How do you feel about your name, Dino?

“Hated the name as a kid, and it didn’t help growing up in the era of The Flintstones,” says Dino, a 40-something from Florida. “I don’t care about my name one way or the other now.”

Dino, who goes by the nickname Dean, was named after Dino Paul Crocetti — later known as Dean Martin (1917-1995).

The name Dino originated as a pet form of Italian names ending in “-dino.” Its popularity peaked in the U.S. during the early 1960s, right around the time Dino was born.

What does Dino like about his name?

I’ve met only three Dinos in my life, fleetingly, so I don’t ever get confused with anyone else.

(I was in a bar once with my brother, and we met two other drunk knuckleheads and started talking. When I introduced myself, one of the guys said, “Hey! That’s my name, too.” He introduced his brother, Marco, and they were stunned to learn that my brother’s name is Marco also, and that each of us who shared the same name was born during the same month and year. This was cause for much celebration, and we ordered several more rounds…)

What does Dino not like about his name?

Who wants to be named Dino?

Thanks so much, Dino!

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