Baby name needed: Girl name to go with Rose or Reilly

A reader named Lauren is expecting her second child–a baby girl–and needs some name ideas. (Her son’s name is Michael Christopher.) Here’s what she says:

I have my heart set on using Reilly or Rose as a middle name (both family names). I LOVE the name Emma Reilly, but my husband hates it. We can’t seem to come up with another name that we both like. I have thought about Kayla Rose, but think Kayla may not be good as an adult. Please help.

I think it’s too bad Emma Reilly is out of the running–Emma would have sounded great with Michael.

Kayla doesn’t seem to fit as well, in terms of style. Like other Kay-names, it’s quite trendy and (therefore) very modern-sounding. But who knows how long the Kay-craze will last?

Emma, on the other hand, is a classic that’s been weathering naming trends for decades (much like both Michael and Christoper).

Also, Kayla is sometimes considered a variant of Michaela, the feminine form of Michael…so Kayla and Michael could be viewed by some as forms of the same name. That might be a bit odd.

Here are some other possibilities:


Do any of the above sound particularly good with Rose and/or Reilly? What other names would you guys suggest?

Update, 6/09: The baby has arrived! Scroll down to the last comment to find out which name Lauren chose.

11 thoughts on “Baby name needed: Girl name to go with Rose or Reilly

  1. Great list. Rose is also the middle name we chose for our daughter. It’s a simple and pretty name. We choose it because we gave our daughter a fairly unique first name and we didn’t want the middle name to overshadow it. I like these combinations on your list:

    Andrea Rose
    Brianna Rose
    Gabriella Rose
    Isabella Rose
    Madeline Rose
    Sylvia Rose

    Reilly is a good name too, but not really pretty in the same way as Rose. These combinations for okay for Reilly:

    Amelia Reilly
    Caroline Reilly
    Maya Reilly
    Sophia Reilly

    Some other suggestions: Emily Rose, Amelie Rose, Olivia Rose, Lilly Rose, Audrey Rose, Elie Rose, Mya Rose. Jaidan Rose, Ketsia Rose.

  2. Why not Reilly Rose? sure Lauren may not want alliteration, but I think they sound beautiful together. She may run into spelling issues and get Riley however.

  3. I love Emma Reilly!

    Incidentally, a co-worker of mine has a son named Michael and a daughter named Kayla! She was aware of the double naming.

  4. Seriously, Olivia Rose. It sounds like something that smells so perfect and is so beautiful. And it’s a great adult name.

    :) Good luck.

  5. Just heard from Lauren! The name she chose is:

    Hannah Reilly

    She also says:

    I have to admit, I was so obsessed with the name Emma that I slipped a few times and called her Emma without even realizing what I had done (twice in the hospital, and twice the first two weeks home). Now she’s “Hannah Banana” or “Smiley Reilly”.

    Very cute. :) Congratulations, Lauren!

  6. I actually had a assignment to google my name and this site came up

    but my name is Kayla Rose
    I am currently a preschool teacher and in school to be a high school teacher.

    I love my name to pieces but it seems a bit awkward when my students call me Miss Kayla.
    Kayla just seems to have such a innocent youthful quality to it.
    I know this is a bit random but I just thought I would share =)

  7. My daughter’s name is Reilly Rose and we call her Smiley Reilly ALL the time. This post made me smile for sure :)

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