Boy Names that Start with the Letter L

Boy names starting with L

Below are the most popular L-names for boys in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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La Laakea Laanthony Laban Labaron Labarron Labib Labon Laborn Labradford Labrandon Labrian Labron Labryan Labryant Labyron Lacalvin Lacarlos Lace Lacedric Lacen Lacey Lacharles Lachlan Lachon Lacie Lacorey Lacory Lacurtis Lacy Lad Ladainian Ladale Ladamian Ladamien Ladamion Ladanian Ladaniel Ladanien Ladante Ladarian Ladarien Ladarion Ladarious Ladaris Ladarius Ladarrell Ladarren Ladarrian Ladarrien Ladarrin Ladarrion Ladarrious Ladarris Ladarrius Ladarryl Ladaruis Ladaryl Ladaveon Ladavian Ladavid Ladavion Ladaynian Ladd Laddie Laddy Ladean Ladell Laden Laderek Ladereon Laderian Laderick Laderion Laderious Laderius Laderrian Laderrick Laderrion Laderrius Ladimer Ladislado Ladislao Ladislaus Ladislav Ladon Ladonta Ladontae Ladontay Ladonte Ladre Ladrick Ladson Lael Laeton Laetyn Lafayette Lafe Lafeyette Lafiamma Lafon Lafonzo Lafrance Lafrederick Lafredrick Lagarius Lagrand Lagregory Laguan Lai Laiden Laif Laik Laiken Laila Laim Lain Laine Laird Laiten Laith Laithan Laithen Laiton Lajace Lajarvis Lajaune Lajavion Lajohn Lajon Lajuan Lajuane Lakai Lakari Lake Lakedrick Lakee Lakeem Lakeisha Lakeith Lakel Lakeland Lakell Lakelyn Laken Lakendric Lakendrick Laker Lakesha Lakhi Laki Lakieth Lakim Lakin Lakisha Lakoda Lakota Laksh Lakshman Lakshya Lakwan Lakyn Lal Lalit Lalith Lalo Lam Lamaar Lamaine Lamaj Laman Lamanuel Lamar Lamarc Lamarco Lamarcus Lamare Lamareon Lamari Lamarian Lamario Lamarion Lamarious Lamaris Lamarius Lamark Lamarkus Lamarquis Lamarqus Lamarr Lamarrion Lamart Lamarus Lamauri Lamb Lambert Lamberto Lambros Lamech Lameek Lameen Lameer Lamel Lamell Lamere Lamichael Lamicheal Lamiek Lamier Lamin Lamine Lamir Lamoine Lamon Lamond Lamondo Lamondre Lamone Lamoni Lamonica Lamont Lamonta Lamontae Lamontay Lamonte Lamontez Lamontray Lamontre Lamor Lamorris Lamount Lamour Lamoyne Lamuel Lan Lana Lanard Lancaster Lance Lancelot Lancer Lancing Lancy Landan Landdon Landel Landell Landen Landenn Lander