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The Squirrel-Inspired Spike of the Baby Name Perri

Perri: a Disney baby name so under-the-radar that I had no idea it existed. more

The Baby Name Trilby

History and usage of the literature-inspired baby name Trilby. more

Bambi & Faline – Early Disney Baby Names

Plenty of Disney Princesses (Ariel, Mulan, Tiana, Elsa, etc.) have had an impact on the U.S. baby name charts. But two the earliest Disney characters to affect the charts weren’t princesses. In fact, they weren’t even human. They were white-tailed deer. The classic animated film Bambi came out in August […] more

Babies Named for Howie Schultz?

The recent post on Yogi reminded me of an even earlier New York baseball player who seems to have influenced the charts. He wasn’t a Yankee, though — he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the Los Angeles Dodgers). The baby name Howie debuted on the charts in 1943 — […] more

The Movie-Star Baby Name Franchot

As far as I can tell, this was the very first baby name to debut on the SSA’s list thanks to a male movie star. more

The Baby Name “Yogi”

Long before yoga became trendy in the U.S., baby boys were being named Yogi. more

Donatello, the Ninja Turtle Baby Name

A baby name debut inspired by a Ninja Turtle? Yes! more

Astria – Baby Name Inspired by ’70s Animation

Yet another cartoon-inspired baby name. more

The Baby Name Leimomi

A Hawaiian baby name that debuted on the charts thanks to a song. more

Baby Name Predictions – Junipero? Serra?

Will the controversial canonization of Junipero Serra today have any effect on the baby name charts? more

Alaetra, the American Gladiator Baby Name Debut

I love finding baby name debuts inspired by game show contestants (and talk show guests). Talk about pop culture ephemera. more

Will Denali’s Renaming Influence Baby Names?

Will the long-awaited renaming of Denali influence the usage of the baby name Denali in 2015? more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Johnross

The last name in the summer Mystery Monday series is Johnross, which debuted on the charts in 1982: 1986: 8 baby boys named Johnross 1985: unlisted 1984: 5 baby boys named Johnross 1983: unlisted 1982: 11 baby boys named Johnross [debut] 1981: unlisted Dallas, the popular TV show, seems like […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Bisceglia

The baby name Bisceglia debuted on the SSA’s list in 1979 and stuck around for 3 more years: 1983: unlisted 1982: 6 baby girls named Bisceglia 1981: 7 baby girls named Bisceglia 1980: 5 baby girls named Bisceglia 1979: 8 baby girls named Bisceglia [debut] 1978: unlisted According to records, […] more

Babies Named After Oscar DePriest

The name DePriest debuted on the SSA’s baby name list in 1929, and usage peaked in 1930: 1931: unlisted 1930: 10 baby boys named DePriest 1929: 5 baby boys named DePriest [debut] 1928: unlisted Where did the name come from? Chicago politician named Oscar DePriest, the first African-American from outside […] more

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