H-Names for Baby Boys

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Looking for H-names for baby boys? Here are the most common H-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Ha Haadi Haaheo Haaken Haakim Haakon Haamid Haaris Haasan Haashim Haashir Haaziq Habacuc Habeeb Haben Habert Habib Habraham Habram Hachiro Had Hadan Hadari Hadden Haddon Haddy Haden Hades Hadi Hadin Hadji Hadlee Hadley Hadrian Hadriel Hadrien Hady Hadyn Haeden Haedon Haedyn Haegan Haeven Hafeez Hafford Hafid Hafiz Hagan Hagen Hageo Hager Haggai Haggard Hagood Hagop Hai Haidan Haidar Haiden Haider Haidin Haidon Haidyn Haig Haik Haile Hailee Hailey Haim Haines Hairl Hairo Haisten Haitham Haithem Haiven Haize Hajari Haji Hajime Hakan Hakeem Hakeen Hakeim Haki Hakiem Hakim Hakob Hakop Hal Hala Halas Halbert Halden Haldon Haldor Haldrin Hale Haleem Haleigh Halen Haley Halford Halfred Hali Halid Halil Halim Hall Hallard Halle Hallet Hallett Halley Hallie Hallis Hally Halo Halsey Halstead Halsten Halston Halton Halvor Ham Hamaad Hamad Hamadi Hamdaan Hamdan Hamdi Hamed Hameed Hameen Hamer Hamid Hamidou Hamilton Hamin Hamir Hamish Hamlet Hamlin Hammad Hammed Hammie Hammond Hamp Hampton Hamsa Hamse Hamza Hamzah Hamze Hamzeh Han Hana Hanad Hanan Hananiah Hance Hancel Handerson Handley Handsome Handy Haneef Haney Hanford Hanh Hani Haniel Hanif Haniff Hanish Hank Hanley Hanna Hannah Hannan Hannes Hannibal Hanniel Hannon Hanns Hanoch Hans Hansel Hansell Hansen Hansford Hansley Hanson Hany Hanz Hanzel Hanzo Hao Happy Harace Haralabos Haralambos Harald Haram Haran Harbert Harbin Harbor Harce Harcourt Hardee Hardeep Harden Hardie Hardik Hardin Harding Hardwick Hardy Harel Hareld Haresh Harford Hargie Hargis Hargun Hargus Hari Harice Harihar Hariharan Harilaos Harim Harin Harinder Haris Harish Harison Harith Harjas Harjot Harkaran Harkeem Harkirat Harl Harlan Harland Harld Harle Harlee

Harlem Harlen Harles Harless Harleth Harley Harlie Harlin Harlis Harlo Harlod Harlon Harlow Harlowe Harly Harlym Harlyn Harm Harman Harmandeep Harmanpreet Harmeet Harmie Harmon Harmond Harmony Harney Harnoor Harol Harold Haroldean Haroldo Haron Haroon Haroun Harout Haroutun Haroutyun Harpal Harper Harpreet Harrel Harrell Harrey Harrie Harriel Harriet Harriett Harril Harrill Harrington Harris Harrisen Harrison Harrisson Harrol Harrold Harroll Harron Harry Harryson Harsh Harsha Harshaan Harshal Harshan Harshdeep Harshil Harshit Harshith Harshveer Harsimran Hart Hartej Hartford Hartley Hartman Hartsel Hartsell Hartwell Hartzel Hartzell Haru Haruki Haruma Harumi Harun Haruo Harut Haruto Harutun Harutyun Haruyoshi Harvard Harve Harveer Harvel Harvell Harver Harvest Harvester Harvey Harvie Harvin Harvir Harvis Harvy Harwell Harwood Hary Hasaan Hasan Hasani Hasaun Hascal Haseeb Haseebullah Haseem Hasel Hasheem Hashem Hashim Hashir Hasib Hasiel Hasim Hasin Hasir Haskel Haskell Hasker Haskie Haskle Hasnain Hason Hassaan Hassain Hassam Hassan Hassane Hassani Hassel Hassell Hassen Hassie Hassiel Hassiem Hasson Hasten Hastin Hasting Hastings Haston Hatcher Hatem Hatim Hattie Hatton Hau Havard Haven Havery Havier Havik Havis Havish Havoc Havyn Haward Hawk Hawke Hawken Hawkin Hawkins Hawley Hawthorne Hay Hayato Haydan Haydar Hayden Haydenn Hayder Haydin Haydn Haydon Haydyn Hayes Haygan Haygen Hayk Haylee Haylen Hayley Haymon Haymond Hayne Haynes Haynie Hays Hayse Hayson Hayston Haytham Hayven Hayward Haywood Hayword Hayyan Hayz Hayze Hayzen Hazael Hazaiah Haze Hazel Hazell Hazem Hazen Haziel Hazim Hazin Haziq Hazir Hazle Hazyn Hazzie Heard Hearl Hearld Hearman Hearold Heath Heathcliff Heathe Heather Heaton Heaven Heber Hebert Heberth Heberto Hebron Hec Hector Heder Hedgar Hedley Hedrick Heet

