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Babies Named for Jon-Erik Hexum

Speaking of Erik Estrada, here’s another Erik-related pop culture name from the ’80s. Jon-Erik Hexum was an up-and-coming actor in the early ’80s. His first role was as Phineas Bogg in the TV show Voyagers! (1982-1983), and his final role was as Mac Harper in the TV show Cover Up […] more

The Baby Name Nasiya

Nasiya debuted on the baby name charts thanks to the influence of a pint-sized long distance runner from California. more

Usage of Christa Spiked after Challenger Disaster

The baby name Christa saw its highest-ever usage the year of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. more

Babies Named for Erik Estrada?

The TV show CHiPs aired from 1977 to 1983. The main characters were two motorcycle-riding highway patrolmen of the California Highway Patrol — CHP, hence CHiPs. One of those two patrolmen was Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, played by actor Erik Estrada. (In his case, Erik is short for Enrique.) The show […] more

The Baby Name Ramona

Ramona was most popular in 1928 thanks to a song, which came from a movie, which was based on a book. more

Kebrina, the Psychic-to-the-Stars Baby Name

A baby name inspired by a television psychic! (No, not Miss Cleo, unfortunately.) more

The Baby Name Charmaine

“I wonder why you keep me waiting, Charmaine, my Charmaine…” more

Baby Names from Early Beauty Queens

Two baby names inspired by the winners of a pre-Miss America beauty contest. more

Stalin’s Daughter Influences U.S. Baby Names

The baby name Svetlana debuted on the U.S. charts the year Stalin’s daughter Svetlana defected to the West. more

The Baby Name Alethea

While I was working on Baby Names for the Godless, I noticed something interesting about the name Aletheia and the related names Alethia and Alethea. In 1973, not only did the name Aletheia (Greek for “truth”) debut on the SSA’s baby name list, but Alethia and (especially) Alethea saw spikes […] more

Presidential Granddaughter Paulina Inspires Uptick

Paulina was the most famous baby in America in the mid-1920s… more

The Royal Baby Name Bertil

A royal baby in Sweden influences the U.S. baby name charts…thanks to all the Swedes living in America. more

Jean-Luc – Another Star Trek-Inspired Baby Name

The baby names Jean-Luc, Riker and Geordi debuted on the U.S. baby name list while ST:TNG was on the air. more

Pop Culture Baby Name Game, 2015

Which baby names will see significant movement on the baby name charts in 2015 thanks to popular culture? more

The Squirrel-Inspired Spike of the Baby Name Perri

Perri: a Disney baby name so under-the-radar that I had no idea it existed. more

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