L-Names for Baby Boys

L-names for baby boys, boy name first letter L, boy names starting with L

Looking for L-names for baby boys? Here are the most common L-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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La Laakea Laanthony Laban Labaron Labarron Labib Labon Laborn Labradford Labrandon Labrian Labron Labryan Labryant Labyron Lacalvin Lacarlos Lace Lacedric Lacen Lacey Lacharles Lachlan Lachon Lacie Lacorey Lacory Lacurtis Lacy Lad Ladainian Ladale Ladamian Ladamien Ladamion Ladanian Ladaniel Ladanien Ladante Ladarian Ladarien Ladarion Ladarious Ladaris Ladarius Ladarrell Ladarren Ladarrian Ladarrien Ladarrin Ladarrion Ladarrious Ladarris Ladarrius Ladarryl Ladaruis Ladaryl Ladaveon Ladavian Ladavid Ladavion Ladaynian Ladd Laddie Laddy Ladean Ladell Laden Laderek Ladereon Laderian Laderick Laderion Laderious Laderius Laderrian Laderrick Laderrion Laderrius Ladimer Ladislado Ladislao Ladislaus Ladislav Ladon Ladonta Ladontae Ladontay Ladonte Ladre Ladrick Ladson Lael Laeton Laetyn Lafayette Lafe Lafeyette Lafiamma Lafon Lafonzo Lafrance Lafrederick Lafredrick Lagarius Lagrand Lagregory Laguan Lai Laiden Laif Laik Laiken Laila Laim Lain Laine Laird Laiten Laith Laithan Laithen Laiton Lajace Lajarvis Lajaune Lajavion Lajohn Lajon Lajuan Lajuane Lakai Lakari Lake Lakedrick Lakee Lakeem Lakeisha Lakeith Lakel Lakeland Lakell Lakelyn Laken Lakendric Lakendrick Laker Lakesha Lakhi Laki Lakieth Lakim Lakin Lakisha Lakoda Lakota Laksh Lakshman Lakshya Lakwan Lakyn Lal Lalit Lalith Lalo Lam Lamaar Lamaine Lamaj Laman Lamanuel Lamar Lamarc Lamarco Lamarcus Lamare Lamareon Lamari Lamarian Lamario Lamarion Lamarious Lamaris Lamarius Lamark Lamarkus Lamarquis Lamarqus Lamarr Lamarrion Lamart Lamarus Lamauri Lamb Lambert Lamberto Lambros Lamech Lameek Lameen Lameer Lamel Lamell Lamere Lamichael Lamicheal Lamiek Lamier Lamin Lamine Lamir Lamoine Lamon Lamond Lamondo Lamondre Lamone Lamoni Lamonica Lamont Lamonta Lamontae Lamontay Lamonte Lamontez Lamontray Lamontre Lamor Lamorris Lamount Lamour Lamoyne Lamuel Lan Lana Lanard Lancaster Lance Lancelot Lancer Lancing Lancy Landan Landdon Landel Landell Landen Landenn Lander

Landers Landin Landis Lando Landon Landonn Landrey Landric Landrick Landris Landrum Landry Landun Landus Landy Landyn Landynn Lane Lanel Lanell Laney Lanford Lang Langdon Lange Langford Langley Langston Lanham Lani Lanie Lanier Lanis Lank Lankford Lann Lanndon Lannes Lanney Lannie Lanning Lannis Lanny Lanoris Lanorris Lansana Lansing Lanson Lanty Lantz Lanxton Lany Lanyard Lanz Lao Laparis Lapatrick Lapaul Laphonso Lapriest Laquain Laquan Laquane Laquann Laquante Laquarius Laquavion Laquavious Laquavis Laquavius Laquay Laquentin Laquez Laquin Laquincy Laquinn Laquinta Laquintin Laquinton Laquon Laqwan Lara Laramie Laramy Larance Laray Larce Lareco Laredo Larell Larelle Laremy Laren Larence Larenz Larenzo Larey Larez Lari Larico Larie Larin Larion Laris Lark Larkie Larkin Larmar Larmon Larmont Larnce Larnell Larnelle Larney Larnie Larobert Larod Laroderick Larodney Laroi Larome Laron Larone Laronn Laronte Laronzo Laroy Laroyce Larre Larrell Larren Larreon Larrey Larri Larrie Larrion Larris Larron Larrry Larry Lars Larsen Larson Larue Larvell Larwance Larwence Larwrence Lary Laryan Larz Lasalle Lasana Lasaro Lascelles Lasco Lasean Lasedrick Lash Lashad Lashan Lashane Lashaun Lashaw Lashawn Lashay Lashon Lashone Lashun Lason Lassana Lasse Lastarza Lastat Laster Laszlo Latanya Latarius Latarus Latasha Lataurus Lataveon Latavian Latavion Latavious Latavis Latavius Latee Lateef Lateek Laten Laterian Laterius Laterrance Laterrell Laterrence Laterrian Laterrion Laterrious Laterrius Latevin Latham Lathan Lathaniel Lathe Lathen Lathomas Lathon Lathyn Latief Latif Latimer Latique Latisha Latodd Laton Latonia Latonio Latony Latonya Latorrance Latoya Latrae Latrail Latravion Latravious Latravis Latravius Latray Latrayvion Latre Latreal Latrel Latrell Latrelle Latrevion Latrevious Latrey Latrez Latrice Latron Latrone Latroy Lattie Latu Latwan Latwon Lauar Lauchlin Lauden