Heflin Heidi Heiko Heiner Heinrich Heinz Heith Heitor Hektor Heladio Helal Helam Helaman Helder Helen Helge Heli Helio Heliodoro Helios Helmar Helmer Helmut Helmuth Helo Helon Helton Hemal Heman Hemant Hemanth Hemerson Hemi Hemza Henach Hence Henderson Hendrick Hendricks Hendrik Hendrix Hendry Henery Heng Henley Henly Hennessy Henning Hennry Henny Henoc Henoch Henock Henok Henos Henrey Henri Henrick Henrie Henrietta Henrik Henrique Henrri Henrry Henry Henryk Hensel Hensley Henson Henton Her Heraclio Herald Heraldo Herb Herber Herbert Herberth Herberto Herbet Herbey Herbie Herby Herchel Herchell Herculano Hercules Herdis Heri Heriberto Herick Herik Herley Herlin Herman Hermann Hermas Hermelindo Hermen Hermenegildo Hermes Hermie Hermilo Herminio Hermino Hermit Hermon Hermond Hernaldo Hernan Hernandez Hernando Herndon Hernesto Herney Herny Hero Herod Herold Heron Herrel Herrell Herrick Herron Herry Hersch Herschal Herschel Herschell Hersel Hersey Hersh Hershal Hershall Hershel Hershell Hershey Hershy Hersie Herson Hertis Heru Herve Hervey Hervie Hervin Hervy Hery Hesham Heshimu Heshy Hess Hessel Hessie Hesston Hester Heston Het Hever Hewell Hewey Hewitt Hewlett Heydan Heyden Heyward Heywood Hezakiah Hezeki Hezekiah Hezikiah Hezkiah Hezron Hezzie Hiatt Hiawatha Hibbard Hicham Hickman Hickory Hicks Hideki Hidemi Hideo Hien Hiep Hieu Higinio Hijinio Hikaru Hikeem Hilaire Hilal Hilario Hilarion Hilary Hilbert Hilberto Hilburn Hilda Hildebrando Hilding Hildon Hildred Hildreth Hilery Hill Hillard Hillary Hillel Hillery Hilliard Hilliary Hillie Hillip Hillis Hillman Hillory Hilman Hilmar Hilmer Hilmon Hilrey Hilry Hilton Hilyard Himanshu Himmat Hinata Hinckley Hines Hing Hinton Hipolito Hiram Hiran Hiren Hiro Hiroaki Hiroki Hiromi Hiromu Hiroshi Hiroto Hiroyuki Hirsch Hirsh Hirvin Hisao Hisashi

Hishaam Hisham Hiten Hitesh Hitoshi Hjalmar Hjalmer Ho Hoa Hoai Hoan Hoang Hoarce Hobart Hobbes Hobbie Hobby Hobert Hobie Hobson Hoby Hodari Hodge Hodges Hoffman Hogan Hoke Holbert Holdan Holden Holdin Holdon Holdyn Holger Hollace Hollan Holland Holley Holli Hollice Hollie Hollis Hollister Holloway Holly Holman Holmer Holmes Holsey Holston Holt Holten Holton Homar Homas Hombre Homer Homero Hommer Hommy Hondo Hong Honor Honorato Honore Honorio Honour Hood Hooker Hooman Hooper Hoover Hope Hopeton Hopper Hopson Horace Horacio Horald Horatio Horeb Horice Horlando Horold Horrace Horris Horst Horton Horus Hosam Hoscar Hose Hosea Hosey Hosia Hosie Hoskie Hoss Hossain Hossam Hossein Hosteen Hoston Houa Houghton Housten Houstin Houston Hovanes Hovannes Hover Hovey Hovhannes Hovie Hovig Hovik Hovsep Howard Howe Howell Howie Howland Hoy Hoyal Hoyd Hoye Hoyet Hoyett Hoyle Hoyt Hoyte Hozie Hrach Hrag Hriday Hridhaan Hrishi Hrishik Hrishikesh Hristo Hristopher Hristos Hrithik Hritik Hser Htoo Hu Huan Huascar Hub Hubart Hubbard Hubbert Huber Hubert Huberto Hubie Huburt Huck Huckleberry Hud Hudayfa Hudie Hudsen Hudson Hudsyn Hue Huebert Huel Huell Hueston Huey Hugh Hughe Hughes Hughey Hughie Hughlon Hughston Hughy Hugo Hugues Huie Hulan Hulbert Hulen Hulet Hulett Huley Hulices Hulin Hulises Hulon Humbert Humberto Hume Humphery Humphrey Humza Humzah Hunberto Huner Hung Hunner Hunt Hunter Huntington Huntley Huntter Huntur Hurbert Hurchel Hurdis Hurel Huriel Hurl Hurley Hurlie Hurman Hurmon Huron Hurschel Hursel Hurshel Hurshell Hurst Hurston Hurtis Husai Husain Husam Husani Husayn Husein Husnain Hussain Hussam Hussan Hussein Hussen Hussien Hussin Huston Hutch Hutchinson Hutchison Hutson Hutton Huxley Huxton

Huy Huynh Huzaifa Huzaifah Hy Hyatt Hyde Hyden Hyder Hykeem Hykeim Hylan Hyland Hyle Hylton Hyman Hymen Hymie Hyon Hyram Hyrum Hyson Hytham Hyun Hyung