Will more babies be named Kindle?

Amazon Kindle

I’ve been wondering about Kindle lately. Nope, I’m not talking about the e-book reader. I’m talking about the baby name.

There are hundreds of Kindles already out there. (Humans, I mean. Amazon Kindles number in the millions.) What I wonder is whether the number of babies named Kindle every year will rise significantly in the near future.

Why would the number rise? Well, expectant parents have been hearing the word Kindle a lot lately, thanks to the popular e-reader. So they’re being continually reminded of it. And Kindle is very close to the name Kendall, which currently ranks 133rd for girls and 600th for boys. So parents might start seeing Kindle as a viable Kendall-alternative.

Here are the SSA’s stats on Kindle for the last decade:

  • 2009: 24 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2008: 20 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2007: 11 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2006: 17 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2005: 10 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2004: 13 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2003: 9 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2002: 8 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2001: 14 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2000: 10 baby girls named Kindle

So far, 24 is the record. It could be the start of an upward trend…or it could just be a temporary increase. It’s too early to tell.

Where do you think the name Kindle is headed within the next couple of years? Even better: How many babies do you think will be named Kindle in 2010?

Update, mid-2020: Here’s how the name has fared since I published this post ten years ago…

  • 2018: 12 baby girls and 5 baby boys named Kindle
  • 2017: 8 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2016: 19 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2015: 20 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2014: 16 baby girls named Kindle
  • 2013: 20 baby girls and 10 baby boys named Kindle
  • 2012: 22 baby girls and 7 baby boys named Kindle
  • 2011: 31 baby girls and 10 baby boys named Kindle
  • 2010: 22 baby girls named Kindle

Peak usage as a girl name was in 2011; peak usage as a boy name was in both 2011 and 2013.

10 thoughts on “Will more babies be named Kindle?

  1. I could say that this modern days, names of babies are been follow to the popular names one of that is kindle. Now our modern world easily change maybe this time the word kindle is a hit name for babies.

  2. Well, to me it seems strange to give a child the same name as an electronic device. Kendall is ok but to me it seems weird if the number of “Kindle” girls shall increase in the future…

  3. Kindle was actually a name of a person well before the Kindle device. I am 52 years old and this is the name I was given at birth and my mother got the name from a movie. One of the actor’s character name was Kindle.

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Kindle! Do you remember what movie it was? I’m trying to find it but can’t get past all the Kindle (device) references.

  5. Hi Nancy, I’m sorry but I don’t know the name and my Mom can’t remember either. All I know is they were watching it when they were in 10th grade which would have been in 1957/1958 so it was probably made within a 5 year or so time frame before that.

  6. I just have to comment because my daughter, named Kindle, was born in 2005. Yes, we are 1 of the 10 for 2005. Shortly after, the Kindle was introduced by Amazon. I wouldn’t change anything. I thought the name Kindle was beautiful before I named her, and see it fits her wonderfully. I liked the name Kendall, but wanted something a little different. I often hear, “I love that name!” Now that it has become an “American” name the meaning “to set fire” makes me smile. She is my little fire starter who has a way to light up the darkest of days.

  7. I absolutely love the name Kindle. I actually didn’t know if it was an actual name. I first heard of the word kindle from a song called “Kindle My Heart” which played in the 1995 movie version “A Little Princess”. Once I looked up what the word Kindle meant, I decided that would be a nice name. The movie is one of my favourites that I use to watch with my dad, often and I absolutely love the song. It would be a great reminder of my dad if I was to name my daughter Kindle.

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