Laudie Laura Laurance Laureano Laureat Laurel Laurell Lauren Laurence Laurencio Laurens Laurent Laurentino Laurenz Lauri Lauriano Laurice Laurie Laurien Laurier Laurin Lauris Lauriston Lauritz Lauro Laury Lauryn Lautaro Lavail Laval Lavale Lavall Lavalle Lavan Lavance Lavander Lavant Lavante Lavar Lavare Lavares Lavarious Lavaris Lavarius Lavarr Lavarus Lavaughn Lavel Lavell Lavelle Lavelton Laven Laver Lavere Lavergne Laverl Laverle Lavern Laverne Lavernon Lavert Lavester Lavette Lavi Lavin Lavoid Lavon Lavone Lavonn Lavonne Lavont Lavonta Lavontae Lavontay Lavonte Lavontre Lavor Lavoris Lavorn Lavoy Law Lawaia Lawan Lawanda Lawarence Lawarnce Lawarren Lawaun Lawayne Lawell Lawence Lawerance Lawerence Lawernce Lawless Lawney Lawon Lawrance Lawren Lawrenc Lawrence Lawrene Lawrenzo Lawrin Lawrnce Lawsen Lawson Lawsyn Lawton Lawyer Laxavier Lay Laycen Laydell Layden Laydon Layke Layken Laykin Layla Laylan Layle Laylen Laylon Layman Laymon Laymond Layn Layne Layron Layson Layten Layth Laythan Laythen Laython Laytin Layton Lazar Lazare Lazareth Lazarick Lazarion Lazarius Lazaro Lazaros Lazarus Lazavion Lazell Lazer Lazerick Lazerrick Lazlo Lazzaro Lb Lc Ld Ldarius Le Lea Leaf Leaford Leah Leal Lealan Lealand Lealon Leam Leaman Leamon Leamond Lean Leanard Leander Leandra Leandrae Leandre Leandrea Leandrew Leandro Leandros Leangelo Leann Leanna Leanord Leanthony Leaon Lear Learon Learoy Leart Leartis Leary Leaster Leathan Leaton Leavitt Leavon Leavy Lebaron Lebarron Lebern Lebert Lebrandon Lebron Lebrone Leburn Lecedric Lecester Lech Lecharles Lecil Leck Leconte Lecory Ledaniel Ledarion Ledarius Ledarrius Ledel Ledell Lederrick Ledford Ledger Ledion Ledon Lee Leeam Leeander Leeandre Leeandrew Leeanthony Leedell Leedward Leelan Leeland Leelen Leelend Leelin Leelyn Leelynd Leelynn Leeman Leemichael Leemon Leeo Leeon Leeor Leequan Leeric

