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The Musical Baby Name Anona

The song-inspired baby name Anona debuted on the SSA’s baby name list way back in 1903. more

Wrangler, an ’80s Baby Name Enigma!

The baby name Wrangler debuted on the charts in the ’80s. Do you think the debut was influenced by the jeans or by the jeep? Or both? more

Bobbyetta, the Lion Lady Baby Name

Was Bobbyetta Porter the original cat lady? Perhaps! And her pet lion brought her enough fame to influence the baby name charts… more

Baby Boys Named Twig?

All thanks to a short-lived ’50s sitcom. more

The Baby Name Saford, a Hillbilly One-Hit Wonder

In 1941, Saford debuted on the U.S. baby name charts with 11 baby boys — enough to make it the top boy name debut of the year. Never to be seen on the list again, Saford was also the top one-hit wonder name of 1941, and it’s tied for 9th […] more

Babies Named after Oprah’s Boyfriend?

Yes, Oprah’s long-time boyfriend Stedman has influenced the baby name charts! Well over 100 baby boys were named Stedman in the late ’80s and early 90s. more

Twins Named After Joe Louis and Marva

Twins born in 1935 named after Joe Louis and his new bride Marva. In fact, many babies were named after Marva that year. more

Rikishi, the Stink Face Baby Name

A baby name inspired by a pro-wrestler whose signature move was rubbing his butt in his opponent’s face. more

Baby Name Prediction – Keke

Did more parents use the baby name Keke last year, thanks to the influence of Keke Palmer? more

NBA-Inspired Baby Names

Late last year, SB Nation (the SB stands for “Sports Blogs”) ran an article on NBA-inspired baby names. I won’t summarize the whole thing here, but I will repost their graphic: And, in case it isn’t obvious.. Shaquille refers to Shaquille O’Neal Kobe refers to Kobe Bryant Kanye refers to […] more

Pop Culture Baby Names: Starsky & Hutch

Before you click, try to guess: Which saw higher usage in the ’70s, the name Starsky or the name Hutch? more

The One-Hit Wonder Baby Name Seroba

There’s a surprising connection between the one-hit wonder name Seroba and a baby I wrote about years ago… more

Bam, a Baby Name for Jackasses

Dozens of kids now have an interjection as a legal name, all thanks to MTV. more

A Selection of “Names From Africa”

A few months back, commenter Becca mentioned the book Names From Africa (1972), which I believe was the first baby name book in the U.S. to focus on African names exclusively. I have yet to see Ogonna Chuks-orji’s book in full, but Ebony ran an article in 1977 about African-American […] more

Babies Named for Black WWII Hero Dorie Miller

Dozens of babies were named after Doris “Dorie” Miller, the first African-American hero of World War II. more

Pop Culture Baby Names: Efrem & Zimbalist

A long-forgotten actor who influenced the baby name charts in two different ways… more

Thong Song Baby Name: Sisqo

I’m just thankful that the one-hit wonder in this case wasn’t “Thong.” more

The Sad Story of Roni Sue

Yesterday’s post was a happy story about a toddler named Roni Marie, but today’s is a sad one about a premie named Roni Sue. On the morning of November 26, 1966, a set of quintuplets was born to Patti and Michael Aranson of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The quints, all girls, were […] more

The Baby Name Roni

An orphan girl from Greece influenced the U.S. baby name charts in the mid-1950s. more

Mystery Baby Name – Strange

Where does the strange baby name Strange come from? more

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