Girl Names that Start with the Letter I

Girl names starting with I

Below are the most popular I-names for girls in the U.S. Click on a name to see its popularity graph, popularity table, similar names, and every single blog post I’ve ever written about it.

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Ia Iah Iaisha Ialene Ialiyah Ian Iana Ianah Ianna Iannah Iantha Ianthe Ianthia Iara Iasha Iashia Iasia Iasiah Iayana Ibbie Ibet Ibeth Ibette Ibis Ibon Ibtisam Ibukunoluwa Ica Icee Iceis Icel Icela Iceland Icelean Icelene Icely Icelyn Icelynn Iceola Ices Icesis Icess Icey Ichelle Icia Icie Icis Iciss Icle Icole Icsel Icsis Icy Icysis Icyss Ida Idabel Idabell Idabelle Idah Idahlia Idalee Idalene Idali Idalia Idalina Idalis Idaliz Idalmis Idalou Idaly Idalys Idalyz Idamae Idamay Idanell Idania Idara Idasia Idaya Ideal Idel Idele Idelia Idelisa Idell Idella Idellar Idelle Idellia Idena Idesha Idessa Idette Idia Idil Idman Idola Idolina Idoma Idona Idonia Idonna Idora Idrena Idris Idrissa Iduma Idy Ieasha Ieashia Ieda Ieesha Ieisha Ieishia Iesha Ieshea Ieshia Ieva Ieysha Ife Ifeoluwa Ifeoma Ifetayo Ifeyinwa Iffany Iffat Ifra Ifrah Ifunanya Ignacia Ignacio Ignacita Ignatia Ihla Ihuoma Iiana Iiesha Iisha Iishia Ija Ijah Ijahnae Ijana Ijanae Ijanay Ijeoma Ijnanya Ikea Ikeda Ikeia Ikeisha Ikera Ikeria Ikesha Ikeshia Ikeya Ikeyia Ikhlas Ikia Ikira Ikisha Ikraan Ikram Ikran Iksha Ikuko Ila Ilah Ilaina Ilaisaane Ilamae Ilan Ilana Ilanah Ilani Ilanie Ilanna Ilany Ilar Ilaria Ilaya Ilayda Ilayna Ilce Ilcia Ilda Ildiko Ilea Ileah Ilean Ileana Ileane Ileanna Ilee Ileen Ileena Ileene Ileia Ileigh Ilena Ilene Ilenia Ilenna Ilenne Iler Ilesha Ilet Ileta Iletta Ilette Iley Ileyah Ilga Ilhaan Ilham Ilhan Ilhana Ilia Iliah Ilian Iliana Ilianah Iliani Ilianis Ilianna Ilianne Ilianny Iliany Ilicia Ilima Ilina Ilinca Iline Ilirida Ilisa Ilise Ilish Ilisha Ilissa Ilithia Ilithyia Ilitia Iliyah Iliyana Iliza Ilka Illa Illah Illana