Nevaehtnes…but should we send it back?

Everyone has an opinion on the Heaven-spelled-backwards baby name Nevaeh. So here’s a new one for you to either love or hate.

In 2010, five baby girls in the U.S. were named Nevaehtnes.

Nevaehtnes is “Heaven-sent” spelled backwards, except…not really. Because “Heaven-sent” spelled backwards is an unpronounceable Tnes-nevaeh. If you omit the hyphen, you get Tnesnevaeh — even worse. So the clever person who coined this one took the adjective apart, spelled Heaven backwards, spelled sent backwards, then put the words back together sans hyphen.

How do you say it? I have no idea. Nevaeh is ne-VAY-uh, so perhaps Nevaehtnes is ne-VAY-uht-nes, or ne-vay-UHT-nes. Or maybe ne-VAYT-nes…


5 thoughts on “Nevaehtnes…but should we send it back?

  1. Ouch. It’s awkward looking, hard to say, and super cheesy. I wonder if the five parents who chose this name know each other somehow, or if five sets of parents thought they were being super creative. It’s just so out there, I have a hard time imagining so many people coming up with it independently.

  2. Nevaehtnes is on a whole new level of ridiculousness. Looking at the “Beyond the Top 1000 Names” list makes me sad that there are so many uneducated people in America. And just to be clear, by “uneducated” I don’t mean “lacking a college degree,” I mean, “barely literate.”

  3. Ha ha I guess Nevaeh isn’t looking too bed now, huh?
    I would probably pronounce this nuh-vaught-niss. Wrong but there you go.

  4. Id say it almost like my own name which sounds like neeve.. Except put an ah on the end so its neeve-ah :)

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