M-Names for Baby Boys

M-names for baby boys, boy name first letter M, boy names starting with M

Looking for M-names for baby boys? Here are the most common M-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Maahir Maalik Maan Maanas Maanav Maarten Maasai Maayan Maaz Mabel Mable Mabrey Mabry Mac Macade Macaden Macai Macaiah Macaire Macaleb Macalister Macallan Macallister Macari Macario Macarius Macarther Macarthur Macaulay Macauley Macauly Macayle Maccoy Macdonald Mace Macedonio Macel Macen Maceo Maceson Macey Macgregor Macguire Macgyver Machael Machai Macheal Machel Machenzie Machi Machias Maci Maciah Macie Maciej Maciel Macin Macintyre Macio Mack Mackay Mackel Mackenna Mackensie Mackenson Mackenzi Mackenzie Mackenzy Macker Mackey Mackie Mackinley Mackinnley Mackinnon Mackinzie Macklen Macklin Macks Mackson Macky Maclain Maclaine Maclane Maclaren Maclean Maclin Maclovio Maclyn Macolm Macon Macoy Macrae Macray Macsen Macus Macy Macyn Madaleno Madan Maddax Madden Maddex Maddin Maddison Maddix Maddoc Maddock Maddon Maddox Maddoxx Maddux Maddyn Maddyx Madeleine Madeline Madelyn Maden Madex Madhav Madison Madisyn Madix Madoc Madon Madox Madoxx Madrid Madrox Mads Madsen Madux Madysen Madyx Mae Mael Maesen Maeson Magali Magdalena Magdaleno Magdiel Maged Mager Maggie Magic Magin Magno Magnum Magnus Maguire Mahad Mahadev Mahadi Mahamadou Mahamed Mahammad Mahamud Mahan Mahari Mahd Mahde Mahdee Mahdi Mahdy Maheen Maheer Mahendra Maher Mahesh Mahi Mahib Mahin Mahir Mahit Mahkai Mahkel Mahki Mahleek Mahlek Mahlik Mahlon Mahmood Mahmoud Mahmud Mahonri Mahsiah Mahue Mahyar Mai Maichael Maico Maicol Maicon Maika Maikel Maiki Maiko Maikol Mailk Mailon Mainor Maira Mairon Maisen Maison Maisyn Maitland Majd Majdi Majed Majeed Majer Majestic Majesty Majid Majik Majok Major Mak Makade Makaden Makael Makah Makahi Makai Makaiah Makaih Makaii Makail Makaio Makal Makala Makalani Makale Makaleb Makana Makani Makao Makar Makari Makario Makarios Makaveli Makay Makayden Makayla Makeen Makei Makel Makell

Makena Makenna Makenzie Makhai Makhail Makhari Makhel Makhi Makhii Makhy Maki Makia Makiah Makieh Makiel Makih Makii Makil Makin Makiy Makiya Makiyah Mako Makoa Makonnen Makoto Makoy Maks Maksim Maksimus Makson Maksym Maksymilian Makua Makya Makyah Makye Makyi Makyle Mal Malacai Malachai Malachi Malachia Malachy Malacki Malahki Malak Malakai Malakei Malakhai Malakhi Malaki Malakia Malakiah Malakie Malakii Malaky Malakye Malakyi Malan Malaquias Malav Malchijah Malcohm Malcolm Malcolmjamal Malcoln Malcom Malcomb Malcome Malcon Malcum Malden Male Maleak Malec Malechi Maleck Maleek Maleik Malek Malekai Maleke Malekhi Maleki Maleko Malen Malford Malhar Mali Maliak Malic Malicah Malicai Malichai Malichi Malick Maliek Maliik Malijah Malik Malika Malikah Malikai Malike Malikhai Malikhi Maliki Malikia Malikiah Malikk Maliky Malikye Malin Maliq Malique Malkiel Malkolm Mallaki Mallard Mallie Mallik Mallory Malloy Malo Malon Malone Malosi Maloy Malquan Malton Malven Malvern Malvin Malyk Malykai Malyke Malyki Mamadi Mamadou Mamady Mamie Mamon Mamoon Mamoru Mamoudou Mamoun Man Mana Manabu Manaia Manan Manar Manard Manas Manase Manases Manasseh Manaure Manav Manbir Mance Mancel Mancie Mancil Mancy Mandeep Mandel Mandela Mandell Mando Mandre Mandrel Mandrell Mandrill Mandy Maneesh Maneet Manferd Manford Manfred Manfredo Manfried Mang Manh Mani Manifred Manik Maninder Manish Manit Manjinder Manjot Manley Manlio Manly Manmeet Mann Mannan Mannie Manning Mannix Mannon Mannuel Manny Mano Manoa Manoah Manoj Manolis Manolito Manolo Manon Manpreet Manraj Manrique Mansa Mansel Mansell Mansfield Manson Mansoor Mansour Mansur Mantas Manthan Manton Mantra Manu Manual Manuel Manuela Manuelito Manuell Manuelle Manul Manus Manveer Manvel Manvik Manvil Manville Manvir Manwell Manzell Manzie Mao Maor Maple

