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Three months ago, an Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook. Now, an Israeli couple has named their daughter “Like.”

Lior and Vardit Adler wanted a unique name for their third daughter. (Their first two daughters are Dvash, Hebrew for “honey,” and Pie.) They had considered Chinese name Qing Yu Lang before settling on Like.

Most people find the name highly unusual, said Lior.

However, the clerk at the hospital that recorded his daughter’s name barely flinched when he told her the name. He said, “Her lack of enthusiasm made me think I should change the name to something a bit more unusual.”

He also mentioned that only about 50 of his 120 Facebook friends have “liked” Like so far. Let’s assume he’s talking only about the name (and not about the baby) here — if you were friends with Lior Adler on Facebook, would you “like” Like? Why or why not?

Sources: Israeli Couple Names Their Baby Girl “Like”

P.S. Did you know that at least 6 kids in the U.S. have also been named Like?

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3 thoughts on “Baby name story: Like

  1. I would Facebook ‘Like’ any news of a child being born to a friend of mine, regardless of my feelings on the name. Births are to be celebrated, and as much as we like to snark on certain names and naming trends, I find it discouraging sometimes to see the harsh, harsh judgements thrown around so carelessly.

  2. PC World has published 10 Tech-Inspired Baby Names Better Than ‘Like.’

    All joking aside, this terrible trend of Net lingo baby naming has to be stopped. In order to help prevent a future generation filled with names like “Tweet Smith” and “Friend Request Jones,” I’ve come up with 10 reasonable tech-inspired monikers for geeky couples to consider.

    Here are the ten: Perl, Mac, Ruby, Linus, Ada, Alice, Json, Page, Pascal, PC.

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