Leeron Leeroy Leeshaun Leeshawn Leeson Leeum Leevan Leevi Leevon Leeward Lefty Legacy Legend Legion Legolas Legrand Legrande Legrant Lehi Lehman Lehmon Lei Leiam Leib Leibish Leiby Leiden Leif Leigh Leigham Leighlan Leighland Leighton Leila Leilan Leiland Leilani Leilend Leilynd Leim Leion Leith Leium Lejend Lejeune Lejon Lejuan Lekai Lekeith Lekendric Lekendrick Lekhi Lela Lelan Leland Leldon Lelen Lelend Lelind Lelon Lelton Lelyn Lelynd Lem Lemaj Leman Lemanuel Lemar Lemarco Lemarcus Lemario Lemarion Lemark Lemarr Lemel Lemichael Lemmie Lemmon Lemmy Lemoine Lemon Lemond Lemont Lemonte Lemorris Lemoyne Lemual Lemuel Len Lena Lenard Lenardo Lendal Lendale Lendall Lendel Lendell Lenden Lendol Lendon Lenear Lenell Lenes Lenford Leng Leni Leniel Lenin Lenis Lenix Lenley Lenn Lennard Lennart Lennel Lennell Lenneth Lennex Lennie Lennin Lennis Lennix Lennon Lennox Lenny Lennyn Leno Lenoard Lenon Lenora Lenord Lenore Lenoris Lenorris Lenox Lenoxx Lensy Lent Lenton Lenuel Lenus Lenvil Lenville Lenward Lenwood Leny Lenyn Lenyx Lenz Lenzie Lenzy Leo Leobardo Leocadio Leodan Leodegario Leodis Leodore Leola Leomar Leon Leona Leonaldo Leonard Leonardo Leonce Leoncio Leondra Leondrae Leondre Leondro Leondrus Leone Leonel Leonell Leonhard Leonid Leonidas Leonide Leonides Leonidis Leonidus Leonitus Leonor Leonord Leonta Leontae Leontay Leonte Leontre Leonydus Leonzo Leopold Leopoldo Leor Leora Leorn Leory Leosvel Leotha Leotis Leovanni Leovardo Leovigildo Lequan Lequentin Lequient Lequinton Lequon Lerald Leray Lerenzo Leri Lerico Lerin Leroi Lerome Leron Lerone Leroy Leroyal Leroyce Lerry Les Lesa Lesane Lesean Leshan Leshaun Leshawn Leshon Leshun Lesile Leslee Lesley Leslie Lesly Less Lessie Lessley Lesslie Lestat Lester Lesther Leston Letcher Letha Lethaniel Lethel Lethell

Lether Leticia Leto Letrell Letroy Letwan Leudy Leul Leum Lev Levan Levance Levander Levane Levant Levante Levar Levarn Levarr Levaughn Leve Levell Levelle Leven Levent Levente Levere Leverett Leverette Levern Leverne Levert Levertis Levester Levi Leviathan Levid Levie Levii Levin Levine Levis Levit Leviticus Levon Levone Levonne Levonta Levontae Levonte Levorn Levorne Levoy Levy Levyn Lew Leward Lewayne Lewell Lewellyn Lewey Lewi Lewie Lewin Lewis Lex Lexander Lexani Lexie Lexin Lexington Lexis Lexon Lexton Lexus Lexx Leycester Leyden Leylan Leyland Leyton Leyver Lezer Lg Li Lia Liad Liahm Liam Liamjames Liamm Lian Liandro Liang Liav Liban Libby Liberato Libero Liberty Liborio Librado Lidell Lidio Lido Lief Liel Liem Lieutenant Liev Life Lige Light Liiban Lijah Like Liko Lila Lilbern Lilbert Lilborn Lilburn Lile Lilia Liliana Lillard Lillian Lillie Lilly Lilton Lily Lim Limmie Limon Limuel Lin Lina Linard Linas Linc Lincoln Lincon Lind Linda Lindal Lindale Lindall Lindan Lindberg Lindbergh Lindburg Lindburgh Lindel Lindell Linden Linder Lindle Lindley Lindo Lindol Lindon Lindsay Lindsey Lindsley Lindsy Lindwood Lindy Linell Linford Ling Linh Link Linken Linkin Linkoln Linkon Linkyn Linley Linn Linnard Linnell Linnie Linnis Linny Lino Linsey Linsley Linson Linton Linus Linvel Linville Linward Linwood Linza Linzell Linzey Linzie Linzy Lio Lion Lional Lionardo Lionel Lionell Lionso Lior Lipa Lipman Liran Liridon Lirim Liron Lisa Lisander Lisandro Lisbon Lish Lisiate Lisle Lissandro Lissette Lister Liston Lito Little Littleton Litzy Lius Livan Livingston Livio Lixandro Liza Lizandro Lizardo Lizbeth Lizeth Lizette Lizzie Lj Llandel Llewellyn Llewelyn Lleyton Lliam Llovani Lloyd Lloyde Lloyed