Maquan Mar Mara Marat Marbin Marc Marcal Marcale Marcandre Marcandrew Marcangelo Marcanthony Marcas Marce Marcedes Marcel Marcelin Marcelino Marcelis Marcelius Marcell Marcella Marcellas Marcelle Marcelles Marcellino Marcellis Marcellius Marcello Marcellos Marcellous Marcellus Marcelo Marcelous Marcelus Marcese March Marchand Marchant Marche Marchel Marchell Marchella Marchello Marchelo Marci Marcia Marcial Marciano Marcie Marciel Marcin Marcio Marcis Marcius Marcjacob Marck Marckel Marckos Marckus Marco Marcoa Marcoantonio Marcopolo Marcos Marcous Marcquel Marcques Marcquez Marcquis Marcquise Marctavious Marcua Marcum Marcus Marcusanthony Marcuse Marcuss Marcuz Marcy Marcys Mardarius Mardell Marden Mardi Mardie Mardis Mardochee Mardy Mare Mareck Mareco Marek Marell Mareo Mareon Margaret Margarita Margarito Margaro Margene Margie Margo Marguel Marguerite Margues Marguette Marguis Marguise Margus Marhsall Mari Maria Mariah Mariam Marian Mariana Marianne Mariano Maribel Marice Maricela Marichal Maricio Marick Marico Maricus Marid Marie Mariel Mariela Marieo Marik Mariko Marilyn Marin Marina Marine Marino Marinus Mario Marioalberto Marion Marioni Marios Marious Marique Mariques Maris Marisa Marisela Marisol Marissa Maritza Marius Mariusz Mariyon Marjoe Marjon Marjorie Mark Marka Markael Markai Markail Markal Markale Markallen Markandrew Markangelo Markanthony Markas Markavion Markavious Markavius Markayden Markchristopher Markco Markcus Markdaniel Markdavid Marke Markeal Markeas Markease Markece Markee Markeece Markeem Markees Markeese Markeice Markeil Markeis Markeise Markeith Markel Markele Markell Markelle Marken Markeon Markes Markese Markess Markest Markeveon Markevion Markevious Markevis Markevius Markevus Markey Markeys Markez Markham Markhi Marki Markian Markice Markie Markiece Markiee Markiel Markies Markiese Markiest Markieth Markis Markise Markiss Markius Markjoseph Markk Markkevin Markkus Markle Markley Marko Markos Markous Markquan Markquis Markquise Markryan Marks Markum Markus Markuz Markwan

