Are numbers forbidden in baby names in Wisconsin?

Yesterday I blogged about 7 and 12-Gage, two Oklahoma babies with names that feature numbers.

I’ve always assumed that any U.S. parent could use a number in a baby name (even though few end up doing so). Then I spotted something in a Wisconsin newspaper that made me think twice. Here’s the quote, from the Wausau Daily Herald:

Debbie Baeseman, a nurse in Aspirus’ birth center, said that in 2010, one set of new parents wanted to include a number in the middle of their child’s name, but Wisconsin law forbids it.

Is this true? Is there a really a law in Wisconsin that says parents can’t use numbers in baby names? If you’re familiar with Wisconsin law, I’d love to hear your take on this. (I’d also love to hear from anyone who knows whether similar laws exist in other states.)

Source: Elijah, Madeline top local picks for newborns in 2010

Update! Number-Names Illegal in Illinois, New Jersey, Texas

2 thoughts on “Are numbers forbidden in baby names in Wisconsin?

  1. Thanks Kelly! Looks like he was turned down in both North Dakota and Minnesota. According to this blogger, this is why the change was rejected in ND:

    The court’s rejection of his application is mainly on the grounds of statutory construction in that “1069” doesn’t fit the statutory definition of a name.

    I wonder what the statutory definition of a name is in Wisconsin…

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