Llyod Lo Loagan Loagen Loai Loal Loay Loc Locadio Loch Lochlain Lochlainn Lochlan Lochlann Lochlin Lochlyn Lock Locke Locklan Lockwood Loddie Loden Lodis Loegan Loel Loften Lofton Logan Loganjames Logann Logen Loggan Loghan Login Logon Logun Logunn Logyn Lohgan Lohith Lohn Loi Loic Loice Loid Lois Loise Lokesh Loki Lola Lolan Lolo Loma Loman Lomant Lomar Lomax Lomont Lon Lona Lonald Lonard Lonas Londale Londell Londen Londo London Londyn Lone Lonel Lonell Lones Loney Long Longin Longino Loni Lonie Lonis Lonn Lonne Lonnel Lonnell Lonney Lonni Lonnie Lonniel Lonny Lonza Lonzel Lonzell Lonzie Lonzo Lonzy Loomis Looney Lopaka Lopez Lor Lora Lorain Loraine Loral Loran Lorance Lorane Loranza Loranzo Loras Lorcan Lord Loree Lorel Lorell Loren Lorena Lorence Lorene Lorenso Lorentz Lorenz Lorenza Lorenze Lorenzia Lorenzo Loreto Loretta Loretto Lori Lorie Lorik Lorimer Lorin Lorine Loring Lorinza Lorinzo Loris Lorman Lorn Lorna Lorne Lornell Loron Lorrain Lorraine Lorren Lorrenzo Lorrie Lorrin Lorris Lorry Lory Lossie Lot Lothar Lothario Lothrop Lotis Lott Lottie Lotus Lou Louard Louay Loucas Louden Loudon Lougene Loui Louia Louie Louis Louisa Louise Loukas Lourdes Lourence Loval Love Lovel Lovelace Loveless Lovell Lovelle Lovely Lovern Loverne Lovett Lovette Lovic Lovick Lovie Lovis Low Lowe Lowel Lowell Lowen Lowery Lowis Lowman Lowrey Lowrie Lowry Loxley Loy Loyal Loyall Loyalty Loyce Loyd Loyde Loye Loyed Loyle Loys Lozell Lrey Lu Luai Lual Luan Luann Luar Luay Lubby Lubert Lubie Luby Luc Luca Lucah Lucais Lucan Lucanus Lucas Lucca Luccas Lucciano Lucero Luchiano Luchious Lucia Lucian Luciano Lucias Lucien Lucifer

Lucile Lucille Lucinda Lucino Lucio Lucion Lucious Lucius Luck Luckas Luckey Luckie Lucky Lucuis Lucus Lucy Luddie Luddy Ludger Ludie Ludlow Ludovic Ludvig Ludvik Ludwell Ludwig Ludwik Ludwin Ludwing Ludy Lue Luegene Luel Luella Luellen Lugene Lui Luian Luie Luiggi Luigi Luigino Luigy Luis Luisa Luisalberto Luisalejandro Luisalfredo Luisandres Luisandro Luisangel Luisantonio Luisarmando Luiscarlos Luisdaniel Luisdavid Luisdiego Luise Luiseduardo Luisenrique Luisfelipe Luisfernando Luisgabriel Luisgerardo Luisgustavo Luisito Luisjavier Luisjose Luismanuel Luismario Luismiguel Luispablo Luiz Lujack Luk Luka Lukacs Lukah Lukan Lukas Lukasz Lukaus Luke Lukeanthony Luken Lukes Lukeus Lukian Lukin Lukis Lukka Lukkas Lukman Lukus Lukyan Lula Lum Luman Lumas Lumir Lummie Lumumba Luna Lunden Lundon Lundy Lundyn Lung Lunnie Lunsford Luong Lupe Luqmaan Luqman Lura Lural Luren Lurie Lurton Lusiano Lusio Luster Lusvin Lutalo Lute Luther Luthur Lutrell Lutz Luu Luukas Luv Luvell Luvender Luvern Luverne Luvert Lux Luxton Luz Luzell Luzer Ly Lyal Lyall Lyam Lyan Lycan Lycurgus Lyda Lydale Lydell Lyden Lydia Lydon Lyell Lyfe Lyjah Lyle Lyles Lyman Lymon Lyn Lynal Lynard Lynch Lyncoln Lynda Lyndal Lyndale Lyndall Lyndan Lyndel Lyndell Lynden Lyndle Lyndol Lyndon Lyndsey Lyne Lynel Lynell Lynette Lynford Lynk Lynken Lynkin Lynkon Lynn Lynne Lynnie Lynnwood Lynton Lynus Lynward Lynwood Lynx Lyon Lyonel Lyric Lyrick Lyrik Lyriq Lyron Lysander Lysle Lyth Lytle Lyzander