Markwilliam Markwon Marky Marl Marla Marlan Marland Marlando Marle Marlee Marlen Marlene Marley Marlik Marlin Marlo Marlon Marlone Marlos Marlow Marlowe Marlvin Marly Marlyn Marlys Marne Marnell Marni Maro Maron Marq Marqavious Marqel Marqez Marqies Marqis Marqua Marquae Marquael Marquail Marqual Marquale Marquan Marquarious Marquarius Marquas Marquaveon Marquavion Marquavious Marquavis Marquavius Marquay Marque Marqueal Marquece Marquee Marquees Marqueese Marqueis Marquel Marquell Marquelle Marques Marquese Marquess Marquest Marquet Marquett Marquette Marquevious Marquez Marqueze Marqui Marquian Marquice Marquie Marquies Marquiese Marquiez Marquil Marquille Marquin Marquinn Marquis Marquise Marquiss Marquist Marquita Marquiz Marquize Marquon Marqus Marqwan Marqwon Marreco Marrell Marreo Marreon Marrick Marrico Marrin Marrio Marrion Marris Marrius Marrk Mars Marsalis Marsden Marsean Marsel Marselino Marsell Marselo Marsenio Marsh Marsha Marshal Marshall Marshaun Marshawn Marshay Marshel Marshell Marshon Marshun Marson Marston Mart Marta Martae Martain Martarius Martaveon Martaveous Martavian Martavion Martavious Martavis Martavius Martay Martaz Marte Martel Martell Martelle Martellis Marten Marterius Marterrion Marterrius Martes Martese Martez Marteze Martha Marthony Marti Martial Martice Martie Martijn Martin Martina Martine Martinez Martiniano Martinis Martinjr Martino Martinus Martique Martir Martis Martise Martize Marton Martrail Martravious Martravius Martrel Martrell Martrez Martrice Martwan Martwon Marty Martyn Martynas Marucs Maruf Maruice Maruin Marus Marv Marva Marvan Marve Marvel Marvell Marvelle Marvelous Marven Marvens Marveon Marvic Marvie Marvin Marvine Marvins Marvion Marvis Marvon Marvyn Marwan Marwin Marwood Marx Mary Maryan Maryann Maryland Maryon Marzavion Marzell Mas Masa Masaaki Masada Masaharu Masahiro Masai Masaichi Masaji Masakatsu Masakazu Masaki Masami Masan Masanobu Masanori Masao Masaru Masashi Masataka Masato Masatoshi Masaya Masayoshi Masayuki

Mase Masen Maseo Mashad Mashaun Mashawn Mashon Masi Masiah Masih Masin Masion Masiya Masiyah Maslah Maso Mason Masonjames Masood Masoud Massai Massen Massey Massi Massiah Massie Massimiliano Massimo Masson Master Mastin Maston Masud Masun Masuo Masyn Mat Mataeo Matai Mataio Matan Matao Matas Matayo Mate Mateen Matei Matej Mateja Mateo Mateos Mateus Mateusz Mateyo Math Mathais Mathan Mathaniel Mathayus Matheau Matheo Matheos Mather Matheson Matheu Matheus Mathew Mathews Mathhew Mathias Mathieu Mathiew Mathijs Mathis Mathius Mathu Mathue Mathyas Mathyis Mathyus Matia Matias Matilda Matilde Matin Matis Matisse Matisyahu Matix Matlock Mato Matrim Matrix Mats Matson Matsuichi Matsuo Matt Mattan Mattaniah Matteen Matten Matteo Matteson Matteus Mattew Matthais Matthan Matthaus Matthe Mattheau Matthen Mattheo Mattheq Matther Mattheu Mattheus Matthew Matthewalexande Matthewdavid Matthewjames Matthewjohn Matthewjoseph Matthewryan Matthews Matthey Matthias Matthieu Matthiew Matthis Matthrew Matthue Matthw Matti Mattia Mattias Mattie Mattingly Mattis Mattison Mattix Mattlock Mattox Mattson Mattthew Matty Matus Matvei Matvey Matyas Mau Maud Maude Mauel Mauer Maui Maulik Maulin Maung Maura Maurece Maureen Maurese Maurey Mauri Maurice Mauriceo Mauricio Maurico Mauricus Maurie Maurilio Maurio Maurion Maurisio Mauritz Maurizio Maurkice Mauro Maurquise Maurus Maury Maurya Maven Maveric Maverick Maverik Maveryck Mavin Mavis Mavric Mavrick Mavrik Mavryk Max Maxamilian Maxamillian Maxamillion Maxamus Maxden Maxel Maxell Maxemiliano Maxen Maxence Maxey Maxfield Maxi Maxie Maxim Maximas Maxime Maximiano Maximilan Maximili Maximilian Maximiliano Maximilien Maximilion Maximillan Maximillian Maximilliano Maximillien Maximillion Maximino Maximo Maximos Maximous Maximum Maximus Maxin Maxine Maxmilian Maxmillian Maxmillion Maxon Maxsim Maxson Maxten Maxtin Maxton Maxum Maxwel Maxwell Maxwill Maxx Maxxim Maxximus Maxxon Maxxwel

