Pop Culture Baby Names: 1940s

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Are you a trivia buff? A name nerd? A pop culture junkie?

Here’s a unique history of the 1940s based on real ’40s baby names from Lash to Landis, Greer to Gehrig, and Bronwyn to Bambi.

Pop Culture Baby Names: 1940s is a concise, one-of-a-kind reference that reveals the intriguing stories behind nearly 100 rare (but real!) baby names that all emerged in America during the 1940s.

For instance, did you know that the baby name Jade—which went on to become very trendy, decades later—was essentially launched in America by a Katharine Hepburn movie in 1944?

The names in this ebook highlight all sorts of retro popular culture: movies, comic strips, music, literature, sports, radio soap operas, and more. They also represent snippets of history, from WWII headlines to local human interest stories.

Long hidden in the data, these names were unearthed by the blogger behind Nancy’s Baby Names, which has welcomed many millions of visitors since it was created in 2006.

Pop Culture Baby Names: 1940s is one of the quirkiest chronologies of the ’40s you’ll ever see, and it features facts about the decade that you just won’t find anywhere else.

What Readers Say

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As of right now (Nov. 2018), the ebook has a 5-star rating at both Amazon (US) and Goodreads! Thanks everyone! :)