8 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Isabella vs. Isadora

  1. Isadora is much more charming than the tired and overused Isabella. Plus Isadora has more interesting nicknames: Ida, Sadie, Dory, Dorita, Dora, Isis

  2. Julie just mentioned Isis, which reminds me…the more “correct” form of Isadora is Isidora, as the first part of the name does indeed refer to Isis. So I’m using sort of a non-standard spelling here. I just thought it would look better next to Isabella. :)

  3. Isadora, without a doubt. I adore Pandora, and the nickname Isa, and I dislike all -bel- names.

  4. When I was younger, I had two friends who went by “Isa” (pronounced EE-suh). One was short for Isadora, and the other was short for a hard-to-pronounce foreign name. I’ve always liked that.

  5. I think really I prefer the sound Isabella but the popularity of it has really put me off and as Isadora is still a very pretty name in my opinion, if I had to choose one of them, it would be Isadora.

  6. Isadora was my beloved grandmother’s name. I will name my daughter Isadora (Izzy) in her honor.

  7. Isadora by far, which is what we named our daughter. Isadora, (Middle Name) Skye. (the Isidora spelling looks like a train wreck visually).
    And as far as Isabella goes, every time you turn around you run into one.
    So there ya go, Isadora

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