O-Names for Baby Boys

O-names for baby boys, boy name first letter O, boy names starting with O

Looking for O-names for baby boys? Here are the most common O-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Oak Oakey Oakie Oakland Oaklee Oaklen Oakley Oakly Oasis Oather Oatis Oba Obada Obadiah Obafemi Obaid Obaloluwa Obama Obasi Obbie Obdulio Obe Obed Obediah Ober Oberon Obert Obet Obeth Obey Obi Obie Obinna Obra Obrain Obrey Obrian Obrien Obry Obryan Obryant Oby Oc Ocasio Oce Ocean Ocie Ociel Oconnor Octabio Octave Octavia Octavian Octaviano Octavien Octavio Octavion Octavious Octavis Octavius Octavus Od Oda Odai Odalis Odaniel Odarius Odarrius Odas Oday Odbert Oddie Oddis Ode Odean Oded Odeh Odel Odell Odelle Oden Odene Oder Odera Odes Odessa Odia Odice Odie Odies Odilon Odin Odis Odom Odon Odos Odus Ody Odyn Odysseus Odyssey Oel Oen Ofa Ofek Ofelia Offie Ofir Ogden Ogechukwu Oghenetega Ogie Ogle Oguz Ohad Ohagi Ohajee Ohaji Ohan Ohani Ohara Ohene Ohitika Ohlin Ohm Ohmer Ohn Oisin Oiva Ojani Ojany Ojas Ojay Oji Okan Okechukwu Okeith Okey Okie Okla Okley Okoye Okpara Ola Olabode Oladapo Oladele Oladimeji Oladipo Oladipupo Olaf Olajawon Olajide Olajuwan Olajuwon Olakunle Olalekan Olamide Olan Oland Olanda Olander Olando Olaniyan Olanrewaju Olaoluwa Olas Olatunde Olatunji Olav Olavi Olawale Olayinka Olbin Oldair Olden Oldrich Ole Olean Olee Oleg Olegario Oleh Oleksandr Olen Olester Oley Olga Oli Olice Olie Olif Olin Olindo Olis Olisaemeka Oliva Olive Oliver Oliverio Olivet Olivia Olivier Olivio Ollen Ollice Ollie Ollin Ollis Olliver Olly Olman Olney Olof Olon Olsen Olson Olton Olu Oluf Olufemi Olujimi Olukayode Olumide Olumuyiwa Olurotimi Olus Olusegun Oluseun Oluseyi Olushola Oluwadamilare Oluwadamilola Oluwadarasimi Oluwademilade Oluwadurotimi Oluwafemi Oluwaferanmi Oluwamayomikun Oluwamayowa Oluwanifemi Oluwapelumi Oluwasegun Oluwasemilore Oluwaseun Oluwaseyi Oluwaseyifunmi Oluwatamilore Oluwatimilehin Oluwatimileyin

Oluwatise Oluwatobi Oluwatobiloba Oluwatofunmi Oluwatomisin Oluwatomiwa Oluwatoni Oluwatosin Oluyemi Olva Olvin Olvis Olyn Olyver Om Oma Omaid Omair Oman Omani Omar Omare Omaree Omareon Omari Omarian Omarie Omarien Omarii Omario Omarion Omarious Omarius Omariyon Omarr Omarri Omarrion Omaru Omary Omaryon Omauri Omaurion Omaury Omead Omed Omeed Omega Omen Omer Omere Omero Omi Omid Omie Omir Omkar Ommar Omni Omon Omorion Omoro Omotayo Omran Omri Ona Onaje Onald Onan Onas Onasis Onassis Onathan Ondra Ondray Ondre Ondrej Oneal Onecimo Oneil Oneill Onel Onell Onesimo Onesimus Oney Onie Oniel Onis Onix Onkar Onni Onnie Onofre Onofrio Onorio Onslow Ontario Ontarius Onterio Onterrio Ontonio Onur Onyedikachi Onyekachi Onyx Onzie Opal Opeyemi Opha Ophelia Ophir Opie Ople Oplis Optimus Or Ora Orace Oracio Oral Oralia Oram Oramel Oran Orange Orantes Oras Orasio Orazio Orba Orban Orbelin Orben Orbie Orbin Orbra Orby Ord Ordan Ordean Ordell Orden Ordie Ordis Ore Orea Orean Oree Orel Orell Oren Orentha Orenthal Orenthia Orenthial Oreoluwa Ores Orest Oreste Orestes Oresto Orestus Orey Orhan Ori Oria Orian Orice Orie Oriel Orien Oril Orin Orion Oris Orise Orison Orla Orlan Orland Orlanda Orlander Orlandis Orlando Orlandus Orlean Orlee Orlen Orley Orlie Orlin Orlis Orlo Orlondo Orlyn Ormal Orman Ormand Ormond Ornie Oron Oronde Orpheus Orphus Orr Orra Orral Orran Orrel Orrell Orren Orrey Orrie Orrin Orris Orry Orsen Orson Ortega Ortis Ortiz Orton Orum Orus Orva Orval Orvall Orvalle Orvan Orvel Orvell Orven Orvid Orvie Orvil Orvile Orvill Orville Orvin Orvind Orvis Orvo Orwin Ory Oryan Oryn Oryon Osa Osagie Osahon Osama

Osamah Osamu Osaretin Osaze Osbaldo Osbert Osbie Osbon Osborn Osborne Osbourne Osburn Osby Oscar Oscardaniel Oscarjr Osceola Oscer Osciel Osco Oscor Ose Osean Oseas Osei Oseph Osgood Osha Oshae Oshai Oshane Oshawn Oshay Oshaye Oshea Oshen Osher Oshua Osiah Osias Osie Osiel Osinachi Osiris Osirus Oskar Osker Osler Oslo Osman Osmani Osmany Osmar Osmel Osmer Osmin Osmo Osmon Osmond Osmund Osric Ossama Ossian Ossie Ossiel Osteen Ostell Osten Ostin Ostyn Osualdo Osvaldo Osvin Oswald Oswaldo Oswell Oswin Osyris Osyrus Otavio Otavious Otello Otey Otha Othal Othan Othar Othel Othell Othello Other Othie Othman Othmar Othniel Otho Othon Othoniel Othor Otie Oties Otilio Otis Otley Otman Otmer Otniel Otoniel Ott Ottavio Ottaway Ottice Ottie Ottis Ottmar Otto Ottomar Ottoniel Otway Ouinton Oumar Ousainou Ousman Ousmane Oussama Ova Ovadia Oval Ove Oved Ovel Ovell Overton Ovey Ovid Ovide Ovidio Ovie Ovila Ovis Owain Owais Owan Owen Owenn Owens Owin Owyn Owynn Oyd Oyindamola Oz Oza Ozair Ozan Ozel Ozell Ozia Oziah Ozias Ozie Oziel Ozil Ozion Ozkar Ozmar Ozro Ozvaldo Ozzie Ozziel Ozzy