Maxxwell Maxy Maxym Maxymilian Maxymus May Maya Mayan Mayank Maycen Mayco Maycol Maycon Mayel Mayen Mayer Mayes Mayfield Mayford Mayhew Maykel Mayland Maylon Maynard Mayne Maynerd Maynor Maynord Mayo Mayolo Mayowa Mayra Mayron Mays Maysen Maysin Maysn Mayson Maysun Mayukh Mayur Maywood Maze Mazen Mazi Maziah Maziar Mazin Mc Mcadoo Mcalister Mcallister Mcarther Mcarthur Mcauther Mcauthor Mcauthur Mccabe Mccade Mccain Mccall Mccarthy Mccartney Mccarty Mccauley Mcchael Mcclain Mcclellan Mcclinton Mcclure Mccord Mccormick Mccoy Mccrae Mccray Mcdaniel Mcdonald Mcelroy Mcgarrett Mcgregor Mcguire Mcgwire Mchael Mchale Mchenry Mcihael Mckade Mckaden Mckai Mckail Mckale Mckaleb Mckane Mckay Mckayla Mckean Mckee Mckeever Mckel Mckell Mckenley Mckenly Mckenna Mckennan Mckennon Mckenzie Mckenzy Mckeon Mckinely Mckinley Mckinly Mckinney Mckinnley Mckinnon Mckinsey Mckoy Mckye Mckyle Mclain Mclane Mclaren Mclean Mcneal Mcneil Mcquade Mcrae Mcray Md Mead Meade Meagan Meaghan Mearl Mearle Mecca Mechel Mecislaus Meco Mecos Medard Medardo Meddie Mederic Medford Medgar Medger Medhansh Medin Medley Medric Medrick Meeko Meelad Meena Meer Meet Megail Megale Megan Megh Meghan Meguel Mehar Mehdi Meher Mehkai Mehki Mehmed Mehmet Mehrab Mehran Mehrdad Mehtaab Mehtab Mehul Meikhi Meiko Meilech Meilich Meinrad Meir Mekael Mekai Mekail Mekal Mekel Mekell Mekhai Mekhi Meki Mekiah Mekih Mekkhi Mekko Meko Mekos Mekyle Mel Melachi Melad Melakai Melaki Melaku Melanie Melany Melba Melbern Melbert Melbin Melborn Melbourn Melbourne Melburn Melchi Melchior Melchizedek Melchor Meldin Meldon Meldrick Melecio Melek Melesio Melford Melfred Melieck Meliek Melih Melik Melinda Melio Melique Melisa Melissa Meliton Melivn Melkin Mell Mellon Melody Melquan Melquiades Melquisedec Melrose Melroy Melton Melva Melvan Melven Melvern

