P-Names for Baby Boys

P-names for baby boys, boy name first letter P, boy names starting with P

Looking for P-names for baby boys? Here are the most common P-names for baby boys in the United States.

These are what you might call “modern American names” in that each of these has appeared at least once in the U.S. Social Security Administration’s national baby name dataset. To be included in the dataset, a name needs to have been given to least five U.S. babies (of one gender or the other) within a single year.

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Pa Paal Paarth Pabel Pablito Pablo Pace Pacen Pacer Pacey Pacifico Packard Packer Paco Paddy Paden Padraic Padraig Padriac Padric Padrick Padro Paeton Page Paiden Paige Paisley Paiten Paiton Paityn Pajtim Pake Pal Paladin Palak Palani Palmer Pam Pamela Panagiotes Panagiotis Panav Panayiotis Panayotis Pancho Panfilo Pang Panos Pantaleon Pantalion Pantelis Pao Paola Paolo Papa Pape Parag Param Paramveer Paras Paraskevas Pardeep Paresh Parham Parick Parin Paris Parish Pariss Park Parke Parker Parks Parley Parmanand Parmer Parminder Parmveer Parnell Parren Parris Parrish Parry Parsa Parson Parth Partha Parthiv Partick Parv Parvin Parys Pascal Paschal Pasco Pascual Pasha Paskel Pason Pasqual Pasquale Pasqualino Pasquinel Pastor Pat Pate Paten Pater Patick Patience Paton Patrell Patric Patrica Patrice Patrich Patricia Patricik Patricio Patrick Patrickjames Patrickjohn Patrickjoseph Patrik Patriot Patrisio Patrizio Patrocinio Patron Patryck Patryk Patsey Patsy Patt Patterson Patti Pattie Patton Pattrick Patty Pau Paublo Paul Paula Paulanthony Paulette Paulie Paulin Paulina Pauline Paulino Pauljohn Pauljoseph Paull Paulmichael Paulo Paulos Paulus Pavan Pavel Pavin Pavle Pavlo Pavlos Pawan Pawel Pax Paxon Paxson Paxten Paxtin Paxton Paxtyn Payam Payce Paycen Payden Paydin Paydon Payman Paymon Payne Paysen Payson Paytan Payten Paytin Payton Paz Peace Pearce Pearl Pearley Pearlie Pearly Pearse Pearson Peary Peat Pecos Peder Pedram Pedrito Pedro Pedrohenrique Pedrojose Pedrojr Pedroluis Pedrum Peer Peerless Peggy Peighton Peirce Peirre Peja Pejman Pejmon Pele Pelham Pellegrino Pembroke Pender Pendleton Peng Peni Peniel Penisimani Penn Pennington Penny Penrose Pepe Pepi Pepper Peppi Peppino Per Percel Percell Percey Percie Percival Percy Peregrin Peregrine Peretz Perez Perfecto Peri

Pericles Peris Perkins Perl Perla Perle Perley Perlie Perman Pernell Peron Perri Perrie Perrier Perrin Perrion Perris Perrish Perry Perryn Persell Perseus Persey Pershing Pervie Pervis Pesach Pet Petar Pete Peter Peteris Peterjohn Peterson Petey Petie Petr Petra Petre Petrick Petrit Petro Petronilo Petros Petter Pettus Peyden Peydon Peyson Peyten Peytin Peyton Phabian Phalen Phalon Phan Phanuel Pharaoh Pharell Phares Pharez Pharis Pharoah Pharoh Pharon Pharrell Phat Phazon Phelan Phelix Phelps Pheng Phenious Phenix Pheonix Phi Phil Philander Philant Philbert Philemon Philias Philibert Philip Philipe Philipp Philippe Philippos Philips Philix Phill Phillip Phillipe Philliph Phillipmichael Phillipp Phillippe Phillips Phillis Phillp Philly Philmon Philmore Philo Philopateer Philopater Philson Phineas Phinehas Phineus Phinizy Phinley Phinn Phinnaeus Phinneas Phinneaus Phoebe Phoenix Phoenyx Phong Phu Phuc Phung Phuoc Phuong Phyllip Phyllis Phynix Pickens Pier Pierce Piercen Pierceson Piere Pierino Piero Pierre Pierrie Piers Piersen Pierson Pieter Pietro Pike Pilar Pilot Pinchas Pinchos Pinchus Pinckney Pincus Ping Pink Pinkey Pinkie Pinkney Pino Pio Pioet Pioquinto Piotr Piper Pistol Pita Pittman Pius Piyush Pj Placide Placido Plas Plato Platon Platt Playford Pleas Pleasant Pledger Ples Plez Pleze Plinio Pliny Plumer Plummer Plutarco Po Poe Poet Pol Policarpio Polk Pollard Pollux Polly Polo Pomp Pompey Pomposo Ponce Poncho Ponciano Pong Pono Poojan Pookela Pooya Pope Porfirio Porsha Port Porter Portia Portland Poseidon Posey Posie Poul Pouya Powell Powers Prabhat Prabhav Prabhdeep Prabhjot Prabhnoor Prabjot Pradeep Pradhyun Pradyumna Pradyun Pragyan Prahlad Praise Prajedes Prajit Prajwal Prakash Prakhar Pramit Pramod Pranav Pranay Praneel Praneet Praneeth Pranit Pranith Pranjal Pranshu

Prasad Prashant Prashanth Prateek Pratham Pratheek Prather Prathik Pratik Pratt Pratyush Praveen Praveer Pravin Praxedis Praxton Prayag Preciliano Precious Predrag Preet Preetam Preetham Prem Premal Premier Prenell Prentice Prentis Prentiss Presciliano Prescott President Presiliano Preslee Presley Press Pressley Prestan Presten Prestin Preston Prestyn Previn Price Pride Priest Priestly Primitivo Primo Primus Prince Princejohn Princemichael Princess Princeston Princeton Princewill Princewilliam Princton Pringle Prinston Printes Printess Printice Printis Printiss Priscilla Prit Pritam Pritesh Prithvi Priyam Priyank Priyansh Priyanshu Procopio Proctor Prodigy Profit Promise Prophet Prosper Prospero Prudencio Prue Pruitt Pryce Prynce Prynceton Pryor Psalm Psymon Ptolemy Pual Pujan Puneet Punit Purav Purcell Purdy Purl Purnell Purvis