How many babies got -Ayden names in 2009?

We figured out how many baby boys were given -ayden names a week ago.

We figured out how many baby girls were given -ayden names earlier today.

So how many babies overall were given names like Jayden, Kaedin and Bradyn last year?

# -aydens # babies % -aydens
Boys: 102,992 2,095,910 4.9%
Girls: 10,113 2,001,968 0.5%
TOTAL: 113,105 4,097,878 2.8%

The grand total is (at least) 113,105 babies. That’s about 2.8%, or about 1 in 36.

How much more popular do you think this name group will get (before it begins to fall out of style)?

UPDATE: Is the -Ayden Craze Over?

2 thoughts on “How many babies got -Ayden names in 2009?

  1. I hope this trend ends soon! My 3-year old Vocation Bible School class was filled with -ayden’s and -ayton’s. I gave up trying to keep everyone straight about an hour into the first day and just called a lot of the kids Sweetie and Honey.

    I’d be interested to know how many kids have -ayton type names, but since they are more “legitimate” there are so many variations.

  2. That’s a good question, Julie! I wonder about the -ayton names as well. I’ll try to research them and get a post up within the next few weeks.

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