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Normandie, Take Two

The ocean liner theory was a fun one, but I think it needs to be retired now in favor of the much more compelling comic strip character theory. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Clione

Where does the curious name Clione come from? more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Treasure

What turned the word “treasure” into a girl name in mid-1930s? more

Baby Names Inspired By Racists

A set of unfortunate baby names (Blease, Vardaman, Bilbo, etc.) inspired by openly racist politicians in the Southern United States. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Memory

Will this post jog someone’s memory about the name Memory? I certainly hope so. more

Leneve – Baby Name Inspired by a Fugitive

Ethel Le Neve, mistress of the infamous murderer Dr. Hawley Crippen, had a small influence on U.S. baby names back in 1910. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Theta

Theta was the top debut name of 1907…but where did it come from? more

Teela and She-Ra, Masters of the Universe Baby Names

Two baby names that got a boost thanks to the ’80s cartoons She-Ra and He-Man. more

Baby Names from ‘American Gods’?

Will the upcoming TV adaptation of ‘American Gods’ have any influence on the baby name Shadow? more

The (Pre-Kardashian) Baby Name Jenner

I wonder how the Jenners born during the ’70s feel about the Kardashian phenomenon. more

Empire Baby Name Predictions – Cookie? Jussie?

What impact will the super-successful Fox show ‘Empire’ have on baby names this year? more

The Jockey-Inspired Baby Name Tuesdee

Tuesdee Testa, pioneering female jockey, has a handful of namesakes… more

The Rise of the Baby Name Cheryl

Cheryl was one of the top girl names in the nation in the late 1950s. How did it get there? more

The Rom-Com Baby Name Cherrill

The baby name Cherrill, inspired by the little-known actress who starred in the Charlie Chaplin’s silent classic “City Lights” (1931). more

Ziegfeld Follies Baby Names – Allyn & Avonne

The only two baby names to debut on the charts thanks to Follies girls. more

The Silver Screen Baby Name Seena

Seena is the third name (I know of) to debut on the U.S. baby name charts thanks to a film actress. more

The Actress-Inspired Baby Name Ormi

As far as I can tell, Ormi is the the second baby name to debut on the national list (way back in 1916!) thanks to an actor working in film. more

Top Girl Name Debuts of 2014

The highest-debuting girl names of 2014 were Dalary, Yazleemar, Sunjai, Hannaley and Tauriel. more

Top Boy Name Debuts of 2014

The highest-debuting boy names of 2014 were Llewyn, Keylor, Feynman, Sanav and Jadaveon. more

The Under-the-Radar Baby Name Francelia

Like old-fashioned girl names? Here’s one that may be new to you. more

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