12 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Andrew vs. Matthew

  1. I quite like both names but neither sounds good with our last name. Sounds like Lou. I like Matthew just a tidge more.

  2. I have a nephew named Andrew, so that’s out and Matthew’s in. Only problem is that I also have a good friend named Matthew (and two distant cousins.)

    Can I pick Bartholomew instead? ;)

  3. Matthew for me. I’ve always loved it, with the nicknames Matty and Matz [my great-grandmother’s maiden name]. I have a nephew named Dru, so I couldn’t use Andrew anyway.

  4. I vote for Andrew, but expect Matthew to win! Matthew is the name of my nephew (age 23); I think about every extended family has a Matthew — there are so many of them!

    Andrew is my 7-year-old twin grandson, the middle name of one of my sons, and the middle name of his first son. I love the name Andrew, Drew is okay, but no Andy here.

    I like both Andrew and Matthew and almost used Matthew as the middle name for our 4th son. But Andrew has a Scots connection as the name of the patron saint of Scotland (I have some Scottish ancestry), so all in all, I prefer Andrew to Matthew.

    Bartholomew was an observant suggestion; I hadn’t thought of that name pairing with these much better end-in-‘ew’ New Testament names.

  5. I’d go for Matthew. I’d prefer a little Matty to a little Andy. Mainly because I associate Andy with randy… and I certainly wouldn’t want a randy Andy!

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