Has Elvis left the building for good?

Several news outlets (e.g. NPR, LA Times) are reporting that Elvis has “left the building,” in a sense. The name is no longer in the U.S. top 1,000.

And that’s true. But I wouldn’t sound the death knell just yet.

It’s just barely out of the top 1,000. It’s ranked 1,009th. Elvis was given to 191 baby boys, and the 1,000th most popular name was given to 193 baby boys. Two babies difference.

Elvis isn’t a stylish name by today’s standards. Also, obviously, there’s the unshakable Presley association. So I don’t see it becoming a super-popular name anytime soon. But I do think there’s plenty of room for Elvis to bounce back into the top 1,000 within the next few years.

Do you know anyone named Elvis?

3 thoughts on “Has Elvis left the building for good?

  1. I think Elvis has lasted on the list this long because of the likes of Elvis Costello and Elvis Stojko rather than the more famous namesake. I too can see him rebounding next year.

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