Where did the baby name Danity come from in 2007?

Danity Kane's self-titled debut album (2006)
Danity Kane album

Danity Kane was a pre-fabricated American band formed via the reality TV show Making the Band in late 2005. The group released two successful albums before disbanding in early 2009.

The name of the band had been inspired by the doodlings of band member Dawn Richard:

During a June 2006 appearance on MTV’s TRL, it was announced the group would be called Danity Kane, a reference to a superhero Dawn had created and sketched in the studio during downtime.

Danity wasn’t used much (if at all) as a baby name in the U.S. until 2007, when it popped up in the SSA’s baby name data for the first time:

  • 2009: 31 baby girls named Danity
  • 2008: 27 baby girls named Danity
  • 2007: 26 baby girls named Danity [debut]
  • 2006: unlisted
  • 2006: unlisted

Do you think the name will continue to see usage for much longer now that Danity Kane is no more?

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