10 thoughts on “Baby name battle: Pia vs. Mia

  1. Definitely Mia. I’d prefer it as short for Emilia.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’d fit for a daughter named Margaret Alice I-lastname (our top combo).
    What do you think?

  2. This one’s turning out to be way more lopsided than I thought it would be.

    Jay might be right about the Pia Zadora thing. Either that or Pia is making people think of “pee.”

    @Kels – I think Mia could be a cute nn for Margaret Alice I-. Or maybe Mai, or Maia, to keep the initials in order.

  3. @Kels, the monogram is a lost artform around here but wouldn’t Margaret Alice I–‘s monogram actually be MIA? Even if not, I don’t think Mia is too much of a stretch.

  4. I love Pia! Different but familiar.

    A daycare in town I was touring had two little girls named Presley in the two-year-old room so they nicknamed one “Pia” and it stuck to the extent that her own mother started calling her that! In my opinion, it’s a lucky break for her ;)

  5. I have a lovely little girl 7 months old after 3 years of trying. Born on padre Pio’s birthday so it’s fitting for her( Pia female version of Pio)
    Big head of black hair and brown eyes and always a smile. It suits her

  6. I have and had 2 pet rats Pia-Marie and Mya-Lee. Mya-Lee passed away last July.so now I have Daisy-May and Pia-Marie

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