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Baby Name Prediction – Lacey

Will the sad news about Lacey Holsworth make the baby name Lacey more popular this year? more

The Baby Name Theonita

The one-hit wonder baby name Theonita was inspired by a Chicago debutante. more

Will New Disney Fairy Zarina Influence Baby Names?

Will the latest Disney “Tinker Bell” movie make the baby name Zarina popular in 2014? more

Soap Opera Baby Name – Lahoma

A baby name inspired by a 1960s soap opera character. more

Mystery Baby Name – Latrenda

Why were so many baby girls suddenly named Latrenda in 1965? more

Mystery Baby Name – Delphine

Why was there a spike in the number of baby girls named Delphine in 1958? more

Mystery Baby Name – Ondina

Why was the baby name Ondina a one-hit wonder in 1968? more

Mystery Baby Name – Sumiko

Why were a bunch of babies named Sumiko in 1980? more

The Name Malaeska – Inspired by a Dime Novel

The rare mid-19th century name Malaeska was inspired by the world’s first dime novel. more

The Baby Name Normandie

The baby name Normandie was popularized in the 1930s by a large, luxurious, and very famous passenger ship called the SS Normandie. more

The Baby Name Velveeta

Did you know that dozens of baby girls in the U.S. were named Velveeta during the 20th century? Take that, Cheesepocalypse. more

Pop Culture Baby Name Game 2013

It’s the annual Pop Culture Baby Name Game! Which baby names became more popular in 2013 thanks to pop culture (music, movies, TV, sports, current events, etc.)? more

Keeping an Eye on the Name Swayze

Patrick Swayze reached the height of his fame a couple of decades ago. So why is the name Swayze becoming popular as a baby name only now? more

820 Babies Named Jorel After Superman’s Father

Another pop culture baby name! Did you know 100s of babies have been named Jorel since the original Superman movie came out? more

The Double-Spike Baby Name Norita

A baby name that spiked twice! And one of the spikes is still a mystery to me. Can you tell me anything about the name Norita? more

Mystery Baby Name – Lavoris

Why did dozens of babies suddenly get the name Lavoris in the early 1960s? more

The Baby Name Yeltsin

What two years did the baby name Yeltsin appear on the SSA’s baby name list? more

The Baby Name Sunya

The name Sunya debuted on the SSA’ s baby name list in 1927. Where did it come from? more

Baby Boys in Thailand Named for Soap Opera Brothers

So far this year, well over 1,000 babies in Thailand have been named after characters on the popular soap opera Suparbburuth Chutathep. more

Mystery Baby Name – Toshiba

Why did dozens of babies suddenly get the name Toshiba in the mid-1970s? more

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