How do you feel about your name, Georgia Beth?

“I’ve come to like [my name] over the years,” says 39-year-old Georgia — even though she rarely goes by her given name:

I’ve always been called by my middle name, Beth. My father’s mother lived with me & my parents until her death, and I was named for her, so having two Georgias in the house would have been a little confusing. I also picked up the nickname Maddy about eleven years ago. (I adopted one of my character’s names as a chatroom handle and it stuck, then got picked up in the “real” world when everyone at work needed to differentiate me from the “other” Beth in the same area.)

Beth’s actual first name, Georgia, has been moderately popular in the U.S. for well over a century. It ranked 381st in the nation the year she was born, and 273rd in 2006.

The name Beth has not been so evenly popular: it was within the top-100 the year she was born, but had fallen to 856th place by 2006.

What does Beth like about her name?

I’ve come to like the full version for the same reason I used to hate it – it sounds like it’s straight out of Dogpatch, Arkansas.

(Beth lives in New York, but her entire family is from Arkansas.)

What does Beth not like about her name?

I never really felt like “Beth” fit me, although people always tell me it’s pretty. It also gets butchered a LOT, especially over the phone. I get called Bess, Bessie, Betty, Becky, even Liz/Lizzy because everyone assumes it’s short for Elizabeth. (Ironically, it’s not Elizabeth because my mother despises the nickname “Liz.”)

Thank you, Georgia Beth!

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