Baby girl in England named after Lady Gaga

Northumberland man Ian Clark, taking the advice of his four-year-old step-daughter Maddy (and ignoring the wishes of his partner Melanie Robinson) named his newborn daughter “Meggie Maisie Lady Gaga.”

Here’s how Ian explained it:

When I asked the children what we should call the new baby, Maddy said we should call her Lady Gaga. I just thought it was a great name and I’m sure the bairn will find it funny when she’s older.

Here’s what Melanie had to say:

I can’t believe he actually went ahead and did it. Ian thought it was a really good idea but I told him no way. […] I’m still in shock now.


Source: Dad names baby after popstar Lady Gaga

UPDATE, 2012: Ian and Melanie have since a baby boy, who may end up being named Tommy, middle name after of The Black Eyed Peas. Melanie said, “I’m trying to convince him not to, but he’s done it once so I’m sure he will do it again.”

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