Melville Melvin Melvine Melvis Melvon Melvyn Memory Memphis Memphys Mena Menachem Menashe Mendal Mendel Mendell Mendy Menelek Menelik Meng Menno Menphis Mensah Menzo Merald Merari Merce Merced Mercedes Mercer Merchant Mercury Mercutio Mercy Merdith Meredith Merek Merel Mergeron Mergim Meric Merick Merida Merideth Meridith Merik Meril Merion Merit Meritt Merl Merlan Merland Merle Merlen Merley Merlin Merlon Merlyn Meron Merrel Merrell Merric Merrick Merriel Merrik Merril Merrill Merriman Merrit Merritt Mert Merten Mertin Mertis Merton Merv Mervel Mervil Merville Mervin Mervyn Merwin Merwyn Meryk Meryl Meryle Meshach Meshack Meshal Meshulem Mesiah Messi Messiah Messiyah Mete Metehan Method Metin Metro Metthew Metz Meyer Meziah Mher Mia Miachel Miah Mian Mic Mica Micaden Micael Micaela Micah Micahel Micahi Micahjoseph Micai Micaiah Micaih Micajah Mical Micale Micaleb Mican Miccah Micchael Micco Mich Micha Michaael Michae Michaeal Michaee Michaeel Michael Michaela Michaelallen Michaelandrew Michaelangel Michaelangelo Michaelanthony Michaelchristop Michaeldavid Michaele Michaeljames Michaeljay Michaeljohn Michaeljoseph Michaeljr Michaell Michaellee Michaelpatrick Michaelpaul Michaelray Michaelryan Michaels Michaelthomas Michaelvincent Michah Michai Michaiah Michail Michal Michale Michall Micharl Micheal Michealangelo Michealanthony Micheaux Micheil Michel Michelangelo Michele Michell Michelle Michi Michiah Michial Michie Michieal Michiel Michigan Michio Michle Michoel Micholas Michon Michuel Miciah Mick Mickael Mickail Mickal Mickale Mickeal Mickel Mickell Mickenzie Mickey Micki Mickie Mickiel Mickle Micky Mickyle Mico Micquel Midas Middleton Midian Miecislaus Mieczyslaw Migdalia Migel Migelangel Migual Miguel Miguelangel Miguelangelo Miguelantonio Miguelito Mihael Mihai Mihail Mihailo Mihajlo Mihcael Mihir Mihran Miichael Mijael Mika Mikaal Mikaeel Mikael Mikaele Mikah Mikai Mikaiah Mikail Mikal Mikala Mikale Mikayel Mikayla Mikayle Mike Mikeal

Mikee Mikei Mikeil Mikel Mikele Mikell Mikelle Miken Mikequan Mikey Mikhael Mikhai Mikhail Mikhal Mikhale Mikhel Mikhi Miki Mikiah Mikial Mikias Mikie Mikiel Miking Mikio Mikiyas Mikkel Mikki Mikko Mikkos Mikle Miklo Miklos Miko Mikol Mikolaj Mikolas Mikos Mikye Mikyle Milad Milagro Milagros Milam Milan Milano Milard Milas Milbern Milbert Milburn Milburne Mildred Mile Milek Mileke Milen Milenko Miles Miley Milez Milferd Milford Milfred Miliano Milik Milin Milind Millage Millan Millard Milledge Millen Miller Millerd Milliard Millie Million Millis Mills Milner Milnor Milo Miloh Milon Milorad Milos Milosh Milosz Milous Milroy Milt Milthon Milton Milus Milven Milvin Mims Min Mina Minard Minas Mindy Miner Minesh Ming Mingo Mingus Minh Minhquan Minhtri Minnie Minnis Minor Minoru Minos Minot Minter Minton Minus Minwoo Minyard Mio Miquan Miqueas Miquel Miquez Mir Mira Miracle Mirage Miraj Miran Miranda Miriam Mirko Mirl Mirna Mirnes Miro Miron Miroslav Miroslaw Mirsab Mirsad Mirza Misael Misbah Mischa Misha Mishael Mishal Mishary Mishaun Mishawn Mishon Mison Missael Mister Misty Mit Mital Mitch Mitchael Mitchal Mitcheal Mitchel Mitchell Mitchelle Mitchum Mitesh Mithcell Mithil Mithran Mithun Mitra Mits Mitsugi Mitsuo Mitsuru Mitsuyoshi Mitt Mitul Miykael Miyon Mizael Mizan Mizell Mizraim Mizuki Mj Mkai Mmark Mmichael Moaaz Moad Moataz Moath Mobeen Mobley Mobolaji Moctar Moctezuma Mode Modell Modesto Modibo Modie Modou Moe Moeez Moez Moffett Mohab Mohamad Mohamadali Mohamadou Mohamed Mohamedali Mohamedamin Mohammad Mohammadali Mohammed Mohammedali Mohamud Mohan Mohanad Mohaned Mohannad Mohd Mohib Mohid Mohit Mohmad Mohmed Mohmmad Mohmmed Mohnish Mohsen Mohsin Moices Moir Moise Moises Moishe Moishy Moisses Moiz Moksh Molik

