Baby names needed: Names for twin girls

A reader named Bridgette is having twin girls in October and would like some name suggestions.

The plan is to use the babies’ grandmothers’ names, Eileen and Patricia, as middle names. So Bridgette and her husband are interested in names that sound good in front of either Eileen or Patricia. (Especially Patricia–that’s the one they’re having a hard time with.)

Here are the names currently under consideration:


Bridgette and her husband like different types of names (i.e. one likes unisex, the other prefers feminine, etc.) so it sounds like they’re open to all sorts of suggestions–so long as the suggestions work with Eileen and/or Patricia.

Finally, here’s a cute observation Bridgette made:

Husband’s mostly Irish and says he’d like an Irish name, but seems to gravitate toward French sounding names.

Sounds like she knows him better than he knows himself. :)

Here are some of the name ideas I had, to kick things off:


*It’s the birthstone for October, so I had to throw it in.

Which of the above do you like best? See any good pairings? What other names and name pairings would you suggest to Bridgette?

9 thoughts on “Baby names needed: Names for twin girls

  1. I have to say, Margo is my mother’s name, and Margot just jumped off the list to me. Margot Patricia sounds and looks quite pretty to me. I think the O ending makes Patricia flow better than it usually does.

    And Amelia is my sister’s name, so I have to add in a vote for that too. Amelia Eileen is so sweet, too.

    My love for family names aside, I think Alice and Paige look nice together. Paige Eileen and Alice Patricia, perhaps? I’d throw in Odette Patricia and Ramona Eileen, with the advice that, maybe their names won’t have the perfect flow, but they will have meaning. To me at least, that acknowledgement of familial ties and love is more important.

  2. Would they be open to considering using Patrice instead of Patricia? It might open some more options for them since it “sounds” more like a middle name then. (Just about anything that works with Marie as a middle name would work with Patrice.)

    I agree with Kayt that Margot stands out for me from the list. I think names with a hard/long vowel sound at the end will probably stand up best with Patricia.

    Linnae Patricia
    Audrey Patricia
    Skye Patricia
    Marlo Patricia
    Marilou Patricia

  3. From the names they’re considering, I like:
    Alice Eileen or Margot Eileen
    Corinne Patricia

    Since they like Margot, maybe they’d like Margaret? Margaret Patricia is nice, and I love the nicknames for Margaret – Meg, Maggie, etc. Or if he’s into French-inspired names, maybe Madeline? That would go with either Eileen or Patricia. Some Irish names… Erin Patricia, Megan Patricia, Caitlin Patricia, Teagan Patricia, Maureen Patricia (lots of these go with Eileen, too – obviously – but I paired them with Patricia since that’s where they were having trouble!)

  4. Suggestions:
    Caroline Patricia, Anastasia Eileen, Gwendolyn Patricia, Genevieve Patricia, Mabel Eileen, Geraldine Patricia, Sarah Eileen, Wendy Eileen, Emmaline Patricia, Regina Eileen, Therese Patricia, Ilene Patricia, Patrice Eileen, Ophelia Eileen, Danica Patricia, Fabiana Eileen, Hope Eileen, Jessica Eileen, Juniper Patricia, Justine Patricia, Katherine Eileen, Liliane Patricia, Magdalene Patricia, Madeleine Patricia, Nicole Eileen, Brooke Eileen, Victoria Eileen, Veronica Patricia, Caitlin Patricia, Zinnia Patricia, Kira Eileen.

    Is that enough? ;)

    Out of my suggestions I like the pairings Caitlin Patricia and Hope Eileen. From your suggestions I like Charlotte, Opal, Penelope and Sylvie.

  5. I love the name Margot so that definately stood out to me. And I think Margot Eileen is the best combination.

    You said you like Corrine and then Nancy suggested Camille and I think these are both lovely. So is Carmen. And they all go well with Patricia too!

    Good luck!

  6. From your list I like Juliette Patricia because it’s very close to my daughter’s name, Julianne Patricia. I also know a Julie Patricia.

    I would choose two first names that are compatible in some way(s). Some examples:
    Irish – Caitlin Patricia and Maura Eileen: Caitlin and Maura
    French – Juliette Patricia and Margot Eileen: Juliette and Margot
    or Julie Patricia and Sophie Eileen: Julie and Sophie
    Welsh connection – Gwyneth Patricia and Sabrina Eileen: Gwyneth and Sabrina
    Classic English – Alice Patricia and Charlotte Eileen: Alice and Charlotte

    I think Patricia and Eileen are both pretty names that can easily be paired with many names.

  7. Personally, out of the names they’re already considering, I like Alice Eileen and Renee Patricia. To throw a couple more name choices their way, I would suggest Amora Eileen, Eliza Eileen, Myra Patricia, and Melinda Patricia. They might be slightly rhyme-y, but… I think they’re cute.

  8. I am the second oldest of five girls. The names on your list are eerily similar to the names in my family:

    My mother’s name is Patricia Eileen, her sister is Eileen Marie.
    My 4 sisters and I in order are: Elizabeth, Julie, Margot, Claire and Deirdre.

    Middle name combinations:
    Julie Therese (2 accents over the 1st and 2nd e’s in Therese)
    Margot Frances
    Claire Eileen

    My sister Margot’s name is my favorite name in the whole world. I love it spelled exactly that way.

    I just had to comment on this post when I saw it – my sisters and I love to hear of families with strikingly similar names to ours!

  9. Margot Patricia
    Emily Patricia
    Evelyn Patricia
    Ivy Patricia
    Vivienne Patricia
    Gwendolyn Patricia (Winnie)
    Aviana Patricia
    Julianna Patricia
    Anabel Patricia
    Lorelei Patricia
    Rowan Patricia
    Daisy Patricia
    Maddie Patricia
    Rosalie Patricia
    Eloise Patricia

    Amelia Eileen
    Gabriella Eileen
    Olivia Eileen
    Victoria Eileen
    Fiona Eileen
    Edith Eileen
    Beatrice Eileen
    Dorothy Eileen (Dottie)
    Norah Eileen
    Sophia Eileen
    Flora Eileen
    Lilian Eileen
    Elizabeth Eileen
    Jocelyn Eileen
    Helena Eileen

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