The Z-Cox family: Zylphia, Zeronald, Zesely, Zelbert

I just spotted an article about the “Z-Cox” family of North Carolina:

Ameriah Biggs Cox Jr. and Jutry Hart married in 1870.

Together, they had 11 children and each had a first name beginning with Z.

The girls were Zylphia, Zula, Zadie and Zenobia. The boys went by Zadok, Zeber, Zeronald, Zesely, Zeola, Zora, and Zelbert.

The descendants of Ameriah and Jutry have been gathering for annual family reunions for more than 75 years, and many of these descendants have been given Z-names as well.

Source: Family celebrates unique naming tradition

3 thoughts on “The Z-Cox family: Zylphia, Zeronald, Zesely, Zelbert

  1. Just a note about you mentioning the Z Cox family of North Carolina. I am the oldest grandson of the oldest child of Biggs and Jutry Cox. My grandmother was Zylphia. We are having our 80th annual consecutive family reunion on Saturday June 4th 2011. This is really an amazing family. Thanks for your comments. You are right many of our family members still have a first name beginning with a Z. Unfortunately I’m not one of those.

    Bud McLawhon

  2. I am a descendant of the Z family. I am a great granddaughter of Zadock Cox Sr. His daughter Jutry was my grandmother. I have such wonderful memories of the family reunions as a child. Once my grandmother died, my mother never went back to any. I wish she had. I now only know of family by name mostly a few precious memories. All the cousins, the food, the laughter and the 21 layer chocolate cake my grandma would make. The one with peanut butter and chocolate had pecans on top so I could tell the difference. I was my favorite <3

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