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The Baby Name Tequila

The baby name Tequila: refers to a drink, but was originally popularized by a song. more

Week of Hair: Babies Named After Venida Hair Nets

Babies named for hair nets? Possibly… more

Week of Hair: Babies Named After Tamba Hair Relaxer

How many baby girls were named after Tamba, the short-lived 1970s-era liquid hair relaxer? more

Week of Hair: Babies Named After Shasta Shampoo

How many baby girls were named after Shasta, the 1950s-era cream shampoo? more

What Popularized the Baby Name Deneen?

Could a TV commercial for dishwashing liquid be why hundreds of baby girls were suddenly named Deneen in 1964? more

The Pop Culture Baby Name Rawnie

Rawnie, the Romany word for “lady,” saw some usage as a baby name in the late 1930s, thanks to a movie. more

Will the Baby Name Idina Debut in 2014?

The name Idina has never appeared on an SSA baby name list. Is anyone else very surprised by this? more

The Baby Name Pharrell – Trendy Again?

Pharrell Williams has been everywhere lately. How will this affect the popularity of the baby name Pharrell in 2014? more

Mystery Baby Name – Wilba

Wilba was one of the top debut names of 1913…and I don’t know where it comes from. Do you? more

Look Out for the Baby Name Moana

The next Disney princess, Moana, has been announced…but her movie won’t be out until 2016. How will this news affect usage of the name in 2014 & 2015? more

The Baby Name Tsianina

One day, while wasting time on Pinterest, I discovered a name I’d never seen before: Tsianina. more

The Baby Name Orenthal

How did O. J. Simpson’s sports career in the ’70s (and murder trial in the ’90s!) affect the usage of the baby name Orenthal? more

Did the O. J. Simpson Trial Influence Baby Names?

Watch what happens to the baby names Arnelle, Kato and Kaelin around the time of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. more

The Baby Name Kaleena

Ground-breaking sitcom “Love, Sidney” inspires baby name debut in 1981. more

Baby Names Inspired by Prince

How was superstar musician Prince influenced the national baby name charts? more

The Baby Name Rhiannon

How big did the name Rhiannon get in the 1970s, thanks to the Fleetwood Mac song? more

Cortana: Another Video Game Baby Name

Do you play Halo? Here’s a baby name inspired by the game, though not right away… more

The Baby Name Omoo

Inspired by a Herman Melville book. more

Wu-Tang Baby Name – Raekwon

How popular was the baby name Raekwon (inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan rapper) in the mid-1990s? more

The Baby Name Tsitsiki

The baby name Tsitsiki was a one-hit wonder on the national baby name list in 2004. Where did it come from, and what does it mean? more

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