Baby born to computer programmer, named after Widows Vista

Widows Vista

On May 18, 2007, Canadian computer programmer Bil Simser and his wife welcomed a daughter named Vista Avalon Simser. She was named after the Windows Vista operating system.

How did they come up with the name? They were considering “Dev Orion Simser” — Dev short for “developer” — for a boy, then thought:

Well, if our son’s initials are DOS, a daughter would have [to] be an upgrade. And thus the name Vista was born.

For more details (and some cute photos) check out the full naming story at Bil’s blog, Fear and Loathing.

Source: Microsoft Click

3 thoughts on “Baby born to computer programmer, named after Widows Vista

  1. My daughter’s name is Vista. We had her name picked out since 1998 when we had our first child. We had to wait for a girl and Vista born in 2004. Vista is named after her great-great-grandmother. HER grandfather, during the civil war era, was visiting Chula Vista, CA and thought how beautiful it was, so he said to name the baby “Vista”. She lived in PA. My husband and I thought it was such a cool name. We chose Kathleen for her middle name, so the meaning of her name would be “Innocent View” or “Pure View”.
    While Vista was a baby, they came out with Windows Vista. We could hardly believe it and thought our cutie should be their spokesperson or something.
    Pictures of her can be found on my photography website called . She’s got blue eyes, freckles, and strawberry-blonde hair.

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