Baby born during Hurricane Hazel, named Hazel


A post on hurricane names over at The Stir reminded me of a few hurricane-inspired baby names that I know of.

Hazel, for instance. Hurricane Hazel struck Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on October 15, 1954. The next day, the papers reported that a doctor had been “called out and delivered a baby” in Myrtle Beach during the hurricane and that “[t]he baby was named Hazel.”

I’ll have to dig through my files for the other hurricane names…

Source: “Hazel Gets Namesake.” Herald [Rock Hill, SC] 16 Oct. 1954: 1.

Image (Hurricane Elena) by NASA

3 thoughts on “Baby born during Hurricane Hazel, named Hazel

  1. I have a cousin whose daughter was named Katrina for three days…

    My cousin is a huge Miami Hurricane fan, so when his wife went into labor just as Tropical Storm Katrina formed of the coast of Florida, they thought it would be cute. When the storm intensified to a major hurricane, they realized it wasn’t cute anymore and re-named her Haley.

    (They had both attended to U. of Miami, but weren’t living in Florida at the time.)

  2. @Julie – Haley, after Haley Barbour?

    I just learned that there’s a Hazel in our daycare to go along with all the other old-fashioned names that are popular.

  3. @ C in DC

    I never caught that before, that’s a bit of a coincidence, isn’t it.

    (Haley was named after Great-Grandma Helen.)

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