One-Hit Wonder Baby Names

one-hit wonder baby names that i've blogged about so far

These names came, then they went…then they never came back!

Here are all the one-hit wonder baby names that I’ve written about so far.

These particular names are “full list” one-hit wonders, not “top 1,000” one-hit wonders. That is, they’ve only appeared once on the full U.S. baby name list — the one that goes all the way down to names given to 5 babies per year.

None of these (outside of several of the 1989 glitch-names) have ever appeared in the U.S. top 1,000.



(none yet)












As I write about other one-hits, I’ll add the links to this page.

For more one-hit wonders that I’ve mentioned but not really written about yet, check out the lists of top one-hit wonders, year by year, top one-hit wonders overall for girls, and top one-hit wonders overall for boys.

How many one-hit wonders are there in the data overall? Here are some statistics:

Decade One-hit Girl Names One-hit Boy Names
1880s 7 8
1890s 23 7
1900s 26 5
1910s 466 360
1920s 708 521
1930s 280 188
1940s 238 109
1950s 412 194
1960s 626 168
1970s 1,340 532
1980s 1,500 732
1990s 2,363 1,311
2000s 3,412 2,242
2010-2015 3,025 2,140

Leave me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions, or if there’s a particular one-hit wonder name that you’d like me to write about.

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