Baby name needed: Middle name for Amelia

A reader named Heather writes:

I’m looking for a middle name for my baby to be. Her first name will be Amelia. Her last name will start with a S.

Let’s see…first thing I’d do is determine which names to avoid. I wouldn’t want a name that might blend with either Amelia or the surname, so I’d take names that start with a vowel or end with an s-sound off the table.

Other than that, it’s all a matter of taste. :) Here are some combinations that caught my fancy:

  • Amelia Celine
  • Amelia Claire
  • Amelia Danielle
  • Amelia Helen
  • Amelia Henrietta
  • Amelia Joan
  • Amelia Jillian
  • Amelia Madeleine
  • Amelia Maria
  • Amelia Pearl
  • Amelia Simone
  • Amelia Theodora
  • Amelia Violet

What other middles would you guys suggest to Heather?

Update: The baby is here! Scroll down to find out what middle name Heather chose.

8 thoughts on “Baby name needed: Middle name for Amelia

  1. I would also avoid rhyming names (Amelia Maria comes close; I’d prefer Marie or Mary.)

    Other names: Beatrice, Patrice, Maureen, Jane, Sue (that sounds very 1960s to me), May, Veronica, Charlotte, Caroline

  2. DO NOT use Simone! Or any other middle name starting with the letter S! The initials A.S.S. are not desirable.

  3. When you mentioned which names you’d rule out, I personally think you should have included middle names that start with S, so that her initials won’t be A-S-S. I know someone with these initials and she hates it. :)

  4. Three syllables seems to work well for Amelia:

    Amelia Cassidy
    Amelia Jessica
    Amelia Natalie
    Amelia Jennifer
    Amelia Julia
    Amelia Caroline
    Amelia Jacqueline
    Amelia Jocelyn
    Amelia Kimberly
    Amelia Beatrice
    Amelia Bethany
    Amelia Beverly
    Amelia Carolyn
    Amelia Charity
    Amelia Claudia
    Amelia Cynthia

  5. Just heard from Heather!

    Amelia’s middle name is Marie.

    Heather says:

    She was born 2 weeks early and we were not prepared with a middle name. We were brainstorming her middle name up until just before we left the hospital after she was born.

    I think it sounds great. Congrats!

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