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Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Johnross

The last name in the summer Mystery Monday series is Johnross, which debuted on the charts in 1982: 1986: 8 baby boys named Johnross 1985: unlisted 1984: 5 baby boys named Johnross 1983: unlisted 1982: 11 baby boys named Johnross [debut] 1981: unlisted Dallas, the popular TV show, seems like […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Bisceglia

The baby name Bisceglia debuted on the SSA’s list in 1979 and stuck around for 3 more years: 1983: unlisted 1982: 6 baby girls named Bisceglia 1981: 7 baby girls named Bisceglia 1980: 5 baby girls named Bisceglia 1979: 8 baby girls named Bisceglia [debut] 1978: unlisted According to records, […] more

Babies Named After Oscar DePriest

The name DePriest debuted on the SSA’s baby name list in 1929, and usage peaked in 1930: 1931: unlisted 1930: 10 baby boys named DePriest 1929: 5 baby boys named DePriest [debut] 1928: unlisted Where did the name come from? Chicago politician named Oscar DePriest, the first African-American from outside […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Names Genghis & Temujin

I think Genghis would have been pretty happy to know he’s got 20th- and 21st-century namesakes, don’t you? more

Babies Named After George Michael?

How many babies were named after pop star George Michael in the ’80s and ’90s? At least this many… more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Marsheila

Several similar names — Marsheila, Marshelia, and Marsheela — debuted simultaneously in 1957. Does anyone know why? more

Undine – The First Movie-Inspired Baby Name Debut?

A while back we talked about a bunch of actress-inspired name debuts from the 1910s (Francelia, Ormi, Seena, Allyn). So far, though, we haven’t talked much about movie-inspired baby name debuts from the decade — even though there are over a dozen of them (including Zudora). The earliest one I’ve […] more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Trenace

Any idea what popularized the baby name Trenace in 1953? more

Normandie, Take Two

The ocean liner theory was a fun one, but I think it needs to be retired now in favor of the much more compelling comic strip character theory. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Clione

Where does the curious name Clione come from? more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Treasure

What turned the word “treasure” into a girl name in mid-1930s? more

Baby Names Inspired By Racists

A set of unfortunate baby names (Blease, Vardaman, Bilbo, etc.) inspired by openly racist politicians in the Southern United States. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Memory

Will this post jog someone’s memory about the name Memory? I certainly hope so. more

Leneve – Baby Name Inspired by a Fugitive

Ethel Le Neve, mistress of the infamous murderer Dr. Hawley Crippen, had a small influence on U.S. baby names back in 1910. more

Mystery Monday: The Baby Name Theta

Theta was the top debut name of 1907…but where did it come from? more

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