Girl Names that Start with the Letter B

Girl names starting with B

Below are the most popular B-names for girls in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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Baani Babara Babbett Babbette Babbi Babbie Babby Babe Babetta Babette Babie Babita Babs Baby Babygirl Bacilia Badia Baelee Baeleigh Baeley Baeli Baelie Baelyn Baelynn Bah Bahar Bahareh Bahati Baheejah Baheerah Bahia Bahiya Bahiyah Bahiyyah Bahja Bai Baiba Baila Baile Bailea Bailee Bailei Baileigh Bailey Baileyann Baili Bailie Bailiegh Baille Baillee Bailley Baillie Bailly Baily Bailye Bailyn Bailynn Baisha Baiya Baker Balbina Balee Baleigh Baleria Balery Baley Bali Balie Baliegh Balinda Ballarie Balon Balvina Balynda Bama Bambi Bambie Bambina Bamby Bamma Bana Bandi Bandy Baneen Banelly Banesa Banessa Baneza Bani Bania Banisha Banita Banna Banner Bannie Bansari Bansi Bansri Bao Baotran Bar Baraa Baraah Barabara Barabra Baraka Barakah Barakat Baran Baranda Barara Barb Barba Barbaa Barbar Barbara Barbaraa Barbaraann Barbaraanne Barbarajean Barbarajo Barbaralee Barbarann Barbaranne Barbarba Barbare Barbarella Barbarette Barbarita Barbe Barbee Barber Barbera Barbett Barbetta Barbette Barbi Barbie Barbora Barbra Barbro Barby Barclay Bardara Baretta Bari Bariah Barika Barisha Barkley Barnell Barnett Barnetta Barnette Barney Barnie Barret Barrett Barri Barrie Barry Barsha Bart Barta Bartha Bartie Bartola Bas Baseemah Basha Basheba Bashira Bashirah Basia Basil Basilia Basiliki Basilisa Basimah Basma Basmah Bassheva Bassy Basya Batel Bathsheba Batina Batool Batoul Batrice Batrina Batsheva Batul Batula Batya Baudelia Bavan Bawi Baxley Bay Baya Bayah Bayan Bayden Baye Bayla Bayle Baylea Baylee Baylei Bayleigh Baylen Bayler Bayley Bayli Baylie Baylin Baylor Bayly Baylyn Baylynn Bayyinah Bea Beadie Beanca Beaney Beanna Beaonca Bearnice Beasia Beata Beate Beatha Beather Beathrice Beatric Beatrica Beatrice Beatris Beatrix Beatriz Beatrize Beatryce Beatta Beau Beauford Beaula Beaulah Beautiful Beautifull