What popularized the baby name Tana in the 1940s?

The character Tana Mason from the movie "The Forest Rangers" (1942).
Tana Mason from “The Forest Rangers

In 1943, usage of the baby name Tana suddenly surged, and the name entered the U.S. top 1,000 for the very first time:

  • 1945: 108 baby girls named Tana [rank: 720th]
  • 1944: 117 baby girls named Tana [rank: 693rd]
  • 1943: 124 baby girls named Tana [rank: 685th]
  • 1942: 28 baby girls named Tana
  • 1941: 18 baby girls named Tana

What caused the surge?

An action movie called The Forest Rangers, which was released in October of 1942. One of the main characters was a female lumber mill owner named Tana “Butch” Mason (played by Susan Hayward).

Do you like the name Tana? Would you use it?

Source: The Forest Rangers – Wikipedia

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