Girl Names that Start with the Letter F

Girl names starting with F

Below are the most popular F-names for girls in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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Faaizah Faatima Faatimah Fabia Fabian Fabiana Fabianna Fabiene Fabienne Fabiha Fabiola Fable Fabrienne Fachon Fada Fadeelah Fadia Fadima Fadra Faduma Fadumo Fadwa Fae Faedra Faelyn Faelynn Faeryn Faheemah Fahima Fahm Fahmida Fahren Fahtima Faiga Faige Faigy Fain Faina Fair Faira Fairen Fairie Fairy Fairyn Faisa Faith Faithann Faithanne Faithe Faithful Faithlyn Faithlynn Faithmarie Faiza Faizah Fajar Fajr Falak Falan Falana Falanda Falba Falcon Falecia Faleisha Falen Falena Falencia Falesha Faleshia Falicia Falicity Falin Falina Faline Falisa Falisha Falishia Fallan Fallen Fallie Fallin Fallon Fallyn Fallynn Falon Falona Falonda Falone Falyn Falynn Falysha Fama Fame Famie Fan Fana Fanchon Fanci Fancie Fancy Faneisha Fanessa Fani Fania Fanie Fanisha Fanita Fanna Fannette Fannie Fanniemae Fanny Fannye Fanta Fantaisa Fantasha Fantashia Fantasia Fantasy Fantaysia Fantazia Fany Fanya Fara Farah Faran Fardosa Fardowsa Fareeda Fareedah Fareeha Faren Farha Farhana Farheen Farhiya Farhiyo Faria Fariah Fariba Farica Farice Farida Faridah Fariha Farihah Farin Farina Faris Farisa Fariza Farjana Farley Farm Farnaz Farol Faron Farra Farrah Farran Farrar Farrel Farrell Farren Farrie Farrin Farris Farron Farryn Fartun Farwa Faryal Faryl Faryn Farynn Farzana Fasha Fashionette Fate Fateema Fateemah Fateha Fatema Fatemah Fatemeh Faten Fathia Fathima Fathma Fatia Fatiha Fatim Fatima Fatimah Fatimat Fatimata Fatimatou Fatimazahra Fatime Fatin Fatina Fatisha Fatma Fatmah Fatmata Fatme Fatmeh Fatmire Fatou Fatouma Fatoumata Fatoumatta Fattima Fatu Fatuma Fatumata Fatumo Fatyma Faun Fauna Faune Fauniel Fausta Faustina Faustine Fauzia Faven Faviana Faviola Favor Favour Fawn Fawna Fawnda Fawne Fawnia Fawnna Fawzia Fay Faya Fayann Faydean Faydell Faydene Faydra Faye Fayelynn Fayerene Fayeth