Celebrity baby name: Satyana

Actors Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof welcomed their first child, a baby girl, several weeks ago.

They named their daughter Satyana.

Here’s how the Satyana Institute defines the name:

The name satyana comes from two Sanskrit roots: sat, which means truth or being, and also refers to action aligned or suffused with spirit; and yana, which means vehicle. So “satyana” means a vehicle for action infused with the grace of spirit.

What do you think of the name?

Source: People

4 thoughts on “Celebrity baby name: Satyana

  1. As far as celeb baby names go, it’s not bad. It kinda reminds me of Satan though. Not exactly a good connotation.

  2. I too immediately thought of “Satan” when I saw the name. And as most Americans are unfamiliar with Sanskrit, I imagine that will be the usual reaction to the name.

  3. Doesn’t seem to go very well with the surnam, to me but hey, that’s their problem. I don’t mind Satyna. It sounds pretty and reminds me of satin before satan! My goodness. The vowel sounds are different for Satyana/Satan anyway. So appearance be hanged, I like Satyana. (I know a few from my old area too, so that may be why, it’s familar to me).

  4. My daughter’s name is Satyana also. It is a very unique name and everyone that hears it loves it. My husband found this name on an indian website. Satya means truth, Satyana is a version on Satya :-)

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