairbanks Fairley Faisal Faison Faith Faiyaz Faiz Faizaan Faizal Faizan Faizon Falando Falco Falcon Fallon Fallou Falon Famous Fannie Fanon Fanuel Faolan Faraaz Farad Farah Farai Faraj Faraji Faran Faraz Farbod Fard Fardeen Fardi Fardin Fardy Fareed Fares Farhaan Farhad Farhan Farid Farin Faris Farley Farmer Farnum Faron Farooq Farouk Farouq Farrad Farrah Farrakhan Farrel Farrell Farren Farrin Farris Farron Farrow Farrukh Farshad Farshid Faruk Faruq Farzad Farzan Farzin Fatai Fate Fateen Fateh Fathi Fatih Fatima Fatin Fatmir Faust Faustin Faustino Fausto Favian Favio Favion Favor Favour Fawad Fawaz Fawkes Fawwaz Fawzi Fay Fayaz Faybian Faye Fayette Fayez Fayne Faysal Fayt Fazal Fazon Fed Fedel Fedele Federick Federico Fedor Fedrick Feffrey Fela Felando Felder Feliberto Felice Felicia Feliciano Felicity Feliks Felimon Felipe Felipedejesus Felis Felisiano Felix Feliz Felizardo Fellipe Felton Feltus Felty Felyx Female Femi Fender Feng Fenix Fenn Fennell Fenner Fenris Fenton Fentress Fenway Fenwick Feodor Ferando Feras Ferd Ferdie Ferdinan Ferdinand Ferdinando Ferdy Ferdynand Ferenc Fergus Ferguson Ferid Ferlando Ferlin Ferman Fermen Fermin Fermon Fern Fernado Fernan Fernand Fernanda Fernandeo Fernandez Fernando Fernell Ferney Fernie Fernley Ferol Feroz Ferrante Ferrari Ferras Ferrel Ferrell Ferril Ferrill Ferrin Ferris Ferrol Ferron Ferry Fess Fester Festus Feysal Fher Fhernando Fidel Fidelio Fidelis Fidelmar Fidencio Fidensio Field Fielden Fielder Fielding Fieldon Fields Fiifi Filadelfio Filbert Filberto Filemon Filex Filiberto Filimon Filip Filipe

Filippo Fillip Fillmore Filmon Filmore Filomeno Fin Finas Finau Finbar Finbarr Finch Findlay Findley Fineas Fines Finest Finian Finis Finlay Finley Finn Finnan Finnbar Finnean Finneas Finnegan Finneus Finnian Finnie Finnigan Finnis Finnlay Finnley Fintan Finton Finus Fiona Fionn Fiore Fiori Firas Firman Firmin Fischer Fishel Fisher Fisnik Fitz Fitzgerald Fitzhugh Fitzpatrick Fitzroy Fiyinfoluwa Flabio Flake Flamur Flavel Flavian Flavil Flavio Flavious Flavis Flavius Flay Fleet Fleetwood Flem Fleming Flemming Flemon Fletcher Flint Flip Floid Flor Flora Floran Flord Floren Florence Florencio Florent Florentine Florentino Florenz Florenzo Flores Florian Floriberto Florida Florin Florindo Florine Florio Floris Flory Floryan Flossie Flournoy Floy Floyce Floyd Floyde Floyed Flozell Flynn Flynt Foch Foday Fode Foister Foley Folke Fon Fong Fonnie Fonta Fontaine Fontane Fonzie Fonzo Forace Forbes Forbus Ford Forde Fordyce Forest Forester Forestt Forman Forney Forrest Forrester Forrestt Forris Forster Fort Fortino Fortunato Fortune Foster Fotios Fotis Fouad Fount Fountain Fowler Fox Foxx Foy Foye Foyster Fraak Fracisco Frager Frak Frampton Fran Franc France Francell Frances Francesc Francesca Francesco Franchesco Franchot Francico Francie Francies Francine Francis Francisc Francisca Francisco Franciscojavier Franciscojr Franciscus Franciso Franciszek Franck Franclin Franco Francois Francsico Frandy Franics Franis Franisco Frank Franke Frankel Frankey Franki Frankie Frankin Franklen Franklin Frankline Frankly Franklyn Franko Franky Frankye Frans Fransico Fransisco Frantisek Frantz Frantzy Franz Fraser Frasier Fray Frazer Frazier Fread Fred Freda Fredarius Fredderick Freddi Freddick Freddie Freddrick Freddy Frederi Frederic Frederich Frederick Frederico Frederik Fredi Fredick Fredie Fredirick Fredis Fredo Fredreck Fredreick Fredric Fredrich Fredrick Fredricks Fredrico Fredrik Fredy Fredys

Free Freedom Freeland Freelin Freelon Freeman Freemon Freemont Freland Freman Fremon Fremont French Frenchie Frezell Friddie Friedrich Friel Friend Frink Frisco Fritz Fritzgerald Frizell Froilan Frontis Frost Frosty Froylan Frumencio Frutoso Fu Fuad Fue Fujio Fukuichi Fulgencio Fuller Fulton Fulvio Fumio Funston Fuquan Furious Furkan Furlon Furman Furnell Furney Furqan Future Fynn Fyodor