Baby name story: Seawillow

There’s a tiny community called Seawillow in Caldwell County, Texas.

How was Seawillow named?

The settlement was named for Seawillow Margaret Ann (Pipkin) Wells, who was born under a willow tree in 1855 after her mother was caught in a flood and rescued by family slaves. Seawillow taught school in Lockhart, married, and then moved with her family to the site that, at her husband’s suggestion, was named for her.

The profile of Seawillow Wells at offers more detail about the unusual circumstances surrounding her birth:

The day Seawillow was born there was a disastrous flood on the Neches River in Beaumont, TX. The Rev. John F. Pipkin and his pregnant 2nd wife, Amelia Rabb and some of the family slaves were swept along on a raft. Just before the birth of his daughter, a human chain was formed by the slaves to fasten the raft to a Willow tree. The Rev. looked up through the branches of the Willow tree and gave thanks to God for the safe delivery of his daughter in the midst of the flood water. Thus the name Seawillow.

The original Seawillow passed away in 1912, but her name lives on. It was passed down to many of her descendants (including one of her own daughters). Friends of the family have used the name as well.

P.S. Seawillow’s husband had the equally unusual first name Littleberry.


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  1. Seawillow Wells sounds like a great name for a character in a children’s adventure story.

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