How do you feel about your name, Misty?

“I love my name,” says Misty, a 44-year-old who was born in Virginia, but now resides in South Carolina.

“It’s not a nickname–I was named for the song my parents loved to dance to when they were dating.”

Misty’s name was one of the top 1,000 names in the nation from 1960 until 2000, and it was in the top 100 from 1973 to 1984. It ranked 574th the year she was born.

What does Misty like most about her name?

It’s a symbol of my parents’ love for each other and it makes me happy. I never had to deal with stupid nicknames, since my name was so short. And there aren’t many Mistys running around.

What does Misty like least about her name?

I hate people thinking it’s short for something, and not accepting my answer when I tell them it’s not. And I hate people mispronouncing it as Missy or Mitzi or misspelling it. M-I-S-T-Y! It isn’t that complicated!

I don’t ever dislike my name, though – I just end up disliking the people who can’t be bothered to get it right.

Thanks, Misty!

8 thoughts on “How do you feel about your name, Misty?

  1. I have a goat named Misty. She is a wonderful animal, but I also like the name for a person as well. My goat was named for the fog, it was like a Misty morning when she was born. LOL….

    It is a great name though.

  2. I really like it when someone is happy with their name. It means something’s right with the world :).

  3. You can’t out run your name…Even if you change it, part of you will always be whatever it was you were called from the womb…I like my name, it fits me pretty well. Misty is a cool name, and it sounds like it works for her…Good stuff.

  4. I have never liked my name (first or middle). The first, while common, is spelled oddly (though more common than it used to be). So, when they had those pre-made personalized pens and magnets, they never had one for me. And the middle name is something I class as terminally boring.

    I think I’ve found the balance between unique and weird, for my daughter’s name. I’m sure, in 15 years or so, she’ll tell me she hates it.

  5. WOW! I’ve never seen anything quite like this. What a good idea. I’m way too birth & baby obsessed and this tops a very cool fun cake for me. I just did a blog post about this at one of my blogs but in no way did I cover this much stuff. I personally like “hippie” baby names (for lack of a better word). My son’s name is Cedar Blue but he was almost a Zen or an Ocean (although then we would have had to change his last name) Ocean Blue — too horrific.

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