Baby name stories: Skylab

Illustration of the re-entry of Skylab

The United States’ first space station, Skylab, was in orbit from 1973 to 1979.

The re-entry on July 11, 1979, made headlines worldwide, thanks to the fact that no one knew exactly where Skylab debris would land. (The Indian Ocean and sparsely populated Western Australia, turns out — though ground control had been aiming for the waters south of Cape Town.)

Just hours before re-entry, a baby boy was born in Patiala, India. He was named Skylab Singh. (“His father, Surjit Singh, is an accountant for the Punjab state electricity board.”)

Update, 7/2/2011: Just discovered another baby named Skylab!

A baby boy born in a Laotian refugee camp in Thailand about 12 hours before Skylab crashed was named Skylab (at the suggestion of an American friend). He was the first child of Buonnhong and Loommany Douangpangna.

The family moved to the U.S. several weeks after Skylab was born. (Or several weeks after Skylab crashed, however you want to look at it.)


Image: Clipping from the cover of Time magazine (16 Jul. 1979)

6 thoughts on “Baby name stories: Skylab

  1. Thanks for the posting. =)

    That’s my older brother. I love you Skylab. Rest in peace bro.

  2. In India – Telangana state – Khammam Distirct – Bonakal Village
    A baby boy was born on the same day and he was named as Skylab. His illiterate parents pronounced it as “Skylaabu” and everyone calls him in that village as “Skylaabu” only.

  3. SFGate just had a story about Skylab’s re-entry/crash and included in it was this statement:

    “On the British coast, tourists took cover in caves. A Brazilian woman named her baby “Skylab” in the hopes that NASA would help raise it.”

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