Celebrity baby name: Agnes Lark

Actors Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany recently welcomed a baby girl. Her name is Agnes Lark. (Older brothers are Kai and Stellan.)

I don’t write about celebrity baby names much anymore, but I couldn’t ignore this one because I’ve got a soft spot for the name Agnes. I also like Lark. Comments I’ve seen online, though, have not been so positive about the name.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany welcome baby girl

5 thoughts on “Celebrity baby name: Agnes Lark

  1. In Molière’s “School for Wives,” the protagonist’s name is Agnès (pronounced Ahn-yes), which I find much nicer.

  2. Kai, Stellan, Agnes? It just doesn’t fit. And like Bertha and Edna, it feels great-grandmotherly to me still, rather than retro. (And Agnes of God is an unsettling movie.)

  3. I think I am in the minority as well. I love the names. I think it is stunning. I’m surprised celebrities haven’t jumped on the Lark bandwagon before.

  4. I too think Agnes is just lovely. I know she sounds old-lady to many others, but not to me! Agnes Lark also gives the whole name a really fresh air, as opposed to, say, Agnes Barbara. I agree with Holly that it’s surprising celebrities haven’t really discovered Lark yet. Congrats to the Connelly-Bettany family!

  5. First of all, I love Paul and Jennifer, and I LOVE this name. Though I’ve never personally been a fan of the name Agnes, and I feel like it’s a bit old-fashioned compared to her brothers’ names, I think the first and middle name combination is beautiful. Some names seem big and you grow into them. I’m positive that with parents like hers, Agnes Lark will have no trouble growing into her name.

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