Molique Mollie Molly Molton Momar Momen Momin Momodou Mon Mona Monchello Mondale Mondarius Mondell Mondo Mondra Mondre Mondrell Moneeb Moneer Monell Monet Money Monford Mong Monica Monico Monique Monir Monish Monnie Monolito Monquel Monquez Monrad Monroe Monsanto Monserrat Monserrate Monson Mont Monta Montae Montague Montana Montanez Montanna Montaque Montario Montarious Montarius Montavian Montavion Montavious Montavis Montavius Montay Montaye Montaz Monte Montea Monteco Montee Montego Montel Montell Montelle Monterio Monterion Monterious Monterius Montero Monterrian Monterrio Monterrious Monterrius Montese Montevious Montey Montez Monteze Montford Montgomery Monti Montico Montie Montique Montonio Montoya Montra Montrae Montrail Montral Montravion Montravious Montravius Montray Montre Montreal Montrel Montrell Montrelle Montrese Montrevious Montrey Montrez Montrice Montrose Montsho Monty Mony Monyae Monzerrat Moo Moody Moon Moore Moosa Mor Morad Moraes Moral Moran Mordcha Mordchai Mordche Mordecai Mordechai Mordechi Mordy Moreland Morell Moreno Morey Morgan Morgen Morghan Morgon Morgun Mori Moriah Morice Moriel Morio Morion Moris Morise Moritz Morland Morley Morlon Morocco Moroni Morpheus Morrel Morrell Morrey Morrie Morrill Morris Morrise Morrison Morriss Morrissey Morrow Morry Morse Mort Morten Mortez Mortimer Morton Morty Mory Mosa Mosby Mose Moses Mosese Mosha Moshe Mosheh Moshood Mosi Mosiah Mosie Mosley Moss Mosses Mossie Mossimo Mostafa Mostyn Motaz Motez Motley Mott Motty Moua Mouad Mouctar Mouhamad Mouhamadou Mouhamed Mouhammad Moulton Moultrie Mounir Mount Mourad Mourice Mousa Moussa Moustafa Moustapha Moxon Moyer Moyosoreoluwa Moyses Mozart Mozel Mozell Mozelle Mozes Moziah Mr Mrk Mtthew Mua Muaad Muaaz Muad Muadh Muammar Muath Muaz Mubarak Mubashir Mubeen Mueed Mueez Mufasa Mugilan Mugisha Muhamad Muhamadou Muhamed Muhammad Muhammadali Muhammed

Muhanad Muhannad Muhib Muhmmad Muhsin Muhtasim Muiz Muizz Mujahid Mujtaba Mukesh Mukhtar Mukil Muktar Mukul Mukund Mulan Muldrow Mulford Mumin Mun Munachimso Munajj Munasar Muneeb Muneer Muneo Mung Munib Munir Munroe Munson Muntasir Murad Murali Murat Murdoc Murdoch Murdock Murel Murell Murice Muriel Muril Murilo Murl Murland Murle Murlen Murlin Murlyn Murphey Murphy Murray Murrel Murrell Murrey Murriel Murrill Murry Mursal Murtaza Murtha Murton Murvel Murvin Musa Musaab Musab Musah Musashi Muscab Muse Musiq Mussa Musse Mussie Mustaf Mustafa Mustafaa Mustafah Mustafe Mustapha Mutasim Mutaz Mutsuo Mutt Muzamil Muzammil Muzzammil My Mya Myah Myaire Myan Myca Mycah Mycal Mychael Mychal Mycheal Mychel Mycol Myer Myers Myheir Myion Myka Mykael Mykah Mykai Mykail Mykal Mykale Myke Mykeal Mykeil Mykel Mykell Mykelle Mykelti Mykhael Mykhail Mykhal Mykhel Mykhi Myki Myking Mykl Mykle Mykol Mykola Mykolas Mylan Mylek Mylen Myles Mylez Mylik Mylin Mylo Myloh Mylon Mylz Mynard Mynor Myon Myquan Myra Myran Myrel Myren Myreon Myrick Myril Myrin Myrion Myrl Myrle Myrlen Myrlin Myrna Myron Myrone Myrtis Myrtle Myrton Mysean Myshaun Myshawn Myshon Myson Myster Mystikal Mytchell Mythias Mytrell Myzel